739. (2) Here, of innumerable biographies (Plural) is the    756. (4) No error
     right usage.                                            757. (2) Here, definite article i.e., to recite a poem in
740. (1) The word trafficking is an Uncountable Noun.             the honour of my teacher is the right usage
     Hence, Drug abuse and human trafficking is the               Look at the sentences :
     right usage.                                                 Coal is black.
741. (3) Here, Subject (The man) is Singular. Hence, Sin-         The coal of Jharia is of good quality.
     gular Verb i.e., and follows his aim in life with
                                                             758. (3) Here, use of the is improper.
     patience is the right usage.
                                                                  The sentence is in Past. Hence, I visited Delhi is the
742. (1) sale (N.) : the act of selling
                                                                  right usage.
      sold (V.) : Past (V2 ) and Past Participle (V 3 ) of
                                                             759. (1) Here, Prisoners, especially life term convicts is
      sell (V1)
                                                                  the right usage
      Hence, to suspend sale is the right usage
                                                             760. (2) Here, a book worth reading/a book worthy of
743. (2) No Error                                                 reading is the right usage.
744. (4) Simple Present Tense is used in facts, generali-    761. (2) It is preposition related error. Hence, jumped
      sations and universal truths.                               into the river (motion) is the right usage
      as in —                                                     in (Prep.) is used talk about position.
      The earth moves round the sun.                              into (Prep.) is used to suggest that people/things
      In Indirect Speech the tense remains unchanged.             move from an outdoor space into an indoor space.
      Hence, moves round the is the right usage.                  Look at the sentences :
745. (1) youth (Uncountable N.) : the condition/quality of        She was walking in the garden. (position)
      being young                                                 She walked into her house. (movement)
      youths (N.) ® Plural                                   762. (4) No error
      the youth (Plural) : young people considered as a      763. (4) No error
      group                                                  764. (4) No error
      Look at these expressions :                            765. (2) The plural of deer is deer.
      the nation’s youth                                          Hence, two deer is the right usage
      the youth of today                                     766. (2) Here, use of I enjoy (repetition) is superfluous.
      youthful energy                                             Hence, I enjoy jogging and playing the piano is the
      Hence, among the youth of today is the right usage          right usage
746. (4) No error                                            767. (1) To show purpose, an infinitive should be used.
747. (2) When What is the Sub. of a clause, it takes a            Hence, To test is the right usage.
      Singular Verb.                                         768. (1) Here, My friend told is the right usage.
      Hence, what makes people angry is the right usage.          He said to me Þ He told me.
748. (3) the (Def. Art.) will be used before details
                                                             769. (2) Here, a tall young is the right usage.
      detail (Countable N.) : a small individual fact/item,       When more than one Adj. is used in a sentence, it
      Here,                                                       usually comes in this order :
      details refers to specific information                 Gen. Opinion/Specific Opinion Size           Shape    Age
      Hence, She gave me the details of is the right usage.                   ̄                      ̄         ̄        ̄
749. (3) recommended will be replaced by advised                  unusual lovely beautiful        big     round young
      advised is more suitable in the context                                                    small square      old
      Hence, The doctor advised is the right usage.                                               tall rectangular
750. (4) No Error                                                Colour        Origin   Material          Type
751. (2) There is No error                                            ̄             ̄          ̄                ̄
752. (1) capable will replace a capable boy                        blue        Dutch      metal     general-purpose
      when you describe someone as able/capable,                   red         Indian     wood         four-sided
      we say — a capable person/boy/girl                           pink       Japanese   plastic        U-shaped
      When you are able to/capable of doing something,
      we say — capable of running/singing/dancing
753. (2) Here, subject it (Africa) is singular. Hence, sin-
      gular Verb i.e., and it contains about one fifth is
      the right usage                                           hammering
754. (3) Hardly ......... when is correct form of connec-        cooking
      tive. Hence, platform when the train came in is the    770. (2) Here, of people passing/crossing (Gerund) is the
      right usage                                                 right usage.
755. (2) Here, subject (individual) is singular. Hence, sin- 771. (1) The event relates to past time. Hence, Past Sim-
      gular verb i.e., responsible there is no is the right       ple i.e., I visited Mumbai two years ago is the right
      usage                                                       usage.