Hence, the luxuries of the rich is the right usage.      864. (4) As the structure and sense suggest, in the condi-
849. (2) Here, to themselves is the right usage.                   tional clause, Present Simple i.e., If I play my best
     As the sub. — they is Plu., the Reflexive Pro. will           is the right usage.
     also be in Plu.                                               The structure is as follows :
850. (1) It is Preposition related error.                          If + Pr.T. ® will/can + Inf. (Pr.T.)
                                                              865. (2) It is Preposition related error.
     Hence, peace of mind is the right usage.
                                                                   find fault with somebody/something : to look for
851. (3) Here, Present Perfect, i.e. who has done his              and discover mistakes.
     best is the right usage.
                                                                   Hence, with everything/in everything is the right
     The effect of past on present is evident.                     usage.
852. (4) confine (V.) : to keep somebody/an animal in a       866. (4) Here, Present Tense i.e. is worth nothing is the
     small or closed space.                                        right usage. It is a general statement.
     conferred (V.) : to give somebody an award/a de-         867. (4) Here, past is evident. Hence, Past Simple i.e. was
     gree/a particular honour/right                                built in 1966 is the right usage.
     be confined to bed (Id.) : to have to stay in bed.       868. (4) Here, period of time is evident. Hence, for two
     Hence, He was confined is the right usage.                    hours is the right usage.
853. (1) Here, Simple Past i.e., the full moon appeared            for is used to specify the amount of time (how long)
     is the right usage. When two events happen in the             Since is used to specify the starting point
     past, both the clauses will be in Past Tense. More-           Look at the examples given below :
     over, the second clause is also in the Simple Past.           She’s been smoking for a long time
854. (3) No error.                                                 She’s been smoking since she was in grade 5.
855. (1) brood (V.) is the right word that will be used here. 869. (3) is/was (be) is missing. be is a Linking Verb.
     (1) brood (V.) : to worry ; to think a lot about some-        is/was/ (be) is followed by a Noun
     thing that makes you annoyed, anxious/upset
                                                                   There is/was a long queue is the right usage.
     Hence, to brood over is the right usage.
                                                              870. (3) put off (Phr. V.) : postpone ; delay
856. (2) Here, die a temporary death (singular) is the
                                                                   Use of – of (Prep.) is superfluous.
     right usage.
                                                                   Look at the sentences :
857. (3) confer (V.) : to give somebody an award etc.
                                                                   We’ve had to put off our wedding until September.
     confide (V.) : to tell somebody secrets and personal
     information that you do not want other people to              Until you keep putting off going to the dentist you
     know                                                          cannot get yourself healthy/painless teeth.
     Hence, was conferred is the right usage.                      Here, you cannot ensure yourself a good future is
858. (3) disqualify (V.) : to prevent somebody from doing          the right usage.
     something; bar.                                          871. (1) It is preposition related error.
     Here, Gerund i.e. from appearing at the examina-              (1) vie (Verb) : to compete.
     tion is the right usage.                                      vie agrees with –
859. (3) Here, both events happen in the past simultaneously.      with (Prep.) ® vie (with somebody)
     Hence Past Simple i.e., rang from across the hall is          for (Prep.) ® vie (for something)
     the right usage.                                              to (Prep.) ® vie (to do something)
860. (4) No error                                                  Look at the emamples given below :
861. (3) Here, the best dancer is the right usage.                 She was surrounded by men all vying for her attention.
     Use of to be is unnecessary                                   There is a row of restaurants vying with each other
862. (1) There is an error in the order of words.                  for business.
     He was so hoarse is the right usage.                          Screaming fans vied to get closer to their idol.
     so — that is used to show cause and effect                    Hence, with each other/one another is the right
     Look at the examples given below :                            usage.
     She was so tired that she could not walk.                872. (2) Here, he/she should be especially careful should
     She was so angry that she tore the letter up.                 be used. It is not proper to use second person here.
863. (1) Here, Subject is Singular.                           873. (3)
     There is also a split infinitive related error.               (1) fairly (Adverb) : honestly; in a fair and reason-
   l paint ® Inf.                                                  able way.
        ̄                                                           Hence, very/rather disappointing is the right usage.
     Verb                                                     874. (4)
   l badly painting ® Split Inf.                                   (1) opposed to (Phr. V.) : disagreeing strongly with
        ̄                                                           something.
     Adv.                                                          Here, Gerund i.e. were opposed to using is the
     Hence, badly needs painting is the right usage.               right usage.