by (Prep.) indicates the agent after a Passive Verb as      The    easier      the test    is,
      in –                                                            ̄       ̄            ̄          ̄
      Seeds eaten by the birds -----                               The comparative Subject Verb to prepare.
              ̄       ̄        ̄                                     the longer         students        will wait
           Passive Prep. agent                                     ̄         ̄              ̄              ̄
            Verb                                                  the comparative Subject            Verb
          He was knocked down by a       bus.                     Hence, healthier and longer is the right usage
                     ̄                ̄        ̄                258. (1) to provide/providing will replace provided.
              Passive Verb        Prep. agent                     Hence, The first task is providing/ to provide is
      Hence, was destroyed by fire is the right usage             the right usage.
253. (1) are going to have will replace were having          259. (2) recycled will replace recycle because –
      because –                                                   Past Participle form of the Verb is used with should
      going to is used when we want to talk about a plan          be and the sentence is in Passive Voice.
      for the future.                                             The structure is as follows :
      Look at the examples given below :                          Subject + should be + Past Participle form of the Verb
      We are going to have lunch after 2:00 p.m.                       ̄             ̄                 ̄
      They are going to launch it next month.                       Paper      should be         recycled
      Hence, They are going to have is the right usage       260. (3) than he wore the seat belt will replace he wore
254. (2) was will replace is because –                            seat belt because –
      the sentence is in Past Tense and the action indicates      No sooner ____ than are the correct correlatives.
      Past Time.                                                  Look at the examples given below :
      Hence, was temporarily interrupted is the right             No sooner had I arrived at the station than the train
      usage                                                       came.
255. (2) the (Def. Art.) will not be used with justice            No sooner did we hear the noise than we rushed to
      because –                                                   the spot.
      justice (Noun) is an Uncountable Noun that refers      261. (1) the staff will replace staff because –
      to something in a general sense.                             here, the Verb (are) is in Plural. So, the Subject (The
      Look at the examples given below :                           Principal and staff) should also be in Plural.
      In the interest of justice, we should treat everyone         The Principal and the staff is the Plural Subject.
      the same.                                              262. (3) to/be will replace as.
      They are demanding equal rights and justice.                 The sentence will be –
      Hence, justice and cares is the right usage                  He thinks himself to be a great scholar.
256. (1) have done will replace have because –               263. (2) will will not be used.
     The action has started in the Past and continues in           Unless means the same as if ___ not.
     the Present. So, Present Perfect Tense will be used.          Look at the examples given below :
     The Present Perfect is formed from the Present Tense          You will be sick if you don’t stop eating.
     of the Verb and the Past Participle of the Verb.              You’ll be sick unless you stop eating.
     Look at the example given below :                             Parallel Verbs are not used in the Conditional Clauses
     I have walked two miles already (I’m still walking)           Hence, you study hard is the right usage
          ̄       ̄                                            264. (2) poetry/poems will replace poetries because –
       Present Past                                                poetry (Uncountable Noun) : a collection of poems
       Tense Participle                                            poetry is both Singular and Plural.
     Hence, His assistants have done is the right usage            Hence, the poems/ the poetry is the right usage
     The critics have praised the film since it came out.    265. (1) Use of on is incorrect.
                   ̄         ̄                                       Last Sunday will replace On last Sunday
                Present Past                                 266. (2) criteria will be used in place of criterion because –
                 Tense Participle                                  criteria (Noun) is the Plural of criterion
     (and they continue to do so.)                                 Hence, a number of criteria is the right usage
                                                             267. (3) punishable will replace punished because –
257. (3) longer will replace long because –
                                                                   punishable (Adj.) : that can be punished, especially
     Double Comparatives are often used for emphasizing
                                                                   by law
     the importance of doing/not doing a certain activity.
                                                                   punish (Verb) : to make somebody suffer because he
     They describe a cause–and–effect process                      has disobeyed the law or done something wrong
     The format of double comparatives is as follows :             Look at the examples given below :
     The + comparative + subject + verb + the +                    He was punished for refusing to answer their
     comparative + Subject + Verb as in –                          questions.