350. (3) of will replace about                                        This book is superior to the others.
     Look at the examples given below :                               Hence, superior to Byron is the right usage.
     Motorists have been warned to beware of icy roads.        359. (3) stars had begun will replace stars was begun be-
     Beware of saying anything that might reveal where                cause –
     you live.                                                        When two events happen in the Past, Past Perfect
     Hence, to beware of bears is the right usage                     Tense is used for the earlier event that happened in
351. (4) No error.                                                    the Past.
352. (2) looking forward to will replace looking forward              Look at the examples given below :
     for                                                          (i) John had gone out when
     looking forward to (Phr.V.) : to wait or hope for                              ̄
     Look at the examples given below :                                 earlier action (Past)
     I’m really looking forward to his visit.                    (ii) I arrived in the office.
     I look forward to seeing you in Europe.                                        ̄
353. (1) Use of up is incorrect.                                          later action (Past)
     to cope with is the right usage.                           (iii) He was very tired because
     Look at the examples given below :                                           ̄
     I will try to cope with his rudeness.                              later action (Past)
                                                                (iv) he hadn’t slept well.
     It must be really hard to cope with three young chil-
     dren and a job.                                                                ̄
     to cope with (Phr. V.) : to deal successfully with                   earlier action (Past)
     some difficulty                                           360.   (3) appear before the investigation committee will
     Hence, “Can you cope is the right usage                          replace appear to the investigation committee
                                                                      (1) appear before someone (Idiom) : to have a trial
354. (3) for will replace since because –
                                                                           or hearing with an official (legal)
     for (Prep.) is used for showing a length of time
                                                                      (2) appear to someone (Idiom) : to make an appear-
     since (Prep.) is used for showing a past time until a                 ance before someone
     later time/until now
                                                                      Look at the examples given below :
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                                      My late grandmother appeared to me in a dream.
     We’ve been living here for fifteen years. (still living)
                                                                      You have to appear before the Judge tomorrow.
     We’ve lived here for fifteen years. (had lived)
                                                               361.   (2) may will replace can because –
     Hence, for fifteen years is the right usage                      can is used for saying that somebody knows how to
355. (2) a unique will replace the most unique because –              do something/something is possible/somebody has
     unique is used to mean the only one of its kind,                 the opportunity to do something.
     most (Superlative Degree) and the (Def. Art.) will               may is used for saying that something is possible
     not be used with Unique (Adj.)                                   Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, a unique opportunity is the right usage                   It may rain tomorrow.
356. (2) no room for you will replace no place of you                 I can run fast.
     room (Noun) : empty space that can be used for a                 The stadium can be emptied in four minutes.
     particular purpose
                                                                      Hence, it may rain is the right usage
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                               362.   (2) at the office will replace in the office because –
     Do you have a room for a computer on your desk ?                 at (Prep.) is used with places, inside/outside.
     There wasn’t enough room for all the guests.                     in (Prep.) is also used with places, inside/outside.
357. (1) for will be used after asked because –                       Look at the examples given below :
     for (Prep.) is used for showing purpose or function,             I work at the bank.
     and when we make a request/demand, we use ask                    The money is in the bank.
     (verb) followed by for.
                                                               363.   (3) has/had will replace have because –
     Look at the following examples
                                                                      Singular Verb is used with a group of because it
     She asked him for information to solve the problem.              indicates a Singular Subject.
     She asked the manager for a double room so that her              Hence, that has accepted to help and develop the
     whole family might stay in one room.                             village in three months is the right usage.
     Hence, Mother Teresa asked for a building is the          364.   (2) had they received will replace they had received
     right usage                                                      The following form is used :
358. (2) to will replace than because –                               No sooner + Past Perfect + than + Past simple
     to (Prep.) is used for denoting comparison and with                    ̄                ̄              ̄          ̄
     superior, inferior, prior etc.                                   No sooner        had I come,      than the phone rang.
     Look at the examples given below :                               Hence, had they received the guests is the right
     This year’s crop is inferior to last year’s.                     usage