The people I met there were friendly. (Definite – those       They had reached the school before the bell rang.
    over there)                                                                ̄                                         ̄
    The people (whom) I met there were very friendly.                   earlier action                           later action.
                       ̄                                           The patient died after the doctor        had come.
                   Rel. Pro.                                                        ̄                              ̄
33. (3) attracts will replace attract because –                              later action                 earlier action
    The introduction of job – oriented courses (Main              Hence, he had left is the right usage.
    Subject) is in Singular. Hence, the Verb will also be in 39. (4) No error
    Singular, as a Verb agrees with its Subject in Number.        Look at the examples given below :
    Singular Subject ® Singular Verb (Main Verb + S)
                                                                  If you had come yesterday, you would have enjoyed
    Plural Subject ® Plural Verb (Main Verb without S)            the party.
    Hence, attracts many students is the right usage.             If you had asked him, he would have told you
34. (3) to lose/lose will replace losing because –                everything.
    the basic pattern is as follows :                        40. (3) page after page will replace pages after pages be-
    to - Inf. + than + to - Inf./Inf. (without to)               cause –
           ̄         ̄          ̄                ̄                   when words are repeated, they are always used in
    to keep      than     to lose          lose                  Singular.
    Look at the examples given below :                           Look at the example given below :
    It is better to be hated for what you are than to be         Her health went down day by day.
    hated/ be hated what you are not.                                                        ̄         ̄
    It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask/ask for                              Singular Singular
    permission                                                   Day after day has passed and she has not come as yet.
    Hence, to lose/lose one’s courage is the right usage            ̄            ̄
35. (3) more than will not be used because –                      Singular Singular
    exceed and more than mean the same.                          Hence, page after page of the Bible is the right usage
    Use of more than is superfluous.                         41. (3) also will come after but because –
    Look at the examples given below :                            like either — or, neither — nor, not only — but also
                                                                  are the right Correlatives.
    The essay should not exceed 250 words.
                                                                  Look at the examples given below :
    The essay should not be more than 250 words.
                                                                  He is not only wise but also kind.
    The sentence can also be written thus –
                                                                  John plays not only drum but also flute.
  l The short story should not be more than two hundred
                                                                  not only — but also is used for emphasizing that
                                                                  something is also true.
36. (4) No error
                                                                  Hence, but also on how you have written them is
      The basic structure will be as follows :                    the right usage
      to-Inf. + than + Inf. (without to)/to - Inf.           42. (3) from going will replace to go because –
           ̄              ̄               ̄                          from (Prep.) is used for showing that something is
       to die         than        live/to live                    prevented.
      Look at the examples given below :                          The structure will be as follows :
      It is better to give than receive/to receive.               Subject + Prevent/ed + from + Present Participle
      It is better to rent than buy/to buy.                             ̄               ̄          ̄              ̄
37. (2) am will replace is because –                             Heavy rain prevented          from        going -------
      when the Subject of the Verb is a Relative Pronoun          Look at the examples given below :
      (who), the Verb (is) agrees in Number and Person            She saved him from drowning.
      with the Antecedent of the Rel. Pro.                        Nothing would prevent him from speaking out against
      A Noun/Pronoun which comes before a Rel. Pro. is            injustice.
      called Antecedent.                                          Hence, from going to the cinema is the right usage
      Here, I is the Antecedent of who (Rel. Pro.) with I    43. (3) will replace would because –
      so, am is used.                                             When the Conditional Clause begins with If, the struc-
      Hence, who am to blame is the right usage.                  ture of the sentence will be as follows :
38. (3) had left will replace left because –                      If + Present Tense ----, ---- + will + Inf. (without - to)
      when two actions happen in the past, it is necessary                        ̄
      to show which action happened earlier than the other.       If +       prosper ------, ------ + will + prosper
      The earlier action is expressed in Past Perfect tense       ̄                                      ̄
      and the later action in Simple Past.                        Conditional Clause               Main clause
      Look at the examples given below :                          will/would is used only in the Main clause.