772. (2) Here, nor causes any trouble should be used.           786. (2) Here, bought these furniture/these pieces of fur-
      The use of He is superfluous.                                  niture is the right usage.
      When the same subject is involved then after nor the      787. (2) in will replace to.
      subject is not used.                                           in his dealings he is the right usage
773. (1) Such sentences show that condition was not             788. (2) The Reporting Verb of sentence is in Past Tense
      fulfilled in the past, hence job was not completed.             Hence, Reported Speech will also be in Past Tense.
      The structure of such sentences is as follows :                 Hence, that she would be moving is the right usage
      If + Past Perfect .... , .... would + have + Past         789. (2) call for somebody (Phr.V.) : to collect somebody
      Participle                                                      in order to go somewhere else.
      Hence, If I had realised should be used.                        Here, Future Simple i.e. He will come to/He will
                                                                      be coming to is the right usage
774. (1) The sentence is in Past tense.
                                                                790. (3) Each of the students is a Singular Subject. Hence,
      Hence, He had been is the right usage
                                                                      Singular Verb i.e. has to bring his own materials is
775. (2) Here,I is antecedent of relative pronoun-who.                the right usage
      Hence, who am responsible should be used here.            791. (3) Here, of one century and a half is the right usage
776. (2) Cure for something = something that will solve a       792. (1) write somebody/something off : to decide that
      problem, improve a bad situation etc.                           somebody/something is a failure or not worth paying
      Hence, for the evils which newly is the right usage.            any attention to ; dismiss.
                                                                      Here, write him off is the right usage
777. (2) It is position of words related error.
                                                                793. (1) The sentence shows Past Time. Hence, Past Simple
      Hence, extensively over is the right usage.                     i.e. The poor man saved the money is the right usage
778. (1) If definite numeral adjective and noun are joined      794. (1) Here, He advised (Verb) me is the right usage.
     by hyphen (-) to make a compound word, then that                 Advice (Noun) : an opinion or suggestion.
     noun is always singular.                                         Advise (Verb) : to give suggestion.
     Hence, A five–man enquiry is the right usage.              795. (1) Here, some of our latest canons (Plural) is the
779. (3) despite (Prep.) : = In spite of ; used to show that          right usage
     something happened is true although something else               some of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun
     might have happened to prevent it.
                                                                796. (1) Here, Reporting Verb (said) is in Past Tense.
     Hence, The crime rate has increased/increases in spite
                                                                      Hence, Verb of Reported Speech should be in Past
     of/despite is the right usage
                                                                      Tense i.e. Susan said that she would is the right
780. (3) on bended knee (s) (Id.) = if you ask for some-              usage
     thing on bended knee(s), you ask for it in a very hum-           would (Aux.) is used to express desire/intent
     ble/anxious way.
                                                                797. (1) Here, He couldn’t help but is the right usage.
     Hence, they prayed to god(s) on bended knee(s) is                But shows contrast.
     the right usage
                                                                798. (3) Here, the group is a Singular Subject. Hence,
781. (2) Here, men is plural (countable). Hence, plural               Singular Verb i.e. was not competent to do the job
     verb i.e. have gone is the right usage.                          efficiently is the right usage.
782. (3) off-topic (Id.) : not appropriate/relevant to the      799. (3) When we use Neither - nor, the Verb agrees ac-
     situation                                                        cording to the Number/Person of the nearest Sub-
     Hence, out of the main topic will be replaced by off             ject. Here, the colour is a Singular Subject. Hence,
     the main topic.                                                  was (Singular Verb) right is the right usage.
783. (3) make a start (Id.) : the act or process of beginning.  800. (2) The sentence is in Past Tense and childlike is
     Look at the examples given below :                               the right usage.
     She is moving abroad to make a fresh start.                      childlike (Adj.) : having the qualities that children
                                                                      usually have
     I will paint the ceiling if you make a start on the walls.
                                                                      childish (Adj.) : typical of a child ; immature.
     Hence, made a start is the right usage
                                                                      Hence, they found he had a childlike simplicity is
784. (2) furniture (Uncountable noun) : objects that can              the right usage.
     be moved such as tables, chairs, beds.                     801. (3) Here, Gerund i.e. and confidence as dancing is
     Look at the example given below :                                the right usage.
     We need to buy some new furniture.                         802. (1) For persons, who/that should be used as Rela-
     Furniture 1 Furnitures (plural)                                  tive Pronoun. Hence, The children who/that are
     Hence, pieces of furniture/furniture were/was is the             assembled is the right usage.
     right usage.                                               803. (1) Here, It is to announce/declare that he has won
                                                                      is the right usage
785. (3) Look at the structure :
                                                                      certify : to state officially in writing that something is
     If + subject + had + V3 + subject + would have + V3
     Hence, would not have crossed is the right usage.