Look at the sentences given below :                            After until we use Present Tense to talk about the
      I’m rarely in town these days.                                 future.
      This method is rarely used in modern laboratories.             Hence, blows the whistle is the right usage.
      Hence, Padmini has/had rarely missed is the right         464. (4) No error.
      usage                                                              Here,
456. (3) did will replace does because –                             (1) a great deal of : lots of
      the first clause is in Past Tense, the following clause   465. (4) No error.
      will also be in Past Tense. Hence, Simple Past Tense      466. (1) the (Def. Art.) will be used before Equator because–
      will be used.                                                  the (Def. Art.) is used before points on the Globe
      Hence, and so did Kamya is the right usage.                    (the North Pole, the Greenwich Meridian)
457. (2) is will replace are because –                          467. (2) has been living will replace is living because –
      ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ is the name of a book and it agrees       since (Prep.) indicates a particular time in the Past
      with Singular Verb.                                            until the Present, It is used with a Perfect Tense.
      Look at the examples given below :                             Here, Present Perfect Continuous Tense will be used.
      The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is enjoyed by all.                Look at the examples given below :
              ̄                             ̄                          It has been warm since noon.
     Singular Subject                Singular Verb                              ̄                ̄
      Hence, is indeed is the right usage                                 Present Perfect Prep.
458. (3) has will replace have because –                                    Continuous
      when either ___ or (correlative) is used, the Verb             She has been skating since childhood.
      agrees with the nearest Subject.
                                                                             ̄                     ̄
      Look at the examples given below :
                                                                         Present Perfect       Prep.
      Either a mouse or a rat          eats the cable at night.
                                  ̄        ̄
                                                                     Hence, has been living is the right usage.
                             Singular Singular
                                                                468. (1) These will replace This because –
                             Subject    Verb (s)
                                                                     These is the Plural of This (Dem. Pro.)
      Either Sheela or her sisters live in Chennai.
                                                                     These replaces Plural Nouns .
                                 ̄         ̄
                                                                469. (1) crowded will replace crowding because –
                              Plural     Plural
                                                                     an Adj. is used for qualifying a Noun.
                               Subject    Verb
                                                                     crowded (Adj.) : having a lot of people or too many
                                       (without s)                   people
      Hence, has done the crime is the right usage                   Hence, On entering the crowded room is the right
459.  (3) may/might will replace should because –                    usage.
      may/might (Mod. V.) indicates a possibility.              470. (3) to will replace with because –
      Hence, it might have rained last night is the right            marry (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.)
      usage                                                          Hence, to Sita is the right usage
460.  (2) from 12 May will replace between 12 May because–      471. (2) so hard that will replace so hardly because –
      from (Prep.) is used with to and
                                                                     so hard that : in such a way that. It is also used for
      between (Prep.) is used with and                               mentioning a result.
      The above sentence can also be written thus –                  The format will be as follows :
      Our vacation is between 12 May and 12 June.                    So + Adj. + that + clause
461.  (1) with will replace on because –                               ̄       ̄        ̄         ̄
      angry (Adj.) agrees with with (Prep.)                          so hard       that he was sure of passing
      Hence, He is very angry with me is the right usage        472. (1) you are will replace your
462.  (2) murdered will replace murder because –                     Your is the Possessive Case of you
      the sentence indicates a Past event in Passive Voice.          you are is also written as you’re and pronounced in
      Hence, was murdered is the right usage.                        the same way as your
463.  (3) blows the whistle will replace will blow the whis-         Hence, If you are coming home tomorrow is the
      tle because –                                                  right usage.
      will is not used in a Conditional Clause, Simple          473. (2) heavier will replace more heavier because –
      Present Tense is used.
                                                                     heavier (Comparative) is already showing the Com-
      Look at the examples given below :                             parison. A Double Comparative will not be used.
      I will wait until I hear from you.                        474. (1) raising will replace rising because –
                                                                     raising (Verb) : to move to a higher position
                    Simple Present
                                                                     Hence, After raising the flag to is the right usage