211. (1) students will replace student because –                   You are only the one of us who have enough money.
      We are talking about many students.                                                       ̄  ̄        ̄
      Hence, A great many students is the right usage.                                       Ant. Rel. Pro.Verb
212. (2) three – crore will replace three - crores because –                              (Plural)       (Plural)
      In hyphenated Compound Adjectives, the Noun is               Hence, who have done is the right usage
      used in Singular.                                      220. (3) equipment will replace equipments because
      Hence, this three-crore project is the right usage           equipment is both singular and Plural.
                                                                   Hence, new equipment is the right usage.
213. (1) to go shopping will replace to go to shopping
      because –                                              221. (4) No error
                                                             222. (2) is will replace are because –
      We usually say that someone goes shopping rather
      than to go to shop/to go shop.                               The Arabian Nights is the name of a book and a
                                                                   Singular Verb is used with name of nation/organisation/
      Look at the examples given below :
                                                                   book/film as in –
      He likes to shop at the local market. (shop for
                                                                   The United Nations is head-quartered in New York.
                                                                   Hence, is indeed is the right usage
      There should be plenty of time to go shopping
                                                             223. (3) Use of of with despite is superfluous.
      before we leave New York. (go shopping)
                                                                   So, despite himself will replace despite of himself
      Hence, I hope to go shopping is the right usage
                                                             224. (3) most will replace more because –
214. (2) worth taking will replace worth to take; taking           the (Def. Art.) is used with Superlative Degrees,
      here is a Gerund.                                            which compare more than two things/persons/
      Hence, if it was worth taking is the right usage             situations.
215. (1) careful will replace carefully because –                  Hence, the most good-looking one is the right usage
      careful is an Adj. and carefully is an Adv.            225. (2) was will replace is because –
      Hence, After a careful investigation is the right            the sentence indicates a Past event and so, Past
      usage                                                        Continuous will be used.
216. (3) owing to will replace owed to because –                   Hence, Charles was playing is the right usage
      owing to is a Prep. which means because of             226. (1) Use of the before food is superfluous because –
      Look at the examples given below :                          When we refer to general ideas, plurals or uncountable
      The game was cancelled owing to heavy rain.                 nouns, we do not use the (Def. Art.)
      Owing to his illness, he could not continue with his        Hence, The way to increase the production of food
      studies.                                                    is the right usage
      Hence, owing to ever-growing demand is the right       227. (3) skilled will replace practiced because –
      usage                                                       skilled (Adj.) : trained or experienced in work that
217. (3) was dogged will replace is dogged because –              requires skill.
                                                                  Hence, with a skilled hand is the right usage
      the sentence is in Passive Voice and Past Tense is
      used in Passive Voice.                                 228. (1) were will replace is because –
                                                                  The Verb be in the if – clauses with unreal condition
      Look at the examples given below :
                                                                  referring to the present/future is used in the form
      Misfortune dogged her career (Active Voice).
                                                                  were for all persons. Were is the form of be in the
           ̄            ̄         ̄                                  Past Subjunctive.
       Subject        Verb Object                                 Look at the examples given below :
      Her career was dogged by misfortune (Passive Voice).        If I were rich, I would take a trip around the world.
         ̄            ̄                  ̄                           (But I am not rich)
       Subject     Verb            Object                         If she were at home, she would pick up the phone.
      Hence, was dogged by controversy is the right usage         Hence, If he were a millionaire is the right usage
218. (3) hard will replace hardly because –                  229. (2) has will replace have because –
      hard (Adj.) : to put in lots of effort                      The Prime Minister along with his Cabinet colleagues
      hardly (Adv.) : almost no/not/none                          is a Singular Subject and hence Singular Verb will be
      Hence, very hard is the right uage.                         used.
219. (2) have will replace has because –                          The words which follow terms like along with, as well
                                                                  as, together with are not the part of the Subject and
      The antecedent of the Relative Pronoun agrees with
                                                                  hence, the Verb agrees with the main subject.
      the Verb.
                                                                  Hence, has been welcomed by the Chief Minister is
      Here, the antecedent of the Relative Pronoun (who)
                                                                  the right usage
      is I and hence have will be used.
                                                             230. (2) had will replace has because –
      Look at the examples given below :
                                                                  Use of as if indicates an imaginary situation or a situation
      Hector is a photographer who does great work.               that may not be true. The Verb after as if is always in
           ̄                          ̄        ̄                     the Past Subjunctive.
      Subject(Antecedent)       Rel.Pro. Singular Verb            Hence, as if she had already been elected is the right
     (Singular)                                                   usage