5. (2) help will replace helped because -
                                                                   do/does/did (Aux. V.) is used when no other Aux. V.
                                                                   is Present, to emphasize what you are saying.
     Note : The meanings and parts of speech given are
according to the context of the sentence.                          The pattern used with do/does/did is as follows :
  1. (3) or will replace and because –                             do/does/did + Main Verb (Base form) did + help
                                                                   (Base form) of help (Verb) will be used.
     either - or, neither-nor are correct forms of Correlative
     Conjunctions, used for showing the relationship               Look at the examples given below :
     between two things or two terms that are different            He does look tired.
     from each other.                                              She did at least write to say thank you.
     and (Conj.) is used for showing the relationship              I do want to be sure.
     between two things/situations that exist together.            Hence, we did help the poor is the right usage
     Look at the examples given below :                         6. (1) acceptable will replace accepted/by will replace
     Either he could not come or he did not want to.               to because -
     I"m going to buy either a scooter or a motorcycle.            accepted (Verb) : to agree/approve of something
     Do it slowly and carefully.                                   acceptable (Adj.) : agreed/approved by most people
     She came in and took her coat off.                            in a society; agreeable; capable of being accepted
     Hence, or study for longer period before the                  Look at the examples given below :
     examination is the right usage.                               The princess accepted the offer. (Active Voice)
  2. (3) affect will replace effect because -                      The offer was accepted by the princess. (Passive Voice)
     effect (Verb) : to make something happen; to bring            The offer was acceptable to the princess.
     about                                                         Hence, acceptable to/accepted by will be used.
     affect (Verb) : to produce a change in somebody/              Hence, Unless it is accepted by/ acceptable to both
     something                                                     the parties, an is the right usage
     Look at the examples given below :                         7. (3) tried will replace tries because –
     These changes will give us the power to effect change.        The Principal clause is in Past Tense and the sentence
     Your opinion will not affect my decision.                     expresses a past action.
     Inflation affects the buying power of the dollar.             Look at the examples given below :
     The report shows the effect (Noun) of noise on people         The teacher told us that he would take us for a picnic
     in the factories.                                             next day.
     Hence, are bound to affect the export sector is the           My father gave me the book which I wanted.
     right usage                                                   Hence, he tried to avoid it is the right usage
  3. (1) good will replace better because -                     8. (3) were will replace was because –
     the pattern used with as — as (Adv.) is as follows :          The various consequences (Main Subject) is in Plural.
     as + Adj. (in Positive Degree) + as                           Hence, the Verb will also be in Plural as a Verb agrees
     good ® Positive Degree (no comparison is made)                with its Subject in Number.
     better ® Comparative Degree (two things are                   Singular Subject ® Singular Verb (Main Verb + S)
     compared)                                                     Plural Subject ® Plural Verb (Main Verb without S)
     best ® Superlative Degree (more than two things are           Look at the examples given below :
     compared)                                                     The number of volunteers grows
     as — as ® used for expressing similarity between one                   ̄                           ̄
     person/thing and another.                                     Singular Subject                Singular Verb
     Look at the examples given below :                            each year.
     Shyam is as rich as Ram.                                      A number of people grow
     He does not play as well as his sister.                                ̄                   ̄
     Hence, These days, job opportunities are not as good            Plural Subject       Plural Verb
     is the right usage                                            tomatoes each summer.
  4. (1) from will replace with because -                          Hence, finance ministry were not foreseen by the
     from (Prep.) is used for showing somebody’s point of          bureaucrats is the right usage.
     view                                                       9. (3) do (Aux. V.) will not be used because –
     from one’s point of view : as far as one is concerned         Each clause has to be structured in a way that is a
     Look at the examples given below :                            complete sentence on its own.
     From a financial point of view the project was a disaster.    Look at the structure below :
     From my point of view, the party was a complete               I never considered him to be a person who would go
     success.                                                      back on his promise. (Sentence I)
     Hence, when viewed from his point of view, the is             I never considered him to be a person who would not
     the right usage                                               even apologize. (Sentence II)