Giving false information to the police is a punishable    (ii) Rita has two daughters. (ü)
       offence.                                                 (iii) The Earth is revolving round the Sun. (×)
       Hence, a punishable offence is the right usage           (iv) The Earth revolves round the Sun. (ü)
268. (4) No error                                                     Hence, Madhuri Dixit has is the right usage
269. (3) into will replace out of because –                    276. (4) No error.
       take the law into your hands (Idiom) : to do            277. (4) No error.
       something illegal in order to punish somebody for       278. (2) grateful will replace greatful because –
       doing something wrong, instead of letting the police           there is no such word as greatful
       deal with him                                                  grateful (Adj.) : thankful as in –
       Look at the examples given below :                        (1) I’m grateful for your help.
       Citizens don’t have the right to take the law into        (2) mentor (Noun) means a teacher.
       their own hands.                                        279. (1) furniture will replace furnitures because
       The shopkeeper took the law into his own hands                 furniture is the plural of furniture
       when he tried to arrest the thief.                             Hence, The furniture is the right usage
       Hence, into their hands is the right usage.             280. (1) Most of the people will replace Most people
270. (4) No error.                                                    because –
       deceased (Adj.) : dead                                         When we talk about a large, general group, we use
       the deceased (Noun) : a person who has died                    most and when we talk about a smaller, more specific
       threatened (Verb) : to say that you will cause trouble,        group, we use most of.
       hurt somebody, etc.                                            Look at the examples given below :
       avenge (Verb) : to punish or hurt somebody in return       (i) Most doctors earn a lot of money.
       for something wrong that he has done to you               (ii) Most of the doctors here earn a lot of money.
271. (2) meeting him will replace meet him because –           281. (3) Use of to (Prep.) is incorrect. So, it will not be used.
       when we have an impression of something we did in              Hence, the function will replace to the function
       the Past, we say that we remember doing it.             282. (1) has been will replace is because –
       Look at the examples given below :                             Use of since (Prep.) indicates a preriod continuously
                                                                      from ------
       I remember asking my son about the letter.
                                                                      Present Perfect Continuous Tense will be used in
       I remember reading about it in the paper.
                                                                      this case.
272. (2) that will not be used because –
                                                                      Hence, He has been is the right usage
       Interrogative sentences with wh, or Q.wds. when
                                                               283. (1) On will replace At.
       changed into Indirect speech, no Conj. will be used.
                                                                      On his return is the appropriate usage.
       Look at the examples given below :
                                                               284. (2) Use of into is incorrect.
       He said, “What are you doing here ?” (D.S.)                    The chief guest entered the room is the correct
       He asked what I was doing there. (I.S.)                        sentence.
       She said, “Where are you going ?” (D.S.)                285. (3) with will replace on because –
       She asked where I was going. (I.S.)                            angry agrees with with (Prep.).
       Hence, how long will replace that how long                     Hence, with him is the right usage
273. (1) has eaten will replace ate because –                  286. (3) had preceded him will replace preceded him
       Since is used with the Present/Past Perfect Tense              because –
       that indicates a time from the past until a later past         When two events happen in the Past, then Past
       time, or until now                                             Perfect Tense is used with the event that happens
       Look at the examples given below :                             earlier.
       I haven’t eaten since breakfast.                               Hence, reports about him had preceded him is the
       He has been working in a bank since leaving school.            right usage
                                                               287. (2) depends will replace depend because –
       Hence, He has eaten is the right usage
                                                                      in a Compound Subject, when it is joined by
274. (2) has been working will replace is working because –
                                                                      or, either ____ or, neither ___ nor, the Verb agrees
       Use of since (Prep.) indicates a period continuously
                                                                      with the Subject that is closest to the Verb.
       from -----                                                     Look at the examples given below :
       Look at the examples given below :                             Her sister or her parents plan to visit her next week.
   (i) It has been raining since noon.                                                   ̄           ̄
  (ii) I’ve been wearing glasses since I was three.                                  Plural      Plural
       Hence, has been working here is the right usage                Her sister or her mother plans to visit her next week.
275. (1) has will replace is having because –                                          ̄               ̄
       This statement is a fact and Simple Present is used                         Singular     Singular
       with Facts/General Statements as in –                                        Subject    Verb (with s)
   (i) Rita is having two daughters. (×)                              Hence, largely depends is the right usage