579. (4) No error.                                              599. (1) Tina and I will replace I and Tina
580. (4) No error.                                                   when the Subject contains a Pronoun in Third Per-
581. (1) live in will replace live on                                son and first person, third person comes first.
582. (2) return the books will replace return back the books    600. (2) goes for will replace goes to.
     return (Verb) : to come/go/give back                            go for (a) Noun is used where the Noun is an activity.
     Hence, to return the books is the right usage.                  go to (b) Noun is used when we are moving towards
583. (3) Use of the (Def. Art.) is incorrect.                        something (often) a place.
     Articles are not used with Parts of body.                       Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, in his hand is the right usage.                          Tom went to work today.
584. (2) were will replace was because –                             It’s a nice sunny day; let’s go for a walk.
     neither ___ nor (Correlative Conjunctions) is used,             Hence, goes for morning walk at Rabindra is the
     the Verb agrees with the nearest Subject                        right usage
                                                                601. (3) to will replace in because –
     Hence, were present is the right usage.
                                                                     inattentive (Adj.) agress with to (Prep.)
585. (3) don’t they will replace do they because –
                                                                     Hence, always inattentive to study is the right us-
     a positive statement agrees with a negative tag.
     when the Verb in the main sentence is in the Simple        602. (3) but will replace and because –
     Present, do/does is used to form the question tag.
                                                                     a contrast is evident.
586. (3) when will replace than because –                            Hence, but for your prompt action is the right us-
     Scarcely ___ when is the correct pair of Correlatives.          age
     Hence, when it began to rain is the right usage            603. (4) No error.
587. (3) to will replace for because –                          604. (3) that we all longed to laugh and cry will replace
     invite (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.)                            that all we longed to laugh and to cry to (Prep.) is
     Hence, to tea this Sunday is the right usage                    used only with the first Inf.
588. (4) No error                                               605. (2) decided will replace I will decide because –
589. (1) scenery will replace sceneries because –                    the sentence is showing a Past event/time.
     scenery is both Singular and Plural                             I decided to skip work is the right usage
     Hence, The paintings of natural scenery is the right       606. (2) notice will replace noticed because –
     usage.                                                          the sentence is showing a Present situation.
590. (3) on foot will replace by walk                                Hence, that I notice in him now-a-days is the right
     walk (Verb) : to move on foot
                                                                607. (1) I asked him will replace I had asked him be-
591. (2) deserted will replace desert because –
                                                                     cause –
     desert (Noun) : a large area of land that has very little       the sentence shows Past time.
     water and very few plants growing on it
                                                                608. (3) Use of special is incorrect as –
     deserted (Adj.) : place with no people on it
                                                                     expertise (Noun) : expert knowledge/skill in a par-
592. (2) information will replace informations because –             ticular subject, activity/job.
     information is both Singular and Plural.                        Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, all the information is the right usage                   We admired the expertise with which he prepared
593. (2) a pair of binoculars will replace a pair of binocular       the meal.
     a pair of binoculars signifies singular sense                   I have no expertise in sewing.
594. (2) the will replace a                                          Hence, as her expertise is the right usage
     when a proper Noun is particularised, the (Def. Art.)      609. (1) are will replace is because –
     is used before it.                                              police is used with a Plural Verb.
     Hence, the Shakespeare is the right usage                       Hence, The police are investigating is the right usage
595. (2) Use of all is superfluous.                             610. (1) aimed at will replace aimed because –
596. (1) the will be used before More.                               be aimed at something/at doing something : to have
     The word order is as follows :                                  something as an aim
                                                                     Look at the examples given below :
     the + comparative expression + Subject + Verb
                                                                     These measures are aimed at preventing violent crime.
      ̄                     ̄                      ̄          ̄
                                                                     This new programme aims at raising awareness about
      the               more                  you      think
                                                                     private issues.
      the               worse                   it    becomes        Hence, The redevelopment project is aimed at is
     Hence, the more you is the right usage.                         the right usage
597. (4) No error.                                              611. (2) will/can will replace should because –
598. (1) failed will replace fail because –                          when we use Simple Present Tense in the Condi-
     the sentence is indicating a Past Event.                        tional Clause, will/can/may will be used in the Main
     Hence, when I failed is the right usage.                        Clause.