Hence, clinging to her is the right usage.                 946. (2) One of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun.
     Look at the sentence :                                          Hence, versatile writers ever lived is the right usage.
  l After her mother’s death, Sara clung to her aunt more
                                                                947. (2) Each of the girls is a Singular Subject. Hence,
     than ever.
                                                                     Singular Verb-sings well is the right usage.
931. (1) much denotes quantity. Hence, Not many is the
                                                                948. (1) The sentence shows Past Tense. Hence, Past
     right usage.
                                                                     Simple i.e., I shook hands with him is the right
932. (3) Here, upbringing of girl child/protection of                usage.
     women is the right usage.
                                                                949. (4) No error
     (1) upbringing (N.) : the way in which a child is cared
     for and taught how to behave while it is growing up.       950. (2) Sing Þ Sang (Past) Þ Sung (Past Participle)
933. (2) Reporting Verb (assured) is in Past Tense.                  Here, sang is the right usage.
     Hence, that he would return (Past) is the right usage.     951. (3) (1) except/except for : apart from.
934. (2) Belong is a Stative Verb. Hence, Present Simple             Here, except/except for campaign speeches is the
     i.e. these days belongs is the right usage.                     right usage.
     It is not be used in Progressive Tenses.                   952. (2) It is Preposition related error.
935. (3) In such structures, Past Simple should be used.             Prep. – to is used after prefer
     Hence, since I went to is the right usage.                      Hence, coffee (Noun) to tea (Noun) is the right usage.
936. (3) Here, Past Simple should be used.                      953. (1) Habitual action is evident. Hence, Present Tense
     Look at the sentences :                                         i.e., have a is the right usage.
  l I reached two hours after he had come.                      954. (3) Here, Infinitive i.e. to commute for work/to
  l I had reached two hours before he came.                          work is the right usage.
     Hence, he came is the right usage.                         955. (2) Here, apples to oranges is the right usage.
937. (3) with a Singular Subject, need not is used.                  prefer agrees with to (Prep.).
     Hence, He need is the right usage.                         956. (2) Here, was at work/working is the right usage.
                                                                     Both events happen simultaneously.
938. (4) Structure of sentence in Past Perfect :                957. (1) Moon is a Singular Subject. Hence, The moon is
     Subject + had + V3 (Past Participle).                           full is the right usage.
     Hence, someone had stolen our clothes is the right         958. (3) (1) affect (V.) : to have an influence
     usage.                                                          (2) effect (V.) : to make something happen.
939. (2) To express, period of time, for should be used.             Hence, affected over 20 families is the right usage.
     Hence, for several weeks is the right usage.               959. (4) No error
940. (1) No error                                               960. (4) No error
                                                                961. (4) Here, which (Relative Pronoun) not be used.
941. (2) Here, if one is happy is the right usage.
942. (2) Here, lying under the table is the right usage.             The sentence should be Þ Neither the chips were
     lie (V.) : to be or remain in a flat position on a surface      cheaper nor the pizza interested the kid.
     (1) lie Þ lay (Past) Þ lain (Past Participle) Þ lying (-   962. (3) Here, use of when is superfluous.
     ing form)                                                       Hence, were pacified is the right usage.
943. (3) Here, scissors is a Plural Subject.                    963. (1) Here, Connective-so will not be used.
     When used as a pair, a Singular Verb is used.                   Hence, was angry is the right usage.
     Look at the sentences :                                    964. (1) (1) nobel ® founder of Nobel Prizes : Nobel
  l My scissors are sharp.                                           (2) noble (Adj.) : showing fine personal qualities
  l A pair of scissors has been bought.                              Here, noble is the right usage.
     Hence, Plural Verb i.e., belong to Radha is the right      965. (1)
     usage.                                                          (1) navel (N.) : the small hollow part or lump in the
944. (3) When along with/as well as is used in a sentence,           middle of the stomach.
     the Verb agrees with the number/person of the                   (2) naval (Adj.) : connected with the navy of a coun-
     Subject used before it.                                         try
                                                                     Hence, The naval officers is the right usage.
     Hence, according to My brother (Singular), has gone
                                                                966. (3) Here, but somebody else’s is the right usage.
     to watch a movie is the right usage.
                                                                967. (3)
945. (1) Here, The teachers, whom I worked with is the               (1) disarray (N.) : a state of confusion and lack of
     right usage.                                                    organisation
     Whom is used in-stead of who as the Object of a                 Hence, state of disarray is the right usage.
     Verb or Preposition.