The Moon, as well as Venus, is visible in the night    549. (2) diseases will replace disease because –
     sky. (ü)                                                    One of is followed by a Plural Noun.
     Hence, had gone on an excursion is the right usage.         Hence, most dangerous diseases is the right usage.
539. (2) doesn’t will replace don’t because –               550. (2) has will replace have because –
     a Singular Subject agrees with a Singular Verb.             when two Subjects are joined by using along with
     Hence, doesn’t want is the right usage                      the Verb agrees with the first Subject.
540. (2) to will not be used because –                           Hence, has thoroughly examined is the right usage
     When made is used in Active Voice, the structure is    551. (2) a pair of will replace two
     as follows :                                                a pair of slippers means a single set of slippers
     make + Object + Inf. (without to)                      552. (3) do not (don’t) love you will replace am not loving
     He made her do all the washing.                             you because –
            ̄       ̄     ̄                                         Verbs that show emotion/senses – love, feel, see,
          make Object Inf.                                       are Stative Verbs. They are not used in Progressive
                            (without to)                         Tenses.
     Hence, her step daughter do is the right usage         553. (1) It being a holiday will replace being a holiday
541. (3) launched will replace launch                            Combination of two/more sentences is possible only
     Hence, at the newly launched bar is the right usage         when the sentences have a common Subject.
542. (2) raised will replace raise because –                     Look at the examples given below :
     the sentence is in Past Tense.                              I read the book. I returned it to the library.
     Hence, with full might and raised my arms is the            Combining the two sentences we get –
     right usage                                                 Having read the book I returned it to the library. (ü)
543. (2) his will replace for their because –                    Reading the book I returned it to the library. (×)
     We are talking about man in general.                        Another example –
     for will not be used with his as we have already used       It was a rainy day. I could not go.
     it before man.                                              It being a rainy day I could not go.
     Hence, are necessary for man and his is the right      554. (2) wander will replace wonder about
     usage.                                                      wonder about : to be curious/in doubt about some-
544. (3) are will replace is because –                           one/something
     some areas is a Plural Subject and it will agree with       Wander (of a person’s mind/thoughts) : to stop being
     Plural Verb.                                                directed on something and to move without much con-
     Hence, are subject to strong winds is the right usage.      trol to other ideas, subjects, etc.
545. (2) as good as will replace as good –                       Look at the examples given below :
     as good as (Idiom) : nearly.                                I wonder about life on other planets.
     Look at the sentences given below :                         Try not to let your mind wander
     Raju is as good as Ramesh.                             555. (1) not only anxious will replace anxious not only
     Raju is not better than Ramesh.                             because –
     Raju is as good as Ramesh, if not better than him.          While using a Correlative Conjunction, both claus-
                                                                 es have to be parallel. That means we have to use
     Hence, Raju is as good as is the right usage.
                                                                 them before two Nouns/two verbs/two Adjectives
546. (2) could hardly will replace could not hardly
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
     because –
                                                                 They need not only food but also shelter.
     hardly : almost no/not/none
                                                                                          ̄                  ̄
     Hardly is a negative word and should not be used
     with not or other negatives                                                       Noun              Noun
547. (2) the will replace a because –                            My uncle not only brought me
     a specific/particular address is mentioned in the                                     ̄
     sentence.                                                                          Verb
     In such cases, the (Def. Art.) will be used.                to the city but also found a good job for me.
     Hence, the postal address is the right usage                                    ̄
548. (3) appear will replace appears because –                                     Verb
     Short stories and poems is a Compound Subject;              She is not only rich but also generous.
     Compound Subjects joined by and or both ___ and                                  ̄               ̄
     are Plural and take a Plural Verb (without s)                                  Adj.           Adj.
     Hence, appear in dailies and periodicals is the right  556. (4) No error
     usage.                                                 557. (3) between will replace among because –
     Look at the examples given below :                          between is used for two and among is used for more
     Dolphins and elephants are intelligent animals.             than two
     Both men and women enjoy yoga.                              Hence, to divide it between them is the right usage