Look at the example given below :                    328. (4) No error.
     Supposting that he denies, what will happen ?        329. (1) more lonely/lonelier will replace more lonelier
     If it rains heavily, what will happen.                    because –
322. (2) is will replace are because –                         Use of Double Comparatives is incorrect.
     When Subjects are joined using along with, as well        Look at the examples given below :
     as, together with, the Verb agrees with the first         He ran faster than his friend. (ü)
     Subject.                                                  He ran more faster than his friend. (×)
     Singular Subject ® Singular Verb (is)                     The very word Comparative means that two objects
     Plural Subject ® Plural Verb (are)                        are being compared against each other.
     Hence, is practising very hard is the right usage.        Hence, I am more lonely/ lonelier is the right usage
323. (1) he will replace him because –                    330. (2) whom will replace who because –
     It was him is the Subject of the sentence and in the      who refers to the subject of a sentence whereas
     Subject, Nominative Case (he) will be used.
                                                               whom refers to the Object of a sentence.
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                               If the Pronoun can be replaced by he, we use who
     Him go to the store to buy milk. (×)
                                                               and if it is replaced by him, we use whom
                                                               Look at the examples given below :
                                                               Who is the best footballer in the world ?
     He goes to the store to buy milk. (ü)
                                                               Subject ® can be replaced by he.
                                                               To whom did you give the book ?
     Hence, It was he is the right usage
324. (2) situated will replace situating
     Hence, is situated is the right usage                        Object ® can be replaced by him.
325. (4) No error                                              Hence, to whom is the right usage.
326. (3) attested will replace attest.                    331. (3) since/from time immemorial will replace since
     The sentence format is as follows :                       times immemorial because –
     Object + am/is/are + going to                             since is used for referring back to a previous point in
                                                               time and it is used as a Preposition with a date, a
        ̄              ̄             ̄
                                                               time or a Noun Phrase.
          I           am         going to
                                                               from/since time immemorial (Idiom) : for longer
     + Aux.V. + Verb (Past Paticiple)
                                                               than any one can remember.
            ̄        ̄
                                                               Look at the examples given below :
     have attested ......
                                                               Her family had farmed that land from time imme-
               (Passive Voice)
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                               My home town has had a parade on the fourth of July
          I      am    going to pay
                                                               since time immemorial.
           ̄       ̄          ̄         ̄
                                                          332. (2) leaves will replace left because –
   Subject Aux.          going to Verb
                                                               When the tense in the Main clause is will/going to
     his debts. (Active Voice)
                                                               (referring to the future), the tense in the Conditional
            ̄                                                   Clause will be in Simple Present.
      Object                                                   This letter will reach him ® Main clause
     His debts are going to          be
                                                               Before he leaves for Delhi ® Conditional Clause
         ̄            ̄        ̄         ̄
    Subject         Aux. going to Aux.
                                                                       Simple Present
     paid          by     me. (Passive Voice)
                                                               Hence, before he leaves is the right usage.
         ̄                  ̄
                                                          333. (3) in a hotel will replace in the hotel because –
     Verb               Object
     (Past Participle)                                         the (Def. Art.) is used with a particular/specific Noun
     Hence, attested by the Director is the right usage.       Look at the examples given below :
327. (2) told will replace told to because –                   They are staying at the Taj Palace.
     to (Prep.) is not used with told.                         We stayed in a hotel for the night.
     said to means told.                                  334. (2) from bringing will replace to bring because –
     Look at the examples given below :                        bringing cycles is the Object after a Preposition,
     I told her that you were coming. (ü)                      and
     I told to her that you were coming. (×)                   from (Prep.) will be used because it indicates pre-
     Hence, told his friend is the right usage.                vention/prohibition/restraint