Look at the examples given below :                      71. (2) incredible will replace incredulous because –
    I had written the letter before you came home.              incredulous (Adj.) : not willing or not able to believe
    I wish I had been brave enough.                             something
    Hence, that we had enjoyed very much is the right           incredible (Adj.) : unbelievable; very difficult to believe
    usage.                                                      Look at the examples given below :
65. (1) hard will replace hardly because –                      It was an incredible story.
    hardly (Adv.) : almost no/not/none but                      There was a brief, incredulous silence.
    hard (Adj.) : needing/using effort.                         Hence, it is incredible to think is the right usage
    Look at the examples given below :                      72. (2) non-flammable will replace inflammable because –
    It is a hard shovelling snow.                               inflammable (Adj.) : liable to catch fire easily
    There is hardly any tea left.                               non-flammable (Adj.) : not likely to burn easily
    Hence, John is working very hard is the right us-           Look at the examples given below :
    age.                                                        We should always use clothes that are non-flammable.
66. (1) has eaten will replace ate because –                    These gases are highly inflammable.
    Since is used with the Present/Past Perfect Tense           Hence, non-inflammable clothing is the right usage
    that indicates a time from the past until a later past  73. (1) besides will replace beside because –
    time, or until now                                          beside (Prep.) : at the side of and
    Look at the examples given below :                          besides (Prep.) : in addition to; apart from
    I haven’t eaten since breakfast.                            Look at the examples given below :
    He has been working in a bank since leaving school.         He sat beside her all night.
    Hence, He has eaten is the right usage                      We have lots of things in common besides music
67. (3) a will be used before glimmer because –                 Hence, Besides food is the right usage.
    when you mention something for the first time, we       74. (1) from will be used before chicken pox because –
    use a/an (Indef. Art.).                                     Suffer (Verb) is followed by from (Prep.)
    Look at the examples given below :                          Look at the examples given below :
    I have a problem.                                           He suffers from asthma. (ü)
    Do you have a solution to this ?                            He suffers asthma. (×)
    Hence, a glimmer of hope for the malarial research-         Hence, Adults suffering from chicken pox is the
    ers is the right usage                                      right usage
68. (3) what I wanted will replace what do I want be-       75. (2) practise will replace practice because –
    cause –                                                     practice is a Noun and practise is a Verb.
    in Indirect Speech, an interrogative sentence is con-       practice (Noun) : a habit; a repeated exercise
    verted into Assertive Sentence in which the Subject         practise (Verb) : to do frequently; carry out an action
    is used before the Verb.                                    Look at the examples given below :
    Look at the examples given below :                          It was his practice to walk five miles every day.
    She said, “When will they come ?” (Direct Speech)           She practises the piano daily.
                          ̄      ̄                                Hence, had to practise for several hours a day is
                                                                the right usage
                       Verb Subject
                                                            76. (2) foreword will replace forward because –
    She asked when they would come ?” (Indirect Speech)
                                                                a foreword, is a short introduction at the beginning
                         ̄      ̄
                                                                of a book written by somebody other than the author.
                     Subject Verb
                                                                Look at the examples given below :
    She said to her brother, “Why are you crying ?” (D.S)
                                                                He was asked to write a foreword for her book.
                                     ̄      ̄                     They ran forward to welcome her.
                                    Verb Subject                Hence, to write a fore word is the right usage
    She asked her brother why he was crying ?” (I.S)        77. (1) compliment will replace complement because –
                                   ̄      ̄                       compliment (Verb) : to express admiration of; con-
                                Subject Verb                    gratulate
    Hence, and asked me what I wanted is the right usage        complement (Verb) : to add to/make complete
69. (2) is will replace are because –                           If one thing complements another, the two things
    The ebb and flow refers to a single Subject, So the         increase each other’s good qualities when they are
    Verb will be Singular.                                      brought together.
    Look at the examples given below :                          If you compliment someone, you tell him that you
    The crown and glory of life is character.                   admire him.
    The horse and carriage is waiting at the gate.              Look at the examples given below :
70. (4) No error                                                They complimented on the way I looked.