968. (2) When a comparison is made as is used.               985. (1) Here, Indefinite Article i.e. He had already sent
     Look at the sentences :                                      me a message is the right usage.
  l  Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and          986. (2) Science and technology is a Compound Subject.
     immoral.                                                     Hence its fallouts do not is the right usage.
  l She is widely regarded as the current leader’s natural   987. (1) Here, Subject (The angry bird) is Singular. Hence,
     successor.                                                   Singular Verb i.e. The angry bird flaps is the right
     Hence, regarded as one of the greatest emperor is            usage.
     the right usage.                                        988. (2) It is a Preposition related error. Hence, and
                                                                  congratulate him on is the right usage.
     Note : Ashoka, the Great is, will be a better usage.
                                                             989. (3) Here, Subject is Singular-My brother, not his
969. (2)                                                          friends (Plural). Hence, Singular Verb i.e. is going
     (1) a little (Det., Pro.) : used with Uncountable Nouns      on a tour is the right usage.
     to mean a small amount.                                 990. (4) No error
     (2) little (Det., Pro.) : used with Uncountable Nouns   991. (3) It is an error of Preposition. Hence, wear in the
     to mean not much                                             party is the right usage.
     Hence, give me a little milk is the right usage.        992. (1) be all for something/for doing something : to
970. (2) There is a Preposition related error. Hence, in          believe strongly that something should be done; in
     the hall is the right usage.                                 favour of
971. (3) The sentence shows present time. Hence, Present          Hence, He was all for is the right usage.
     Progressive i.e. is growing day by day is the right     993. (3) Here, and do what/as I do is the right usage.
     usage.                                                  994. (1) The sentence shows Past time. Hence, Past
972. (3) There is a Preposition related error. Hence, with/       Perfect i.e. Although I had never seen the girl before
                                                                  is the right usage.
     for a Santro is the right usage.
                                                             995. (3) Here, Objective Case i.e. you and him is the
973. (2) Here, lawns in front is the right usage.
                                                                  right usage.
974. (2) Each of the girls is a Singular Subject. Hence,
                                                             996. (1) fly into a rage (Id.) : to become suddenly very
     Singular Verb i.e. has come is the right usage.
                                                                  angry Here, He flew into a rage is the right usage.
975. (1) Here, Nominative Case i.e. I and my wife is the          Look at the sentence :
     right usage.
                                                               l He flies into a rage if you even mention the subject.
976. (2) many : used for Countable Nouns a number of
                                                             997. (1) Here, As soon as he came is the right usage.
     Hence, that requires much planning is the right
                                                             998. (1) Here, Past Perfect i.e. I had enjoyed during is
                                                                  the right usage.
977. (2) Here, capable of doing this work (Gerund) is the    999. (3) turn down (Phr. V.) : to reject or refuse to consider
     right usage.                                                 an offer, a proposal etc.
     It is not proper to use an Infinitive here.                  turn over (Phr. V.) : to change position
     capable (Adj.) agrees with of (Prep.)                        Hence, but he turned it down is the right usage.
978. (1) A habitual action is evident. Hence, Present        1000. (3)
     Simple i.e. I use is the right usage.
                                                                   (1) make a mistake : to err
979. (4) No error                                                  Look at the sentence :
980. (2) Here, How has she grown is the right usage.           l The waiter made a mistake in adding up the bill.
981. (1) weather (N.) : the condition of the atmosphere at         Hence, that you have made a mistake is the right
     a particular place and time.                                  usage.
     climate (N.) : the regular pattern of weather           1001. (1) Here, I succeeded in persuading him is the right
     conditions of a particular place.                             usage.
     Hence, The climate is the right usage.                        (1) persuade (V.) : to make somebody do something.
982. (3) It is position of words related error. We usually   1002. (2) vermin (N.) : insects that live on the bodies of
     put a general opinion in front of a specific opinion.         the animals and birds; wild animals or birds that
     Hence, beautiful red balloon is the right usage.              destroy plants etc.
983. (3) Here, unless should be followed by Positive Sen-          Vermin is Plu. Sub. Hence, Plu. V. i.e., do much
     tence i.e. unless she does have/ unless she has a             harm is the right usage.
     strong desire to live is the right usage.               1003. (2) As the structure suggests, Past Simple i.e., his
     Unless is used to say that something can only hap-            wife could (would) is the right usage.
     pen or be true in a particular situation.               1004. (4) No error
984. (3) charge (V.) : to rush forward and attack.           1005. (3) No soo ner ....... than is correct form of
     Hence, and charged straight at me is the right us-            Correlative. Hence, than he saw another is the
     age.                                                          right usage.