804. (4) Singular Verb can also be used with neither of.       828. (1) whom is used instead of who as the object of a
805. (3) Here, as far as practicable is the right usage.            verb or preposition.
     practicable (Adjective) : feasible ; workable, likely          Look at the examples given below :
     to be successful.                                              Whom did they invite ?
806. (1) Here, Though I was tired I had to is the right             To whom should I write ?
     usage.                                                         Here, whom is the right usage.
     though (Conj.) : despite the fact                         829. (2) Here, subject is playground (singular).
807. (2) Here, Comparative Degree i.e. is bad, if not
     worse is the right usage                                       Hence, a playground is the right usage.
808. (4) hear (V.) : static verb (verb of perception), not     830. (2) Here, he is as tall as an oak tree/giraffe/steeple
     used in the Progressive Tenses.                                is the right usage.
     Hence, listening (to) the strange noise is the right      831. (1) luggage (N.) : bags, cases etc. with somebody’s
     usage                                                          clothes and things when they are travelling.
     make noises : to talk in an indirect way about some-           Its plural is never luggages.
     thing.                                                         Hence, to take heavy luggage is the right usage.
809. (4) Everyone is a singular subject. Hence, singular       832. (1) a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (Id.) :
     verb was is the right usage.                                   It is better to keep something that you already have
810. (2) Here, object is plural. Hence, and eat their (plu-         than to risk losing it by trying to get much more.
     ral) meat is the right usage.                                  Hence, A bird in the hand is the right usage.
811. (3) Here, about to take its place is the right usage.     833. (4) No error
     The team is a Singular Subject which will take Sin-       834. (2) Here, Past Perfect i.e. We had finished our work
     gular Verb. Hence, its will replace their.                     is the right usage. The sentence shows past time.
812. (4) No error                                              835. (2) Many a man is a Singular Subject. Hence singu-
813. (4) Here, both history and literature is the right usage.      lar verb i.e. wants to be is the right usage.
814. (1) Here, The media plays (Singular) is the right usage   836. (1) No error
815. (4) Here, negative sentence should not be used with       837. (4) Here, A study is underway is the right usage.
     unless.                                                        The use of going is superfluous.
     Hence, Unless he is invited is the right usage.           838. (1) The Plural of child is children. Hence, The children
816. (1) As the sense suggests, This is the second com-             is the right usage.
     munication we are sending is the right usage.             839. (1) No error
817. (3) No error                                              840. (2) Here, John’s book (Apostrophe’s) is the right usage.
818. (3) Here, Future Perfect Continuous i.e. I will have      841. (2) Luggage is an Uncountable Noun.
     been is the right usage. The sentence shows future
     time.                                                          Plural of luggage is luggage.
819. (1) No error                                                   Hence, to take heavy luggage is the right usage.
820. (2) Structure in Future COntinuous Tense is as fol-       842. (4) The ancients (N.) : the people who lived in ancient
          lows :                                                    times.
     Sub. + will/shall + be + Pr.Part.(V.)                          the (Def. Art.) is used with Adj., to refer to a whole
                                                                    group of people.
        ̄          ̄          ̄           ̄
                                                                    Here, The ancients believed/considered is the right
        I       Shall      be      looking
821. (2) Here, I really regret not to learn how to play        843. (3) It is Preposition related error. Hence, at which
     the violin is the right usage.                                 he was driving is the right usage.
822. (4) If two events relate to past, the event that hap-     844. (3) A Sub. (It) must be used before being to give the
     pens earlier, should be expressed in past perfect.             correct meaning.
     Hence, to those who had got injured/to those who               Hence, It being very cold is the right usage.
     were injured is the right usage.                          845. (3) No error
823. (1) No error                                              846. (1) to distraction : so that you become upset, ex-
824. (2) Here, to the epic struggle that unfolds .... as            cited etc. and not able to think clearly
     generations of khmer engineers is the right usage              No error
825. (4) Alphabet = a set of letters or symbols in a fixed     847. (1) Here, are uppermost in/on my mind is the right
     order used for wirting a language                              usage.
     Hence, alphabet at the is the right usage.                     Thoughts (Plu. Sub.) agrees with are (Plu.V.).
826. (2) No error                                              848. (1) the rich (N.) : people who have a lot of money.
827. (2) pianist (N.) = a person who plays the piano.               (2) riches (N.) : large amounts of money and valu-
     The correct spelling is pianist                                able/beautiful possessions