129. (2) to put his signature will replace to put his sign          Adjectives — a particular order is followed. The order
     because –                                                      is –
     sign (Noun) an indication                                      Determiner + Ordinal + Cardinal +       Noun
     Look at the examples given below :                                 ̄               ̄          ̄              ̄
     I was asked to sign the letter.                                  the           first      two        chapters
     There was no sign of his returning from Bangalore.             Hence, the first two chapters of the book
     Hence, to put his signature is the right usage            137. (3) for will replace of because –
130. (4) No error.                                                  thirst (for something) (Noun) : a strong desire for
131. (1) are better off will replace could be better off            something
     because –                                                      Thirst agrees with for (Prep.) as in –
     be better off is used for saying that somebody is/             a thirst for knowledge
     would be happier/more satisfied if he was in a                 Hence, for knowledge is the right usage.
     particular position or did a particular thing to have     138. (2) reached will replace had reached because –
     more money.
                                                                    When two actions take place in the Past, the earlier
     Look at the examples given below :                             action is in Past Perfect and the later action in Simple
     Families will be better off under the new law.                 Past Tense.
     She is better off without him.                                 Look at the example given below :
     Hence, you are better off these days is the right              I had written the letter before you came home.
     usage                                                                         ̄                             ̄
132. (3) less will replace fewer because –                                 earlier action               later action
     less (Det.) is used with uncountable Nouns to mean                            ̄                             ̄
     a smaller amount of as in-less better/time/impor-
                                                                          Past Perfect Tense             Past Tense
                                                                    Hence, when he reached is the right usage
                                                               139. (2) would will replace will because –
     fewer (Det.) is used with Plural Nouns and a Plural
                                                                    in Indirect speech will changes into would
     Verb to mean not many as in –
                                                                    as in –
     Few people understand the difference.
                                                                    She said, “I will teach you English.” (D.S.)
     There seems to be fewer tourists around this year.
                                                                    She said that she would teach me English. (I.S.)
     Hence, less than ten bags of rice is the right usage
                                                                    Hence, that he would never is the right usage.
133. (2) between 1980 and 1990/from 1980 to 1990 will
     replace between 1980 to 1990 because –                    140. (2) to cope with is the right usage.
     between (Prep.) indicates a period of time that                Look at the examples given below :
     separates two days, years, events, etc.                        I can’t cope with your being late for work any more.
     between is used with and                                       He wasn’t able to cope with the stresses and strains
     from (Prep.) is used for showing when something starts         of the job.
     from is used with to                                      141. (1) I were will replace I am
     to is never used with between                                  Wish is most commonly used in imaginary/unreal
                                                                    situations. as in –
     Look at the examples given below :
                                                                    I wish (that) you were here. (But, you are not, and I
     We shuttled between New York to Chicago. (×)
                                                                    miss you).
     We shuttled between New York and Chicago. (ü)
                                                                    The tense of the Verb that follows I wish is mostly
     We are open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day
                                                                    in Past Tense.
134. (3) is he will replace isn’t he because –
                                                                    In Subjunctive form we use were and not was after
     The statement is negative and it will use a positive tag.      wish.
     Look at the examples given below :                             Look at the examples given below :
     It isn’t beautiful, is it ?                                    I’m very fat. I wish I were thin.
     They didn’t leave, did they ?                                  I wish I were taller.
     You can do it, can’t you ?                                     I wish to be taller. (Present Time)
135. (1) to will replace into because –                             Hence, I wish I were is the right usage.
     to (Prep.) indicates in a direction so as to reach        142. (2) of winning will replace to win because –
     into (Prep.) indicates a position in/inside something          Confident (Adj.) agrees with Prep.-of and + ing verb
     Look at the examples given below :                             (Gerund)
     I’m going with her to Australia.                               Look at the example given below :
     I went into the yard.                                          The team feels confident of winning.
     Hence, I went to is the right usage.                           Hence, of winning the gold medal is the right usage
136. (2) First two will replace two first because –            143. (1) lay will replace laid.
     in Numeral Adjectives – Ordinal and Cardinal                   lay is the Past Tense of lie (Verb) which means to