Look at the examples given below :                      630. (1) Cattle is a Plural Noun
      Unless you study diligently, you’ll never understand         Hence, The cattle is the right usage.
      trigonometry.                                           631. (3) Here, a number of deer is the right usage. The
      Unless we hurry, we will be late for the show.               Plural of deer is not deers.
      Hence, he will not be is the right usage                632. (3) Screwdriver is a tool. Hence, with a screwdriver
612. (1) a will replace the because –                              is the right usage.
      we are not talking about any particular gentleman.           Look at the example given below :
      Hence, I met a gentleman is the right usage
                                                                   Cut it with a knife.
613. (2) Of the two past events, the event that happens
                                                              633. (2) between (Prep.) should be followed by an Objec-
     earlier is expressed in Past Perfect. Hence, he had
                                                                    tive Pronoun (such as me, him, her, us) and not a
     left is the right usage
                                                                    Subjective Pronoun (such as I, he, she, we)
614. (1) An Ordinal number comes before a cardinal num-
                                                                    Hence, between you and me is the right usage
     ber. Hence, The last two is the right usage
                                                              634. (3) Use of to before beg is incorrect.
615. (1) It is a past event. Hence, Past Simple i.e. I saw          Hence, of killing is the right usage
     is the right usage
                                                              635. (2) The word Guilty agrees with Preposition-of.
616. (4) No error.
                                                                   Look at the sentence :
617. (2) Rustam and I is the Sub. of the sentence, so the
                                                                   The jury found the defendant not guilty of the offence.
      Nominative Pro. is used for the sentence for making
                                                                   Hence, of killing is the right usage
      it grammatically correct.
                                                              636. (3) die of (something) ® direct cause of death as in -
      Hence, I saw is the right usage.
                                                                    died of cancer.
618. (2) Here, money is an uncountale Noun. Hence, Sin-
                                                                    die from (something) ® indirect cause of death as in
     gular Verb i.e. was spent is the right usage
                                                                    – died from injuries caused by the accident.
619. (3) Structure of Question Tag in Future Tense with
                                                                    Hence, teachers, died of cancer recently is the right
      will is as follows :
      You will come to my party tomorrow,
                                                              637. (1) The most commonly used word is people. Per-
         ̄      ̄
                                                                    sons is very rarely used.
      Sub. Aux. V.                                                  Look at the examples given below
      won’t            you ?                                        There were a hundred people at the reception.
         ̄                ̄
                                                                    Several persons were interviewed.
      Aux. V. + not Sub.                                            In this case, people is more appropriate.
      Contraction of will not is won’t.                             Hence, Many people must have read is the right
      Hence, won’t you is the right usage.                          usage
620. (2) Here, overwhelmed with joy at is the right usage     638. (4) No error
     Overwhelmed agrees with Prep. – by/with as in –          639. (3)
     Overwhelmed by floods                                          within (Prep.) a stipulated time means before that
     Overwhelmed with grief                                         length of time has passed.
621. (3) Here, was very exciting is the right usage. Much           Look at the example given below :
     is generally used in negative sense.                           The deal was completed within 24 hours.
622. (3) Inferior agrees with Preposition-to.                       Hence, in Cheque within the stipulated time is the
     Hence, to mine is the right usage                              right usage
623. (1) unique (Adj.) is used to mean the only one - only    640. (3) the (Def. Art.) will be used before needy (Adj.)
      thing of its kind.                                            because needy talks about a group of people
      Hence, a will replace the most.                               Hence, the needy and the poor is the right usage
624. (1) Tell is followed by an Object. Hence, Our geography  641. (4) No error
     teacher told us is the right usage.                      642. (1) Present Perfect Tense is used when we talk about
625. (4) No error.                                                  unfinished actions that started in the past and con-
                                                                    tinue to the present. We use it to say how long an
626. (3) Here, Subject (My brother-in-law) is Singular.
                                                                    action has continued with since and for.
     Hence, Singular Verb i.e. has come to is the right             Hence, I have not received is the right usage
     usage                                                    643. (3) If prefer is followed by a Noun, Preposition-to
627. (1) in. (Prep.) agrees with trust (V.)                        should be used. Hence, tea to coffee is the right
      Hence, Have trust in is the right usage                      usage
628. (3) The word injurious agrees with Preposition to.       644. (3) Here, which seemed so real/which looked so
     Hence, to health is the right usage                           real is the right usage
629. (2) One of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun.         645. (3)
                                                                    breakneck (Adj.) : very fast and dangerous
     Hence, is one of the best tennis players is the right
                                                                    l   to drive at breakneck speed.