496. (3) are will replace is because –                           508. (2) is will replace are because –
     many (Pronoun) is the antecedent and Pronouns                    Each of (Singular Subject) will agree with Singular
     like few, many, several, both, all, some always take             Verb.
     the Plural form.                                            509. (2) particularly will replace particular because –
     More over, the sentence is in Passive Voice                      an Adv. modifies an Adj./Verb/Adj./ Clauses.
     The structure in Passive Voice is as follows :                   Look at the examples given below :
     Sub. + Aux.V. + Main V. (Past Participle) + by +                   Seema grabbed the last chocolate rudely.
     Agent (doer)                                                                   ̄                       ̄
     Hence, are caused by drunkenness is the right usage                          Verb                   Adv.
497. (2) are no longer will replace are any longer.                   She stumbled in the completely dark kitchen.
     no longer can be used in the middle of sentence.                                               ̄           ̄
     any longer is used only at the end of a sentence.                                            Adv.       Adj.
     Look at the examples given below :                           Surprisingly, the restrooms in the Mall had toilet paper.
     She doesn’t work here any longer (any more).                            ̄                                          ̄
     She no longer works here.                                             Adv.                                  Main Clause
498. (1) He and I will replace I and he because –                     He very happily accepted the offer.
     It is polite to refer to yourself last. So, we use I at the             ̄         ̄
     end.                                                                  Adv.     Adv.
     Look at the examples given below :                               Hence, caring people particularly loved ones who
     He and I are walking to school together.                         is the right usage.
     Please send an email to my brother and me.                  510. (1) The will be used before UNICEF because –
499. (3) extensive will replace extensible                            The (Def. Art.) is used before the names of organis-
     extensible (Adj.) : capable of being extended                    tions, parties, committees, etc.
     extensive (Adj.) : thorough; dealing with a wide range      511. (2) Use of he is not required because we are already
     of information                                                   talking about a particular boy.
     Look at the examples given below :                               Hence, will pass will replace he will pass
     We had fairly extensive discussions.                        512. (3) is will replace are because –
     These tables are extensible.                                     Politics is a Singular Subject and it will agree with a
     Hence, who had an extensive knowledge of ancient                 Singular Verb.
     art is the right usage                                           Hence, I feel that politics is not my cup of tea is
500. (4) No error.                                                    the right usage.
501. (1) eminent will replace emminent.                          513. (2) is will replace are because –
     eminent is the right spelling.                                   A Tale of Two cities, is the name of a Single Book.
     eminent (Adj.) : famous and respected                            So, it will take Singular Verb.
502. (2) are will replace is because –                                Hence, is written is the right usage.
     most countries is Plural                                    514. (1) elicit will replace illicit
     Hence, are for is the right usage                                elicit (Verb) : to get information or a reaction from
503. (4) No error.                                                    somebody, often with difficulty
     But, rather than using buys, we can use uses                     illicit (Adj.) : not allowed by law; illegal
     and packets/rims can replace kilograms                           Look at the examples given below :
     Our office uses five packets/rims of paper every month.          In the prison, inmates are prohibited from having
                                                                      illicit items such as drugs, alcohol, and weapons.
504. (2) has will replace have because –
                                                                      The comedian hoped his jokes would elicit a great
     with every, many a, Singular Verb will be used.
                                                                      deal of laughter from the audience.
     Hence, has realized is the right usage.
                                                                      Hence, Though the police tried all sorts of methods
505. (1) factors will replace factor because –                        to elicit is the right usage.
     one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun.
                                                                 515. (2) am will be replace by was. In Indirect speech,
     Hence, One of the most important factors is the                  verb changes according to the reporting verb. As
     right usage.                                                     the reporting verb is in Past Tense the verb in the
506. (2) differs will replace differ because –                        reported speech will also be in Past Tense.
     A technical view (Subject) is Singular.                          Hence, what I was doing is the right usage
     A Singular Subject agrees with Singular Verb (with s)       516. (3) than will be used before the boys because –
     Hence, sometimes differs is the right usage.                     No sooner ___ than are the correct pair of Conjunc-
507. (1) Book Fairs will replace Books fair because –                 tions.
     Book fairs is the right usage.                                   Hence, than the boys left the class is the right usage.