Here, An old man was crossing the road at the ze-         663. (3) Everyone is a Singular Subject. Hence was/is
      bra crossing is the right usage                                equal should be used.
646. (4) No error                                                    Hence, was/is equal is the right usage.
647. (2) It is time is followed by Past Simple, Hence, we       664. (1) In should replace On
     accepted all our.                                                Hence, In Senegal is the right usage
     Hence, people as equals is the right usage                 665. (1) discuss (V.) : to talk about something
648.(2) It is a general rule/provision. Hence, Present Sim-           discuss about something is wrong usage.
     ple i.e., involves interviewing is the right usage.
                                                                      Hence, we discussed the problem thoroughly is the
649. (4) No error                                                     right usage
650. (1) harassed is an Adj. and it must qualify a Noun.        666. (3) It is not proper to use the before a Cardinal Number.
      But, here it isn’t qualifying anything. Hence, being will
                                                                     Hence, in contact with a rotten mango is the right
      be placed before much to make it a correct statement.
      Hence, being much harassed is the right usage
                                                                667. (2) Here, The box is the subject, not eggs. Hence, is
651. (4) No error                                                    lying (singular) is the right usage.
     Here, (1) a shade (N.) : a little ; slightly               668. (3) historic (Adj) : It is usually used to describe some-
652. (2) Singular V. is used with Singular Sub. and also             thing that is so important that it is likely to be remem-
      with every.                                                    bered.
      Hence, was given is the right usage.                           historical is used to describe a past event. Hence,
653. (1) Here, e is vowel in earthquake. Hence, article an           that historic first meeting with Roosevelt is the
     i.e. In 1906 an earthquake is the right usage.                  right usage.
654. (1) Do (Aux. V.) is used with Plural Sub.                  669. (1) Who should be used for persons/people. Hence,
      Look at the sentences :                                        The ant which/that was nearby is the right usage.
      He does not like ice cream. (Singular Sub.)               670. (3) It is a double negatives related error.
      They do not like ice cream. (Plural Sub.)                      Hence, you won’t forget/you will never forget is the
      Hence, His parents do not is the right usage.                  right usage.
655. (2) When we use Correlative Conjunctions, both the         671. (3) Dress should be compared with dress, not girls.
      clauses should be parallel.                                    Hence, more attractive than that of the other girls
      Hence, equipped not only with is the right usage.              is the right usage.
656. (2) Besides : in addition to                               672. (1) Here, Subject (Fifty years) is Plural. Hence, Fif-
     Beside : next to or at the side of somebody                     ty years have passed is the right usage.
     Look at the examples given below :                         673. (3)
                                                                     creep up on somebody : to begin to affect somebody.
     He sat beside her all night.
                                                                     creep in/into something : to begin to happen or af-
     I have got no family besides my parents.
                                                                     fect something.
     Hence, beside each other is the right usage
                                                                     Look at the examples given below
657. (1) wanted (Adj) : being searched for by the police in
                                                                     Tiredness can easily creep up on you while you are
     connection with a crime.
     require : need something; depend on somebody.
                                                                     As she became more tired, errors began to creep into
     Hence, Men are required is the right usage
                                                                     her work.
658. (1) Here, she had a is the right usage as ‘m’ in miserable
                                                                     Hence, crept into my spine is the right usage
     is a consonant.
                                                                674. (3) you and I is the Object in the sentence, but I is a
659. (1) Past Participle form of the Verb (V3) is used in
                                                                      Subject Pro., so, me (Object Pro.) will replace I (Sub.
      Passive Voice
      Hence, A weak-minded person is frightened is the
                                                                      Hence, you and me is the right usage
      right usage
                                                                675. (2) overflow (past= over flowed) : to be so full that the
660. (2) always will replace ever because ever is not used
                                                                     contents go over the sides.
      in Positive sentences.
      Look at the sentencs :                                         Hence, has overflowed is the right usage
      She was always in a hurry. (ü)                            676. (3) the finest in the country/as one of the finest in
                                                                      the country is the right usage
      She was ever in a hurry. (×)
                                                                677. (3) one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun
      Hence, will always be my favourite is the right usage
                                                                     Hence, bad habits is the use of tobacco is the right
661. (3) Here, Principal clause is in Past Tense. Hence,
     that he had died (past) is the right usage                      usage
662. (2) Here, Subject-The behaviour of young boys is           678. (3) Here, even more than they are is the right usage.
     Singular.                                                  679. (3) Here, playing is the Object of the sentence and
     Hence, Singular Verb i.e. boys is the subject of is              in this case Gerund will be used.
     the right usage                                                  Hence, playing is the right usage