869. There be a long queue for entry     877. He looked upon me eye to eye      885. The heavy-weight fighter was
     into the exhibition ground.              for a few moments before he             knocking out in one punch.
     (1) for entry into                       spoke.                                  (1) The heavy-weight fighter
     (2) No error                             (1) before he spoke.                    (2) in one punch.
     (3) There be a long queue                (2) No error                            (3) was knocking out
     (4) the exhibition ground.               (3) eye to eye for a few moments        (4) No error
870. Until you are in the habit of put-       (4) He looked upon me             886. Thanks to an insight and persis-
     ting off things you cannot ensure   878. As per the invitation card Rahim        tence of the local doctor, hun-
     yourself of a good future.               marries with Sayra on 13th De-          dreds of victims have been able
     (1) No error                             cember, Monday.                         to resume normal life.
     (2) the habit of putting off things      (1) As per the invitation card          (1) No error
     (3) you cannot ensure yourself of        (2) No error                            (2) and persistence of the local
         a good future.                       (3) on 13th December, Monday.               doctor,
     (4) Until you are in                     (4) Rahim marries with Sayra            (3) hundreds of victims have
871. Let us vie to one another in do-    879. I was convinced that the only               been able to resume normal
     ing good.                                thing I wanted to do ever, is to            life.
                                              write novels.                           (4) Thanks to an insight
     (1) to one another
                                              (1) I was convinced that          887. In twenty wrecks five lives were
     (2) Let us vie
                                              (2) No error                            fortunately lost.
     (3) in doing good.
                                              (3) the only thing I wanted to do       (1) In twenty wrecks
     (4) No error
                                              (4) ever, is to write novels.           (2) five lives were
872. The article suggests that when a
                                         880. This book is different than that.       (3) No error
     person is under unusual stress
     you should be especially careful         (1) is different (2) This book          (4) fortunately lost.
     to eat a well-balanced diet.             (3) No error      (4) than that   888. Do you think you could lend me
     (1) The article suggests that       881. Riches are uncertain things, and        good pair of gloves to wear to the
         when a person is under un-           the fame that power give or is          wedding ?
         usual stress                         won by foul means is as short-          (1) Do you think you could lend
                                              lived as the dewdrop.                       me
     (2) you should be especially care-
         ful                                  (1) is as shortlived as the dew-        (2) to wear to the wedding ?
     (3) to eat a well-balanced diet.                                                 (3) good pair of gloves
                                              (2) that power give or is won by
     (4) No error                                                                     (4) No error
                                                  foul means
873. The results of the survey were                                                   Directions (889–892) : In the
                                              (3) Riches are uncertain things,
     fairly disappointing.                                                      following questions, some parts of the
                                                  and the fame
     (1) of the survey were                                                     sentences have errors and some are
                                              (4) No error
     (2) The results                                                            correct. Find out which part of a sen-
                                         882. The doctor asked his patient to
     (3) fairly disappointing.                                                  tence has an error. The number of that
                                              regularly take his medicine.
                                                                                part is your answer. If a sentence is
     (4) No error                             (1) asked his patient             free from errors, your answer is No
874. Some members of the commit-              (2) to regularly take his medi-   error.
     tee were opposed to use the club             cine.                            (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO & PA/SA
     members’ money to redecorate             (3) No error                                 Exam, 01.11.2015, IInd Sitting)
     the meeting hall.
                                              (4) The doctor                    889. When the workers threatened to
     (1) the club members’ money to
                                         883. Did you hear many news about            go on a strike, the mill owner
         redecorate the meeting hall.
                                              the political situation while you       declared a lay off on his mill.
     (2) No error                             were in that country ?                  (1) declared a lay off on his mill.
     (3) Some members of the com-             (1) about the political situation       (2) When the workers threat-
         mittee                                   while you were in that coun-             ened to
     (4) were opposed to use                      try ?
                                                                                      (3) go on a strike, the mill owner
875. I forbid you not to go there again.      (2) many news
                                                                                      (4) No error
     (1) there again (2) No error             (3) Did you hear
                                                                                890. Iodine deficiency is an easy and
     (3) not to go     (4) I forbid you       (4) No error                            inexpensive nutrient disorder to
876. We received much help from the      884. I meant to repair the radio but         prevent.
     neighbours.                              hadn’t time to do it today.             (1) Iodine deficiency
     (1) We received                          (1) No error                            (2) is an easy and inexpensive
     (2) much help                            (2) to do it today.
                                                                                      (3) nutrient disorder to prevent
     (3) No error                             (3) I meant to repair the radio
                                                                                      (4) No error
     (4) from the neighbours.                 (4) but hadn’t time