558. (3) tasted good will replace is tasting good             570. (1) had been lying will replace had laid because –
     taste (Verb) is a Stative verb describing a state that        a time period has been specified in the sentence.
     lasts for sometime.                                           Hence, Past Perfect Continuous Tense will be used.
     These Verbs are not used in Progressive/Continu-              Look at the examples given below :
     ous Tenses.                                                   We have been painting our house since last Friday,
559. (2) cast a shadow will replace casted a shadow                but we are still a long way from finishing.
     The Past and Past Participle form of cast is cast.            She had been living in a one–room apartment for a
     Use of casted is incorrect.                                   year before getting married.
     Look at the examples given below :                            Hence, it had been lying is the right usage
                                                              571. (3) to give/provide evidence as a witness will replace
     The boy’s broken finger cast a shadow over his birth-
     day party.                                                    to give witness.
                                                                   The sentence will be written thus –
     The child’s sudden death cast a dark shadow over
     the house.                                                    He was present in the court to give/provide
                                                                   evidence as a witness.
560. (1) have will not be used as the sentence is in Simple
     Past Tense.                                              572. (2) at her will replace on her as –
                                                                   laugh (Verb) agrees with at (Prep.)
     Hence, I got your letter yesterday is the right usage
                                                              573. (3) elicit will replace illicit
561. (1) has been working will replace is working because –
                                                                   elicit (Verb) : to get information or a reaction from
     the event started in the past and is still Continuing.
                                                                   somebody, often with difficully
     Hence, Present Perfect Continuous Tense will be
                                                                   illicit (Adj.) : illegal; not allowed by law
                                                                   Hence, elicit information from the police is the right
     Hence, Sam has been working is the right usage.
562. (3) Use of up is incorrect.
                                                              574. (2) plays will replace play because –
     to cope with the floods is the right usage.
                                                                   each/everyone/either/neither (Distributive Pro-
     cope with (Phr.V.) : to manage to deal with some-             nouns)/are followed by a Singular Verb (with s)
                                                                   Look at the examples given below :
563. (1) were will replace was because –                           Each of the companies supports a local charity.
     The sentence indicates a Subjunctive Mood.                    Everyone knows who stole it.
     The Subjunctive Mood is the Verb form used for           575. (1) all these will replace these all.
     expressing a wish/a suggestion/a command/a con-               Where there is more than one determiner (all, some,
     dition that is opposite/contrary to fact.                     these, etc.) we put them in a fixed order.
     Hence, a Singular Subject agrees with a Plural Verb.          Quantifier articles/Demonstratives
     Hence, If I were he is the right usage.                       (all, both, (a, an, the, this, that,
564. (1) Use of to is incorrect.                                   same)         these, those)
     Advise should always be followed by an Object.                    All        the children were sleeping.
     Look at the examples given below :                                   ̄          ̄
     He advised her to see the doctor.                             Quantifier Article
                     ̄                                              None      of     those are mine.
                   Object                                            ̄                  ̄
     He advised me not to buy it.                                  Quantifier Demonstrative
                       ̄                                       576. (2) waiting will replace awaiting
                    Object                                         awaiting (somebody/something) : to wait for (some-
     Hence, The teacher advised is the right usage                 body/something)
565. (4) No error                                                  Look at the examples given below :
566. (1) know/have known will replace have been know-              He is in custody awaiting trial.
     ing                                                           He is in custody waiting for trial.
     know is not used in Continuous forms.                         Hence, waiting for/awaiting is the right usage.
     Hence, we know/have known is the right usage.            577. (2) an/the (Articles) will be used before engaged.
567. (4) neither of/either of agrees with Singular/ Plural    578. (2) she had will replace had she because –
     Verb.                                                         in Indirect Speech, Interrogative Sentence, the Sub-
568. (1) an will replace the because –                             ject comes before the Verb.
     no particular incident is evident.                            Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, when one hears of an incident is the right             She asked, “Where does Peter live ?” (D.S)
     usage                                                                                         ̄      ̄
569. (2) survey will be replace surveying because –                                            Subject Verb
     to in the phrase with a view to is a Prep. and an Inf.        She asked him where Peter lived. (I.S.)
     cannot be its object. It requires a Gerund (– ing form).                                   ̄       ̄
     Hence, with a view to surveying is the right usage.                                    Subject Verb