Look at the examples given below :                       47. (2) is will replace are because –
    If he is late, we will go without him.                       when the Subject is separated from the Verb by ex-
           ̄               ̄       ̄                                pressions like – as well as, along with, etc.
         S.Pr.           will Inf.                               The Subject is considered to be in Singular.
    I will go to Dubai, if I have enough money                   Hence, Singular Verb will be used.
         ̄  ̄                        ̄                              Look at the examples given below :
     will Inf.                   S. Pr.                          The politician, along with the journalist, is expected
          ̄                           ̄                            tomorrow.
   Main Clause Conditional Clause                                Excitement, as well as nervousness, is the cause of
                                                                 her stutter.
    Hence, the state itself will prosper is the right usage
                                                                 Note : It is suggested that commas be used at the
44. (3) fined will replace have to pay a fine because –
                                                                 right places.
    The sentence is in Passive Voice.
                                                                 Hence, is necessary is the right usage.
    Look at the examples given below :
                                                             48. (2) where the marriage hall was will replace where
    Mary mailed the letter. (Active Voice)
                                                                 was the marriage hall because –
         ̄         ̄         ̄
                                                                 In an indirect question the word order is as follows :
    Subject Verb Object
                                                                 Subject         +    Verb
             (Simple Past)
                                                                       ̄                  ̄
    The letter was mailed by Mary. (Passive Voice)
                                                                 the marriage hall was
        ̄                    ̄               ̄
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
    Subject Aux. + Past Part.            Object
                                                                 He said to me, “When are you leaving ?” (Direct Speech)
    The ballots have been counted. (Passive Voice)
                                                                                         ̄       ̄
         ̄                  ̄
                                                                                        Verb Subject
    Subject            Aux. + Verb + Past Part.
                                                                 He asked me when I was leaving. (Indirect Speech)
    (by them)
                                                                                       ̄      ̄
    They have counted the ballots. (Active Voice)
                                                                                   Subject Verb
       ̄                  ̄             ̄
                                                                 He said to me, “Where are you staying ?” (Direct Speech)
    Subject Aux. + Verb           Object
                                                                                         ̄       ̄
             (Pr. Per. Tense)
                                                                                       Verb Subject
    Moreover, stopped, ticketed are in Passive and
                                                                 He asked me where I was staying. (Indirect Speech)
    hence, have to pay a fine should also be in Passive,
                                                                                        ̄       ̄
    i.e. fined.
                                                                                    Subject Verb
45. (2) Supposing that he failed/If he failed will replace
    Supposing if he fails because –                          49. (4) No error
    Supposing and if cannot be used together.                50. (3) was will replace were because –
    The basic structure is as follows :                          When words are joined by with, together with, as
                                                                 well as, etc. the Verb agrees with the first Subject.
    If + Condition + Result
                                                                 Hence, Singular Verb was will be used.
            ̄                   ̄
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
       Simple Past would + base Verb
                                                                 The Prime Minister with all the members of his cabi-
               ̄              ̄
                                                                 net has arrived.
         If + failed     would + do
                                                                 Vibha as well as her friends was punished.
    Look at the examples given below :
                                                                 Hence, was present at the function is the right us-
    If he were poor, would you marry him ?                       age.
    Supposing that you try hard it might work.               51. (2) when will replace than because –
46. (2) in finding will replace to find because –                hardly, barely, scarcely, etc. are followed by when
    when a Noun (difficulty) is used with a Prep. (in),          and not than.
    the to - Inf. will not be used, -ing form (Gerund) of        No sooner is followed by than.
    the Base Verb (find) will be used.
                                                                 Look at the examples given below :
    Look at the following examples :
                                                                 Hardly had I arrived home when my phone rang.
    We must take advantage of being a normal human being.
                                                                 Scarcely had she finished reading when she fell asleep.
                         ̄       ̄        ̄
                                                                 Hence, I arrived when is the right usage.
                       Noun Prep. Verb (Gerund)
                                                             52. (3) that will replace because –
    He is in doubt about buying the correct software.
                                                                 After clauses beginning with The reason why/The
                 ̄         ̄           ̄                            reason, the clause containing the reason will not begin
                Noun Prep. Verb (Gerund)                         with because. It will begin with that.