475. (3) I will replace me.                                 486. (3) Use of will is incorrect.
     He is fatter than me ® He is fatter than me is ? (×)        after until/till, we use Present Tense to talk about
                         ̄                                        the future.
                    Direct Object                                Hence, finish your lunch will replace
     He is fatter than I. ® He is fatter than I am. (ü)          will finish your lunch
                         ̄                                   487. (3) begin to rot will replace begins to rot because –
                      Subject                                    a Plural Subject always takes a Plural Verb (Verb
     Hence, than I is the right usage.                           without s)
476. (2) is will replace are                                488. (3) have will replace didn’t because –
     When words like each, every, either, neither, are           a negative statement is followed by a positive tag
     used as Subjects, they take Singular Verbs.                 and it uses the first Aux. V.
     Hence, is wearing is the right usage.                       haven’t is the first Aux.V.
477. (1) he will replace him because –                           Hence, haven’t you is the right usage.
     when the Pronouns serve the same function, they
                                                            489. (3) types will replace type because –
     share the same case form.
                                                                 plants is Plural
     He and I are friends. (Pronouns act as Subject and
     are in Nominative Case)                                     Hence, seven thousand types of plants is the right
     They talked with him and me. (Pronouns act as ob-           usage.
     jects and are in Objective Case)                       490. (2) sign his/her full name will replace sign their full
     Hence, He and I is the right usage                          names because –
478. (3) one’s will replace their because –                      everyone. everybody, anybody, are Singular In def.
     one’s is used as a Possessive Pronoun for describ-          Pronouns. They agree with Singular Possessive Pro-
     ing something that belongs to an individual.                nouns.
     Look at the examples given below :                          Look at the examples given below :
     One doesn’t like to spend too much time on one’s            Is everyone happy with their gift ? (×)
     looks.                                                      Is everyone happy with his/her gift ? (ü)
     one should always look one’s best.                     491. (2) one of the structures built will replace the one
479. (3) on/at will replace in.                                  structure build.
     We say, at/on the altar of something (Idiom)                The event shows a past time.
     Hence, to God on the altar is the right usage          492. (3) fell will replace fell down because –
480. (2) a will replace an because –                             fell (Verb) : to decrease
     the pronunciation of uniform gives a Consonant
                                                                 fell down (Verb) : to drop down from a higher level to
                                                                 a lower level
     It sounds like a Y
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, to follow a uniform method is the right usage.
                                                                 He fell down and fractured his wrist.
481. (1) Use of they is superfluous.
     Hence, The newspapers admit that is the right usage.        Their profits have fallen by 30 per cent.
482. (2) than will be used before I                              Hence, attendance fell is the right usage.
     No sooner ___ than (Correlatives) are used for say-    493. (2) luggage will replace luggages.
     ing that something happens immediately after some-          luggage (Uncountable Noun) is the Plural of luggage
     thing else.                                                 Hence, luggage was lost is the right usage.
     The sentence can also be writter thus –                494. (1) No sooner had the minister will replace
     As soon as I finished ------                                No sooner the minister had because –
                  ̄                                               when No sooner comes at the beginning of a sen-
     immediately after something happens                         tence, we use inverted word order – Aux. V. comes
483. (3) at will replace on because –                            before the Subject.
     at (Prep.) is used for pointing out specific time.          Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, at 10 O’clock is the right usage.                    No sooner had I received her call, than ------
484. (1) friends will replace friend because –
                                                                                 ̄                ̄
     One of is followed by a Plural Noun.
                                                                            Aux. V.         Subject
     Look at the examples given below :
     One of their daughters has just had a baby.                 No sooner did they complete the work than ---
     This is one of my favourite books.                                          ̄                     ̄
     Hence, One of my friends is the right usage.                            Aux. V.              Subject
485. (3) not the same will replace not same because –            Hence, No sooner had the minister heard/No soon-
     same : two/more things exactly like each other and          er did the minister hear is the right usage.
     when we use it to compare people or things, the (Def.  495. (2) began will replace begun because –
     Art.) is used with it.                                      the sentence indicates a Past event.
     Hence, are not the same as his is the right usage           Hence, began working for me is the right usage.