288. (2) himself will replace him because –                   298. (2) your will replace your’s because –
     the Subject (The poor man) and the Object (him)                 your is a Possessive Adjective that modifies a noun/
     are the same. So, Reflexive Pronoun will be used in             noun phrase to indicate ownership.
     place of him.                                                   There is no such word as your’s. Yours is a
     Hence, poisoned himself is the right usage                      Possessive Pronoun.
289. (2) when will replace that because –                                 Your boots
     when is used in time clauses to say that something                      ̄
     happened, happens, or will happen at a particular               Possessive Adj.
     time.                                                           I like your idea.
     Look at the examples given below :                                        ̄
     He left school when he was sixteen.                              Possessive Pronoun
     The last time when I went to Scotland, the weather                      (You)
     was beautiful.
                                                                     The larger boots are yours.
     Hence, when we first flew is the right usage
290. (4) No error.
                                                                                   Possessive Pronoun
291. (3) have will replace has because –
                                                              299. (1) Besides will replace Beside because –
     when one of is used in a sentence, the Noun/Pronoun
                                                                     beside (Prep.) : next to
     following of is the Antecedent.
                                                                     besides (Prep.) : in addition to
     So, the Verb is used accordingly.
                                                                     Look at the examples given below :
     Here, mothers is the Antecedent and it is Plural.
                                                                     I sat down beside my wife.
     So, the Verb will be in Plural.
                                                                     There was only one person besides Shalu who knew
     The basic structure is as follows :
     One of the + Plural Noun + that/who + Plural Verb
                                                                     Hence, Besides Hindi is the right usage
     Hence, that have ever lived is the right usage
                                                              300. (4) No error.
292. (1) John, Hari and I will replace John, I and Hari.
                                                              301. (3) On will replace by because –
     The first person pronoun-I comes last in the sequence.
                                                                     on foot (Idiom) : running/walking (using the feet)
293. (3) was will replace were because –
                                                                     Look at the examples given below :
     neither __ _ nor function as Conjun ctions
     (Correlative).                                                  We go around the campus on foot.
     In such cases, the Verb agrees with whichever                   There’s no road to the lodge; we have to get there on
     Subject is closer to it.                                        foot.
     Look at the examples given below :                       302. (2) at will replace in because –
     Neither the supervisor nor the staff members were               at (Prep.) is used with Adjectives to show how well
                                         ̄                 ̄           somebody does something.
                                  Plural Noun Plural Verb            Look at the examples given below :
     able to calm the distressed client.                             I’m good at French
     Neither the manager nor the supervisor was                              ̄      ̄
           ̄                                           ̄                     Adj. Prep.
     Singular Noun                             Singular Verb    (ii) She’s hopeless     at managing people.
     able to calm the distressed client.                                        ̄          ̄
294. (1) After you return will replace After you will returns                  Adj.     Prep.
     because –                                                       Hence, at mathematics is the right usage
     In Conditional clauses will is not used.                 303. (2) had cleared will replace cleared because –
     The Verb in the clause (Conditional) is in the Simple           that action has occurred in Past (a long time ago)
     Present Tense.                                                  as in –
     Look at the examples given below :                              I had lived in America. (The sense of time in this
     If you go to London, you can visit the British Museum.          sentence refers to a completed action in Past)
     You’ll get fatter if you eat too much.                          Past Perfect Tense will be used.
295. (4) No error.                                                   Hence, the fog had cleared is the right usage
296. (1) The Pacific Ocean will replace Pacific Ocean         304. (1) has watched will replace has been watching because–
     because –
                                                                     the sentence is indicating an unspecified time
     the (Def. Art.) is used before the names of Oceans,
                                                                     expression (ever, never, already, just, many times, etc.)
     mountain ranges, rivers, seas, etc. (Geographical
                                                                     as in –
297. (3) won’t you will replace isn’t it because –                   I have seen that movie twenty times.
                                                                     Present Perfect Tense will be used.
     the Aux. Verb used in the Positive Statement is will.
     Its tag will be will + not written as won’t.                    Hence, Ahmed has watched is the right usage