159. (3) has not been will replace have not been because – 167. (1) The legs of the table will replace the table’s legs
     The introduction is a Singular Subject and a               because – ’s (apostrophe s to show possession) is not
     Singular Subject ® Singular Verb                           used with non-living things.
     Plural Subject ® Plural Verb                               of or of the is used.
     Hence, has not been without some effect is the right       Look at the examples given below :
     usage.                                                     When you open the door of his cage, --- (ü)
160. (3) to enter will replace enter because –                  When you open his cage’s door --- (×)
     to enter is the direct object.                        168. (1) scenery will replace sceneries because –
     An infinitive with to is used when the infinitive is       Plural of scenery is scenery.
     the direct object. as in –                                 Hence, The scenery is the right usage
     Everyone wanted to go.                                169. (2) Use of would is superflous. Hence, write to me
                                                                will replace would write to me.
          ̄           ̄         ̄
                                                           170. (4) No error.
      Subject       Verb Direct Object (to + Inf.)
                                                                Neither of and either of followed by a Plural Noun/
     Hence, to enter the restricted area to search for          Pronoun take a Singular/Plural Verb.
     our friends is the right usage.
                                                                as in —
161. (1) new/latest will replace newer because –                Neither of my parents speak a foreign language.
     use of Comparative Degree is superfluous.             171. (3) a will replace the because –
     Hence, the new/ late type of automatic machines            the packet of cigarrettes is a general commodity here,
     is the right usage.                                        so, the (def. Art.) will not be used. Instead, a (Indef.
162. (3) had already begun will replace was already begun       Article) will be used.
     because –                                                  Here, produced (Verb) means to bring forth
     Past Perfect Tense will be used here.                 172. (2) Use of just and exactly together is superfluous.
     Past Perfect Tense is used for showing an action           Hence, either just or exactly will be used.
     happened in the Past before another event took place.      Look at the examples given below :
     Look at the example given below :                          This jacket is just my size.
     By the time I got home yesterday, my mother had            It’s just/exactly as I thought.
     already cooked dinner.                                173. (1) when he remembered will replace when he was
     Hence, the show had already begun is the right usage.      remembering because –
163. (4) No error.                                              remember is not used in Progressive Tense.
                                                                Hence, Ramesh smiled when he remembered is the
     Each is used in front of a Singular Noun followed by
                                                                right usage
     a Singular Verb.
                                                           174. (2) how she has will replace how has she because –
     The use of their (Plural Pronoun) is becoming or
                                                                the sentence structure is as follows :
     common these days.
                                                                How + Adj./Adv. + Subject + Verb
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                                    ̄           ̄             ̄         ̄
     Each student has been given his or her own email
                                                                How         (tall)        she     has grown!
                                                                How quickly he            speaks!
     Each student has been given their own email address.
                                                                 ̄           ̄         ̄         ̄
     Each of, each one of and everyone of followed by a
                                                                How      (Adv.) Subject Verb
     Plural Noun/Pronoun take Singular Verb. as in –
                                                           175. (3) lie will replace lay because –
     Each of the houses is different.
                                                                should is a Modal Verb and the basic structure for
164. (1) my will replace me because –                           should is as follows :
     me is in Objective Case and my in Possessive Case.         Subject + Aux./Modal Verb + Main Verb
     as in –                                                          ̄                 ̄           ̄
     Do you mind my smoking ? (ü)                                  he              should       lie
     Do you mind me smoking ? (×)                               The Main Verb is used in the base form as in –
     Hence, The fact of my is the right usage.                  He should go.
165. (2) had been will replace has been because –               Hence, he should lie in the bed for a few days is the
     to show that a comparison is unreal, we use Past           right usage
     Tense with a present meaning after as if/as though.   176. (3) none will replace neither because –
     Look at the examples given below :                         neither is used for not one or the other but none is
                                                                used for not any (more than two)
     She looks as if she were rich.
                                                                Look at the examples given below :
     She talks as if she were mad.
                                                                None of these pens work/works.
     Hence, as if it had been is the right usage.
                                                                We have three sons but none of them lives/live near by.
166. (4) No error.
                                                                Hence, none has any merit is the right usage