Spices complement the flavour of the curry.            83. (3) furniture will replace furnitures because –
    Hence, I must compliment you is the right usage.           furniture is an Uncountable Noun.
78. (3) among will replace between because –                   It is not used in the Plural.
    between is used when only two persons or things are        Look at the examples given below :
    involved.                                                  We are going to get new furniture for the living room.
    among expresses a relationship when more than two                                                                  (ü)
    persons/things are involved.                               We are going to get new furnitures for the living room.(×)
    Look at the examples given below :                         Hence, and the teak-wood furniture of Dutch de-
    She had to choose between work and her family.             sign is the right usage.
    He divided his money among his brothers and sisters.   84. (3) really will replace real because –
    Hence, among the four girls is the right usage             really (Adv.) is used for emphasizing an Adjective/
79. (3) personnel will replace personal because –              Adverb
    personnel (Noun) is used for people employed by or         Look at the examples given below :
    active in an organization, a business, or service          She was driving really fast.
    personal (Adj.) is related to a particular person          I am really sorry.
    Look at the examples given below :                         Hence, really good is the right usage.
    This is my personal opinion.                           85. (2) a little rain will replace little rain because – little
    We have advertised for extra security personnel.           is a Negative Adj. and means not much
    Personnel is a Plural Noun.                                a little is an Affirmative Adj. that means some
    Hence, was carrying some army personnel is the             Look at the examples given below :
    right usage.                                               He had little money. (not much money)
80. (2) ascent will replace assent because –                   He had a little money. (some money)
    ascent (Noun) : an upward slope; the process/act of        Hence, there was a little rain is the right usage.
    going upward but                                       86. (2) earlier will replace early because –
    assent (Noun) : to express agreement or acceptance,        The comparison between the two (the cashier and
    as of a proposal                                           the accountant) is evident. So, the Comparative
    Look at the examples given below :                         Degree of early (Adj.) will be used.
    The director has given her assent to the proposals.        early        earlier     earliest
    The cart began its gradual ascent up the hill.                 ̄           ̄              ̄
    Hence, found the ascent of the mountain is the right      Positive Comparative Superlative
    usage.                                                     Look at the examples given below :
81. (2) the will be used before worst                          This puzzle is easier than that one.
    comes to the worst will replace comes to worst             The book was more interesting than the film.
    because –                                                  Hence, earlier that day is the right usage
    worst (Adj.) is the Superlative Degree of              87. (3) married to will replace married with because
    bad (Positive Degree) and worse (comparative De-           married (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.)
    gree) and the (Def. Art.) is used with a Superlative       Look at the example given below :
                                                               Her daughter was married to a fisherman.
    if the worst comes to the worst (Idiom) : if the
                                                               Hence, and the other is married to a minister is the
    situation becomes too difficult or dangerous.
                                                               right usage
    Look at the examples given below :
                                                           88. (3) should we still recast the plans will replace should
    If the worst comes to the worst, we’ll just have to        we still have to recast the plans because –
    sell the house.
                                                               Where the tense in the Supposing that clause is in
    If the worst comes to the worst, we’ll have to give        Simple Present, the tense in the Main clause will be
    them our bed and sleep on the floor.                       in Simple Future using Modal Verbs like will, may,
82. (2) principal will replace principle because –             might, could or should.
    principle (Noun) : a general rule that someone’s           Look at the examples given below :
    behaviour or idea is based on                              Supposing that it rains, you will get wet.
    Principal (Adj.) : a chief/important person/thing          Supposing that you don’t feel better tomorrow, you
    Look at the examples given below :                         should go and see the doctor.
    His principal interest in life was money.              89. (2) a few will replace few because –
    We follow the principle that everyone should be            few (Adj.) is used with Plural Nouns and a Plural
    treated equally.                                           Verb to mean not many.
    Hence, analyse thoroughly the principal causes is          a few (Adj.) is also used with Plural Nouns and a
    the right usage                                            Plural Verb to mean a small number/some