1047. (2) Each one of his sisters is a Singular Subject.        1069. (3) Here, when the user is moving around wide
      Hence, Singular Verb i.e. was/is is the right usage.            areas is the right usage.
1048. (2) Here, Subject (His need) is Singular. Hence,          1070. (3) (1) go on foot : walk
      Singular Verb i.e. stems from his is the right usage.           Hence, goes everywhere on foot is the right usage.
      stem from something : to be the result of something.      1071. (1) had better Þ used to tell somebody what you
1049. (4) No Error                                                    think they should do.
1050. (1) Here, not a Comparative Degree but Positive                 Hence, You had better is the right usage.
      Degree should be used.                                    1072. (2) It is Preposition related error. The words
      (1) enough (used after Verbs, adjectives and                    superior, senior, junior, prior, etc. take to and not
      Adverbs) : to the necessary degree.                             than
      Hence, Ramesh is smart enough is the right usage.               Hence, as Ann is senior to Susan in age is the
1051. (2) From is used to show when something starts                  right usage.
      and also the range of something.                          1073. (1) The sentence shows Past time. Hence, Past
      Hence, from 1970 to 1985 is the right usage.                    Perfect i.e., The officer had is the right usage.
1052. (4) No error                                              1074. (1) Here, not a Possessive Pronoun but Nomina-
1053. (4) No error                                                    tive Case i.e. When you are (you’re) in doubt is
1054. (4) No error                                                    the right usage.
1055. (3) Here, error lies in question tag. The main            1075. (2) Scarcely..... when is correct form of Connective.
      sentence is in Present Perfect Conti nuo us                     Hence, when I remembered is the right usage.
      (Affirmative).                                            1076. (4) No error
      Hence, Have you not been ? is the right usage.            1077. (2) Here, despite getting is the right usage.
1056. (3) Here, Objective Case i.e. and found them                    despite (Pre.) : in spite of.
      missing is the right usage.                               1078. (1) One of is followed by Plural Noun/Pronoun.
1057. (1) adopt (V.) : to accept : to follow; embrace.                Hence, One of my friends (Plural) is the right usage.
      adapt (V.) : adjust; acclimatize; habituate; make         1079. (3) Here, certainty is evident. Hence, the Lady with
      suitable for a new use or purpose etc., modify.                 the lamp is the right usage.
      Hence, you should learn to adapt is the right usage.      1080. (3) R
1058. (3) solemn (Adj.) : not happy or smiling; serious.              The sentence shows Past Time. Hence, Past Simple
      solemnity (N.) : the quality of being solemn.                   i.e. when it caught fire and he got a shock is the
      Here, a look of solemnity is the right usage.                   right usage.
1059. (3) Here, there is no need of Possessive Case             1081. (4) S
      (clock’s). Hence, 3 O’clock train is the right usage.           No error
1060. (3) preferable (Adj.) : more attractive or more           1082. (3) R
      suitable; to be preferred to something.                         Here, Past Tense i.e. yet he had hi s own
      It is redundant to use more preferable.                         independent way of thinking is the right usage.
      Hence, preferable to a pen is the right usage.            1083. (1) P
1061. (3) A comparison should be made in similarity. The              Here, Past Perfect i.e. we had done everything is
      climate will be compared with climate, not a place.             the right usage.
      Hence, is better than that (climate) of Hyderabad         1084. (3) R
      is the right usage.                                             Purpose is evident. Hence, Infinitive i.e. to change
1062. (1) Here, Plural Subject i.e. The best known leaders            the age-old and static structure is the right usage.
      is the right usage as three leaders - Mahatma Gandhi,     1085. (3) R
      Patel and Nehru follows.                                        It is Preposition related error. Hence, succumbed to
1063. (3) The Plural of jewellery (Uncountable) is never              fires recently is the right usage.
      jewelleries.                                              1086. (3) R
      Hence, jewellery in the locker is the right usage.              The sentence shows Past Time. Hence, Past Simple
1064. (3) adjourn (V.) : to stop a meeting or an official             i.e. his office received an important letter which
      process. Hence, to adjourn the meeting (Singular)               is the right usage.
      is the right usage.                                       1087. (2) Q
1065. (3) Here, Subject (No man) is Singular. Hence,                  Here, Passive of Present Perfect should be used.
      Singular Verb i.e. applies himself continually to               Hence, has been built in an is the right usage.
      his art is the right usage.                               1088. (1) P
1066. (4) No error                                                    Here, Definite Article-the i.e. Sakshi wrote the
1067. (1) The sentence shows Past Time. Hence, Past                   essay is the right usage.
      Simple i.e. As they climbed is the right usage.           1089. (3) R
1068. (3) It is preposition related error. Hence, for classical       Here, in detail to make him understand it fully is
      music is the right usage.                                       the right usage.