The fuel bills have risen to a great extent.                    In the 2nd sentence, we are talking, about any school,
      Hence, of inflation rises is the right usage.                   hence, the will not be used before school.
115. (2) is will replace are because –                          121. (4) No error
      when a Plural Noun (desires) is placed with a real              Look at the sentences given below :
      Singular Subject (One) with of, the Verb will be Sin-           He always helps with the housework.
      gular.                                                          He will help us with some of the organisations.
      Look at the examples given below :                              I need contacts that could help me find a job.
      One of my teachers is blind. (ü)                                The charity aims to help people help themselves.
      One of my cousins are in Bangalore. (×)                         Can I be of any help to you ?
      Hence, is to become is the right usage.                   122. (3) compelling will replace to compel because –
116. (2) to will not be used with make. It will be omitted.           after than to - Infinitive is not used, Gerund (– ing
      In a sentence with two Infinitives connected by and,            form) is used.
      or, except, but, than, etc. the second to is omitted.           Look at the example below :
      Look at the examples given below :                              Another, probably more compelling factor is that of
      I expect to swim and surf in Hawaii. (ü)                        safety.
      I expect to swim and to surf in Hawaii. (×)                     Hence, compelling you to come is the right usage.
      Hence, and make it available is the right usage           123. (4) No error
117. (3) are will be used after accidents because –             124. (1) read will replace has read -because the action took
    The sentence is in Passive Voice. The basic structure             place in the past.
    of a Passive clause is as follows :                               Hence, He read four plays is the right usage.
       Subject +       Aux. Verb + Main Verb + by + ---         125. (2) with will replace on because -
          ̄                    ̄         ̄                ̄             angry (Adj.) : feeling or showing anger (usually followed
       Many accidents (be) are caused               by ----         by at, with, or about (Prep.)
                                       ̄                             Look at the examples given below :
                               (Past Participle)                    The girl felt angry at the injustice of the situation.
    It is also a general statement, hence, the Aux. Verb            I was angry with myself for making silly mistakes.
    will be used in Simple Present Tense.                           We use angry at/about (something) and angry with
    Hence, many accidents are caused by reckless driving            (somebody).
    is the right usage                                              Hence, is angry with the clerk is the right usage
118. (2) to will replace till because –                         126. (1) It will be placed before being to complete the
      till (Prep., Conj.) : until; up to the time of whereas          sentence appropriately.
      to (Prep.) indicates in a direction towards.                    Combination of two or more sentences is possible
      Look at the examples given below :                              only when the sentences have a common subject.
      He went to the city.                                            Look at the examples given below :
      He climbed to the top of the tree.                              I read the book. I returned it to the library.
      Hence, to the is the right usage                                Having read the book I returned it to the library. (ü)
119. (3) was will replace are because –                               Reading the book I returned it to the library. (×)
      the sentence is in Past Tense and the Subject (the              It was a rainy day. I could not go out.
      strain) is in Singular. So, the Verb will also be in            It being a rainy day I could not go out. (ü)
      Singular, Past Tense.                                     127. (2) capable of doing will replace capable to do
      Look at the examples given below :                              because capable agrees with of (Prep.) and – ing
      The thrill of huge swings and the water-slides was great.       Verb (Gerund).
           ̄                                            ̄               Look at the examples given below :
        Subject                                  Singular Verb        I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.
      Hence, was more than he could bear is the right                 The workers are capable of running the organisation
      usage.                                                          them selves.
120. (2) the will replace any because –                               Hence, capable of doing this work is the right usage.
      any generalises the situation but the (Def. Art.) indi-   128. (2) assure will replace insure because –
      cates a particular Object.                                      only assure is used with reference to a person to
      Look at the examples given below :                              indicate that something is definitely true/will happen.
      The boy goes to the school in the next lane.                    insure is used for guaranteeing persons against risk.
      He can go to school after he has attained the age of 3          Look at the examples given below :
      years.                                                          The ambassador assured the Prime Minister of his
      In the 1st sentence, we are talking about a particular          loyalty.
      school whereas in, 2nd about a general school, hence,           We assured him of our support.
      the is used before school.                                      Hence, but I cannot assure is the right usage