177. (1) After knowing the truth will replace After              Most of the people enjoy music while reading.
     knowing truth as truth is an Abstract Noun and              Hence, that most of the people like to stay at home
     the (Def. Art.) is used before Truth                        is the right usage.
     Look at the examples given below :                     184. (2) aimed at bringing about will replace aimed to
     We are determined to get at the truth.                      bring about because the basic pattern here is as
     Do you think she’s speaking the truth ?                     follows :
178. (2) decided will replace decide because –                   Verb + Prep. + Gerund
     we use the expression                                          ̄      ̄             ̄
     It’s time + Subject + Past Verb form to refer to the         aimed at         bringing
     present moment.                                        185. (3) temperature and chemical balance will replace
     It is time + you + decided ----                             temperature, chemical balance because –
     Look at the examples given below :                          We are talking about three conditions.
     It is time we went home.                                    Hence, plants are soil, temperature and chemical
     It is high time you went on a diet.                         balance or amount of moisture is the right usage.
     Hence, decided on your next is the right usage.        186. (4) No error.
179. (3) should be allowed to will replace let him because– 187. (3) hardly any effort will replace hardly no effort
                                                                 because –
     Let has no Passive form.
                                                                 hardly (Adv.) : almost no; almost not; almost none
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                                 Hardly, scarcely, etc. are negative words and should
     They let me leave. (Active Voice)
                                                                 not be used with not or other negatives.
     I was allowed to leave. (Passive Voice)
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
     Hence, should be allowed to speak is the right usage.
                                                                 I can’t hardly believe it. (×)
180. (4) No error.
                                                                 I can hardly believe it. (ü)
181. (1) The Judge will replace Judge because –
                                                                 I did not hardly know him. (×)
     here the quality of the Judge is being emphasized,
                                                                 I hardly knew him. (ü)
     so, though a Common Noun, in this case, it becomes
     an Abstract Noun and the (Def. Art.) is used with an        Hence, with hardly any effort at all is the right usage
     Abstract Noun.                                         188. (4) No error.
     Hence, The judge in him is the right usage.            189. (1) I go to temple will replace I go to the temple
182. (3) has will replace have because –                         because the (Def. Art.) is not used with places like
                                                                 school/University/Prison/hospital/church unless
     with fractions, percentages and indefinite quantifiers
                                                                 they refer to a particular one.
     (all, few, many, much, some), the Verb agrees with
     the preceeding Noun/clause.                            190. (2) equipment will replace equipments because –
     Nine-tenths of the pillar ® Singular Subject                equipment is an Uncountable Noun and the plural
                                                                 form is also equipment.
     So, the Verb will also be Singular
                                                                 A single item is referred to as a piece of equipment.
     The basic structure is as follows :
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
     Indefinite Number + of + Noun ® Singular Verb
                                                                 We need some new kitchen equipment.
                                                                 The athletes keep their equipment in the locker room.
                                                                 Hence, were the only equipment is the right usage.
     Look at the examples given below :
     One – third of this article        is irrelevant.      191. (3) lose will replace loose because –
          ̄                    ̄          ̄                         lose (Verb) : to be unable to find something/somebody
     Indefinite No.        Noun     Verb (Singular)              loose (Adj.) : not firmly fixed; not tight
     (Fraction)          (Singular)                              Look at the examples given below :
     One – third of the students have graduate degrees.          I don’t want to lose my job.
          ̄                  ̄             ̄                        Many more loose clothes added to my collection
      Fraction      Plural Noun       Verb (Plural)              Hence, lose it is the right usage
     Hence, has rotted away is the right usage.             192. (2) panic/get panicky will replace get panicked.
183. (3) most of the people will replace most people
                                                                 panic (Verb) : to fill with fear
     because –
                                                                 panicky (Adj.) : inclined to panic
     most is used to mean the majority and is used in
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
     front of a Plural Noun which does not have a Det.
     (the/a) or a Possessive (my/our) in front of it.            She gets panicky in an exam.
     most of is used in front of a Pronoun or in front of a      He panicked at the sight of the audience.
     Noun which has a Det./Possessive in front of it.       193. (3) with will replace on because –
     Look at the examples given below :                          angry agrees with (Prep.)
     Most people agree that stealing is wrong.                   Hence, with her is the right usage