231. (1) Have you been will replace you have been because – 244. (1) will not will replace does not because –
     The sentence is an Interrogative one.                       the sentence is indicating a Condition that is likely
     The word order in an interrogative sentence is as           to be fulfilled. Hence, will + Verb will be used in the
     follows :                                                   Main Clause.
     Interrogative +                                             Hence, My uncle will not spend is the right usage
     Aux. V. + Sub. + other Verb/Verbs                      245. (4) No error
             ̄       ̄                   ̄                          Look at the examples given below :
          Have    you             been doing                     Neither my sister nor my brother is interested.
     Hence, Have you been doing is the right usage                   ̄       ̄
232. (2) should be used will replace should used because –     Singular Singular
     the sentence is in Passive Voice.                           Neither my sister nor my brothers are interested.
     Hence, should be used will replace also should used                                           ̄       ̄
233. (2) some other means to meet will replace some                                             Plural Plural
     means to balance.                                      246. (3) on the beach will replace in the beach
     Means (Noun) refers to money, property/wealth               on (Prep.) is used for a surface
234. (3) in toto will replace completely.                        in (Prep.) is used for an enclosed space
     in toto (Adj.) : completely                                 Look at the examples given below :
     Here, the structure of the sentence should have been        I am currently staying in a hotel.
     Thank you, I am completely fine.                            The author’s name is on the cover of the book.
235. (2) when I could will replace when could I because –   247. (4) No error.
     in an Interrrogative (Indirect Speech), the sentence   248. (1) said will replace told because –
     changes to an Assertive one.                                the structure of the sentence when we use told is as
     Hence, when I could finish is the right usage               follows :
236. (4) No error.                                               Anne
237. (1) Due to my being a new comer will replace Due            told me that her brother was --
      to me being a new comer because –
                                                                    ̄     ̄         ̄               ̄
      a Possessive Pronoun is used with a Gerund, the
                                                                 told object that           what was said
      Verb form that functions as a Noun.
                                                                 told is followed by an Object.
      When a Pronoun (I, we, you, he, she, it, etc.) comes
      before a Gerund, it is in the form of Possessive Adj.      Anne said that her brother was buying a car.
      (my, our, your, his, her, its, etc.)                       Hence, The teacher said that is the right usage
238. (3) any other newspaper will replace any newspaper     249. (2) boys will replace boy because –
      Here, that of any other newspaper is the right usage       one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun
239. (2) there were more beautiful flowers will replace          Look at the examples given below :
      were the more beautiful flowers.                           One of my fingers is hurting.
      Use of the (Def. Art.) is incorrect.                       One of them is a crook.
240. (2) describes will replace describes about because –        Hence, one of the tallest boys is the right usage
      describe (Verb) : to say about something/someone.     250. (2) with a doctorate will replace with a doctorate
      Use of about is superfluous.                               degree because –
241. (3) free of charge will replace freely of charge.           doctorate ( Noun) is a degree of doctor
      free of charge (Adj.) : without payment                    So, degree will not be used with doctorate
      Look at the examples given below :                         Look at the examples given below :
      Children under five travel free (of charge).               He was awarded a doctor’s degree in Music.
242. (3) back will not be used with returned because –           He was awarded a doctorate in Philosophy.
      return (Verb) : to come/go back from one place to          with a doctor degree can also be used.
      another                                               251. (2) either will not be used because –
      Hence, and returned to his village is the right usage      either ___ or is used when we are mentioning two
243. (2) of will not be used with comprises because –            alternatives and we want to say that no other
      comprises (Verb) : to consist of                           alternative is possible.
      It can also be used as be comprised of (Idiom)             or is used with negative words.
      Look at the examples given below :                         Look at the examples given below :
      The staff comprises eight physicians, twenty nurses        The house is not large or glamorous.
      and various administrative people.                         He must have thought that I was either stupid or rude.
      The sales network is comprised of independent              Hence, was able to comprehend is the right usage
      outlets and chain stores.                             252. (3) destroyed by fire will replace destroyed in fire
      Hence, comprises will replace comprises of                 because –