194. (1) used will replace use because–                        203. (3) the will replace a because –
     used to is the right usage except in negatives and             a particular night is being mentioned in the sentence.
     questions                                                      When a specific thing is mentioned, we use the
     Look at the examples given below :                             (Def. Art.) with it.
     I used to live in London.                                      Hence, on the night of the crime is the right usage.
     I didn’t use to like him.                                 204. (2) hadn’t will replace hasn’t because –
     Did you use to do that, when you were a kid ?                  Past Perfect Tense is used for showing an action
                                                                    happened and completed in the Past.
     Hence, I used is the right usage
                                                                    Look at the examples given below :
195. (2) has taken/took will replace has took.
                                                                    He had hurt his back in the accident that happened
     If the sentencne is in Past Tense, the structure will
     be as follows :
                                                                    The museum occupied the building where the art
     Subject + Verb (Past Tense)
                                                                    gallery had been.
           ̄             ̄
                                                                    Hence, why he hadn’t is the right usage
    The teacher       took
                                                               205. (2) four - hour will replace four hours because –
     If the sentence is in Present Perfect Tense, the
                                                                    when you combine two or more words to form a
     structure will be as follows :
                                                                    Compound Adjective in front of a Noun, hyphen is
     Subject + have/has +          Verb (Past Participle)           used between these words. as in –
          ̄             ̄                    ̄                         fifteen - foot pole
   The teacher     has (Singular)       taken                       eighteen - inch monitor
196. (3) belonged will replace belongs because –                    The Noun is used in Singular.
     use of as if indicates an imaginary situation or a             Hence, four-hour drive is the right usage
     situation that may not be true but that is likely or
                                                               206. (3) Use of the (Def. Art.) is superfluous.
     possible. The verb after as if is always in the Past
     Subjunctive as in –                                            recommended vaccine will replace recommended the
     He looks as if he knew the answer.
                                                               207. (1) have been discussing/have discussed/are
     She walks as if she were a supermodel.
                                                                    discussing will replace have discussing.
     (were is used for all Personal Pronouns)
                                                                    Use of Simple Past Tense is the most appropriate one.
     Hence, belonged to him is the right usage
                                                                    We discussed is also an appropriate usage.
197. (4) No error.
                                                                    Hence, we have been discussing/ have discused/
     intimidated (Verb) : to frighten; fill with fear               are discussing is the right usage.
     bullying (Verb) : to treat in an overbearing/intimidating 208. (3) the will be used before Halloween night because -
     manner.                                                        Halloween Night is specific.
     Look at the examples given below :                             Halloween (Noun) : the night of 31st October when
     She refused to be intimidated by their threats.                it was believed in the past that dead people appeared
     She refused to give in to bullying and threats.                from their graves, and which is now celebrated in the
198. (2) mothers-in-law will replace mother-in-laws because         U.S., Canada and Britain by children who dress as
     mothers-in-law is the Plural of mother-in-law                  ghosts, witches, etc.
     Hence, all mothers-in-law is the right usage.                  Hence, especially in the Halloween night is the right
199. (1) How to solve the problem/How to solve                      usage
     problems will replace How to solve the problems           209. (3) a lot of work/much work/lots of work will re-
     because –                                                      place many works because –
     the (Def. Art.) is not used before Plural Uncountable/         many is used only with Countable Nouns and in ques-
     Countable Nouns unless we talk about something                 tions and negative sentences.
     specific.                                                      a lot of/lots of/much is used in statements and
     Look at the examples given below :                             with Uncountable Nouns. It takes a Singular Verb.
     Cats are beautiful animals. (general)                          as in –
     The cats, next door, are beautiful. (specific)                 I don’t go to many concerts.
     Tea is good for you. (general)                                 She earns a lot of money.
     The tea, I drink is of high quality. (specific)                I don’t have much free time.
200. (1) ordered/asked will replace requested because –             Hence, a lot of work/much work/ lots of work to
     the sentence is indicating an order.                           do is the right usage.
     Hence, we ordered the watchman is the right usage.        210. (1) much will replace many because –
201. (1) dreamt will replace dream because the sentence             much is used in statements and with Uncountable
     is indicating a Past event.                                    Nouns. It takes a singular Verb.
     Hence, Last night I dreamt is the right usage                  Here, filth is an Uncountable Noun.
202. (4) No error.                                                  Hence, There is so much filth is the right usage