517. (3) will starve will replace are starving because –         530. (2) designs will replace design because –
     if Conditional Clause is in Simple Present, the Main             One of is followed by a Plural Noun.
     Clause will be in Simple Future Tense.                           Hence, of the designs is the right usage
     Hence, thousands will starve is the right usage.            531. (2) broken will replace broke because –
518. (3) for will replace since because –                             having + Past Participle form is used for referring
     since is used while specifying the starting point.               to the person who has done the action, of the Verb.
     for is used while specifying the amount of time (how             Hence, for having broken the promise is the right usage.
     long).                                                      532. (2) women will replace woman because –
     Look at the examples given below :                               the sentence indicates a sense about many women.
     She has been dancing since she was 5 years old.             533. (2) found (that) will replace find because –
     She has been dancing for a long time.                            the sentence is in Past Tense.
     Hence, for three years is the right usage.                       Use of that is optional
519. (4) either of/neither of agree with Singular/ Plural             Look at the examples given below :
     Verb.                                                            He told her (that) she was welcome. (ü)
520. (4) No error.                                                    He told her she was welcome.(ü)
521. (2) me will replace I because –                                  Hence, we found that the ring leader is the right
     I is the Subject Pronoun, used for the one doing the             usage.
     Verb.                                                            The appropriate sentences are :
     me is the Object Pronoun, used as the receiver of                To our great surprise we found that the ring leader
     the action of the Verb.                                          was lame.
     my friend and me are the Objects of force (Verb)                 To our great surprise we found the ring leader to be
     Hence, my friend and me is the right usage.
                                                                      Hence, working women lead a life of dual responsi-
522. (3) when will replace than because –                             bilities is the right usage
     hardly, barely, scarcely agree with when but no             534. (1) Use of have is not correct because the sentence is
     sooner agrees with than                                          in Past Tense.
     Hence, when it started to rain heavily is the right              Hence, they will replace they have
     usage.                                                      535. (2) to will not be used because –
523. (2) in not having seen will replace in not having saw            made indicates forcing someone to do something he
     disappointed (Verb) agrees with in (Prep.) + Gerund              does not want to do.
     (–ing form) + Past Participle form of Verb                       The structure will be as follows :
     Hence, in not having seen my friends is the right                make + object + Bare Infinitive
     usage                                                         His mom made him clean his room again.
524. (1) has will replace have because –                                         ̄         ̄        ̄
     The Company (Singular Subject) agrees with Singu-                       make object      Bare Infinitive
     lar Verb.                                                                                  (without to)
     Hence, The Company has is the right usage                        Hence, do the sum will replace to do the sum
525. (1) have been residing will replace are residing.           536. (3) the will not be used before Great Britain
                    ̄                                                  the (Def. Art.) is not used with the names of most
     Present Perfect Continuous Tense                                 countries unless the name contains a word such as
                                                                      States, Kingdom, Republic, United, etc.
     The action had started in the Past and is still Continuing.      Hence, in Great Britain is the right usage.
     for (Pre.) is used to say how long something has been       537. (2) that will not be used because –
     the case. Here, the Perfect Tense is used.                       in Indirect Speech of Interrogative Sentences, that
     Hence, They have been residing is the right usage.               is not used.
526. (1) Our            comes will replace come                       when a question begins with a question word (what,
                                                                      who, whom, when, where, why, how, etc.) the same
             ̄                  ̄
                                                                      word is used to introduce the question in the Indi-
      Singular Subject ® Singular Verb (with s)
                                                                      rect Speech
     Hence, our new television-set comes is the right usage
                                                                      Hence, how long will replace that how long
527. (2) your will replace their because –                       538. (2) has (had) will replace have because –
     your is the Possessive Case of you                               when two subjects are joined with as well as, along
     Hence, must make up your mind is the right usage.                with, in addition to, the Verb agrees with the first
528. (4) No error.                                                    Subject. The sentence is in Past Tense
529. (2) worked will replace work.                                    Look at the examples given below :
     The sentence indicates a Past action.                            The Moon, as well as Venus, are visible in the night
     Hence, the company worked hard is the right usage.               sky. (×)