be there in a horizontal position, or to get into that       Look at the examples given below :
     position.                                                    Several members of the audience provided alternative
     Look at the examples given below :                           views on the topic.
     She lay on the floor, listening to music.                    The service runs on alternate days.
     Lay a sheet of newspaper on the floor.                       Hence, on alternate days is the right usage
     Here, lay (Verb) means to put something somewhere       151. (2) surroundings will replace surrounding because –
     carefully or neatly.                                         surrounding is an Adj. that means the area around,
     Hence, The boy laid in the shelter is the right usage        Surroundings is a Noun that means everything that
144. (4) No error.                                                is around or near somebody/something
145. (2) have will replace has because –                          Look at the examples given below :
     when one of is used in a sentence, the Noun/Pro-             The buildings have been designed to blend in with
     noun following of is the Antecedent. So, the Verb            their surroundings.
     is used accordingly.                                         From the top of the hill you can see all the surround-
                                                                  ing countryside.
     Here, players is the Antecedent, so, the Verb will
     be in Plural.                                                Hence, surroundings of the place is the right usage
                                                             152. (3) luggage will replace luggages because –
     Look at the following example :
                                                                  luggage is the plural of luggage.
     She is one of those who do not accept the view.
                                                                  There are several other words which remains the same
                      ̄                        ̄                    both in singular and plural; such as—
                Antecedent           Plural Verb (without s)      furniture, equipment, aircraft, news
     Hence, who have been selected is the right usage.            Hence, all his luggage himself is the right usage
146. (1) mo mentary/moment’s delay will repl ace             153. (2) to cope with will replace to cope up with.
     moment delay. Both moment and delay are Nouns.               Use of up is superfluous.
     But an Adjective/or a Possessive Noun is used for            to cope with (Idiom) : to deal successfully with
     modifying a Noun.                                            something difficult
     a momentary delay/a moment’s delay will be used.             Look at the examples given below :
          ̄             ̄          ̄          ̄                       Desert plants are adapted to cope with extreme heat.
      Adjective     Noun Pos. Noun Noun                           He wasn’t able to cope with the pressure at home.
     Hence, A moment’s delay/ A momentary delay is           154. (3) eye will replace eyes.
     the right usage.                                             eye – surgery is the right phrase that should be used.
147. (4) No error.                                                We can also use ocular – surgery.
148. (1) after you return will replace after you will re-         ocular : connected with the eyes.
     turn because –                                               Hence, for the delicate eye-surgery is the right usage.
     the Simple Future cannot be used in clauses begin-      155. (4) No error.
     ning with time expressions such as when, while,         156. (2) from will replace by because –
     before, after, etc. Instead of Simple Future, Simple         suffering (Verb) agrees with from (Prep.)
     Present is used.                                             Look at the examples given below :
     Look at the examples given below :                           Road accident victims were suffering from severe
     When you will arrive tonight, we will go out for             shock.
     dinner.                                             (×)      Many companies are suffering from a shortage of
     When you arrive tonight, we will go out for dinner. (ü)      skilled staff.
149. (2) censored will replace censured because –                 Hence, was suffering from is the right usage.
     censored (Verb) : to examine books, films, etc.         157. (1) where he could have gone will replace where could
                                                                  he have gone
     to remove anything that is considered offensive, mor-
                                                                  The basic structure in Indirect Speech is
     ally harmful, politically dangerous, etc. and
                                                                  Subject + Verb
     censored (Verb) : to criticize someone officially for
                                                                        ̄          ̄
     something he has done wrong
                                                                      he      could
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                                  and the Reported sentence will be an Assertive
     He was officially censured for his handling of the
                                                                  Hence, I do not know where he could have gone is
     The information given to the press was carefully cen-        the right usage.
     sored by the Ministry of Defence.
                                                             158. (2) go will replace goes because –
     Hence, had to be censored is the right usage.                the sense of the sentence is advisory.
150. (3) alternate will replace alternative because –             A sentence that expresses ideas such as advice, order,
     alternate (Adj.) : something happening on one day            request, suggestion, etc. will use a infinitive (without
     and not the next and continues in this pattern.              to) and one of the following Reporting Verbs – advise,
     It is used before Nouns                                      command, suggest, etc.
     alternative (Adj.) : substitute/other                        Hence, he go is the right usage.