Look at the sentence :                                   884. (4) Here, today has been used. But, but I have no
     They are totally opposed to changing the law.                 time is the right usage.
875. (3)                                                      885. (3) In Passive Voice, V3 (Past Participle) should be
     (1) forbid (Verb) : to order somebody not to do some-         used. Hence, was knocked out is the right usage.
     thing.                                                   886. (4) insight (N.) is not a Countable/Uncountable
     A positive word i.e. to go should be used.                    Noun.
     In such cases, from (Prep.) is followed by Gerund.            It is an Abstract Noun. So, the (Def. Art.) will be
     Look at the sentence :                                        used before it.
     He forbade them from mentioning the subject again.            Hence, thanks to the insight is the right usage.
     Hence, from going is the right usage.                    887. (4) Death/loss of life is not fortunate, it is unfortunate.
876. (2) In statements a lot of/lots of is used. a lot of/         The sentence formation can be like this : Fortunately,
     lots of help is the right usage.                              in twenty wrecks only five lives were lost. Or It is
877. (4) look upon (Phr. V.) : to regard someone/some-             unfortunate that in twenty wrecks five lives were
     thing in a certain way                                        lost.
     when someone directs their eyes towards something,       888. (3) Indef. Art. — a will be used before good pair of
     we say look at. Hence,                                        gloves
     He looked at me is the right usage.                           Hence, a good pair of gloves is the right usage.
878. (4) Here, Rahim will marry Sayra should be used.         889. (3) strike : a period of time when a group of employ-
                                                                   ees stops working.
     Use of with (Prep.) is superfluous. Simple Future–
     will marry is the right usage.                                Look at the examples given below :
879. (4) The Reporting Verb is in Past Tense.                      Air traffic controllers are threatening to come out
     Hence, ever, was to write novels is the right usage.          on/go on strike.
880. (4) It is preposition related error. Hence, different         Half the workforce are now (out) on strike.
     from is the right usage.                                      It should be on strike, and not on a strike.
     different (Adj.) : not the same                          890. (3) Here, passive race i.e. nutrient disorder to be
     When two/more items are compared it is followed by            prevented is the right usage.
         from (Prep.)                                         891. (4) Here, is a fool/is a foolish person is the right usage.
     different from ® used in British English and North            fool is a Noun
     American English                                              foolish is an Adj.. So, it needs a Noun to be used
     different to ® used in British English                        with it.
     different than ® American English                        892. (2) The should not be used before Plural Noun/ Pro-
     Look at the examples given below :                            noun (People) here.
     She looked different from/than what I’d expected.             people (N.) : persons in general/everyone
     This visit is very different from/to last time.               the people (N.) : the ordinary men and women of a
     You look different than before.                               country rather than those who govern/have a spe-
881. (2) Here, Singular Verb i.e. that power gives or is           cial position in society
     won by foul means is the right usage.                         Hence, People gathered right usage.
     as the fame is a singular subject and a Singular         893. (1) It is preposition related error.
     Subject takes a Singular Verb (with S)                        abide by is a Phr.V.
882. (2) It is split–infinitive related error. A Split-infin-      (1) Abide by something (Phr. V.) : to accept and act
     itive is one, when an Inf. is split by using something        according to rule, a law, an agreement etc.
     (usually an Adv.)
                                                                   Hence, You must abide by is the right usage.
     between the two parts of the Inf. i.e to and a Verb
                                                              894. (2) Here, subject (Electronic mail or E-mail) is sin-
   l to read ® Inf.
                                                                   gular. Hence, singular verb i.e., is a method of ex-
           ̄                                                        changing is the right usage.
        Verb                                                  895. (2) Either.. or is correct form of correlative. Hence,
   l to happily read ® Split Inf.                                  either the blue is the right usage.
           ̄                                                        If we use both, then or will be replaced by and
        Adv.                                                       i.e. and the black pen
     use of split-infinitives is incorrect.                   896. (1) After Having, V3 i.e., My wife having finished
     Hence, to take the medicine regularly is the right            her work is the right usage.
     usage.                                                   897. (2) Child Þ children (Plural) is the right usage.
883. (2) News is an Uncountable Noun.                              Here, her children is the right usage.
     Hence, many cannot be used with it.                      898. (4) No error
     As it is a question, any (Det.) will be used.            899. (3) Here, absorbing and engrossing (interesting) is
     Hence, any news is the right usage.                           the right usage.