Had you worked hard, you would have passed your                 Look at the sentences :
      exam.                                                           How long does the train take to reach Mumbai from
      Hence, I would have reached here is the right usage.            Delhi ?
706. (3) Plural of scenery is scenery.                                How long do you need to do this work ?
     scenery : the natural features of an area.                       Hence, How long does it take is the right usage.
     Hence, beautiful scenery is the right usage                721. (3) The Possessive of one is one’s
707. (1) The work continued in the past for a period of               Hence, as much as one’s own is the right usage.
     time. Hence, Past Perfect Continuous i.e. She had
                                                                722. (3) If prefer is followed by Noun/Pronoun/Gerund,
     been ill for five days is the right usage
                                                                     to should be used, not than or rather than.
708. (2) appeal (V.) : a formal request to a court or to some-
      body in authority for a judgement or a decision to be          Hence, to visiting my friends is the right usage
      changed.                                                  723. (2) lie (lies, lying, lay, lain) : to put yourself in a flat
      appealed will replace enquired.                                position.
      Hence, appealed for is the right usage                         Hence, lying down is the right usage
                                                                724. (4) No error
709. (2) Have a part to play : to be able to help.
                                                                725. (3) at (Prep.) is used for specifying a particular point
     Hence, each have a part to play is the right usage.
                                                                      in time.
710. (2) The structure for the use of such terms is as follows:
                                                                      Look at the examples given below :
      a ten-rupee note (ü)
                                                                      Let’s meet for lunch at noon
      a ten rupee note (×)
                                                                      I have a class at eight thirty on Tuesday.
      a five-rupee note (ü)
                                                                      Hence, their door at midnight is the right usage.
      a five-mile walk (ü)
                                                                726. (2) Use of does is unnecessary.
      a two-day leave (ü)
                                                                      Here, does Nature Operate is the right usage.
      Here, ten rupees is a Compound Adj. So, hyphen
      must be used between ten and rupee ® ten-rupee            727. (2) leap at something : to accept a chance or an
                                                                     opportunity quickly.
      and rupees will also be replaced by rupee (Singular)
      Hence, a ten-rupee note will not buy you is the                Hence, at the opportunity is the right usage
      right usage.                                              728. (2) Here, not an Infinitive but Gerund i.e. since chemists
711. (2) an earthquake is felt and not heard.                        have begun using new substances is the right usage
      Hence, felt the earthquake is the right usage             729. (3) When Past has effect on the Present, Present
                                                                     Perfect should be used.
712. (4) No error
                                                                     Hence, has escalated in the last one year is the right
713. (2) Many a/an + Noun and More than one + Noun are               usage.
     always followed by a Singular Verb. Hence, has come
                                                                730. (3) Here, the family was going to the party is the
     to India is the right usage
                                                                     right usage.
714. (2) comprise : be comprised of; consist of
                                                                731. (2) Here, that he had to get/that he got is the right
     Look at the examples given below :
     The collection comprises 347 paintings.
                                                                732. (1) Here, Past Perfect i.e. You needn’t have told a
     The committee is comprised of five representatives.             lie is the right usage.
     Hence, comprises will replace comprises of                      When two events have taken place in the past and an
715. (1) Knowledge and wisdom is a Plural Subject. Hence,            event that occurs before another event in the past,
     knowledge and wisdom make (plural) is the right                 then Past Perfect Tense is used for it.
                                                                733. (2) Here, so important (Adjective) these days is the
716. (2) One of is followed by Plural Noun and Singular              right usage. It is not proper to use importance (Noun)
     Hence, who always gives the correct answer is the
                                                                734. (4) Neither ..... nor is correct form of connectives.
     right usage.
                                                                     Here, nor his wife is the right usage.
717. (2) It is + high time should be followed by Past Sim-
                                                                735. (4) So : to such a great degree
     ple. It shows present time. Hence, we renovated is
     the right usage.                                                 So refers to a result clause introduced by that.
718. (1) the (Def. Art.) should be used before Headmas-               Hence, The process was so simple
      ter because there is only one Headmaster.                 736. (2) No error
719. (1) Innings is used in both the numbers.                   737. (4) decapitate : to cut off somebody’s head ; behead.
     For example % an innings or several innings.                    Look at the example given below :
     Hence, The first innings is the right usage                     His decapitated body was found floating in a canal.
720. (1) of an Interrogative Sentence starting with wh–              Here, was found yesterday is the right usage
      words and How, the structure is as follows :              738. (4) The sentence shows past time. Hence, if it rained
      How long + do/does + subject + V1 or V1 + s or es + ...?       is the right usage