740. The International Day against            747. What make people angry or              755. When no individual is (1)/ re-
     Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffick-               tense is actually a mystery which           sponsible there are no (2)/ sense
     ings is observed on June 26th.                 is difficult to explain.                    of responsibility. (3)/ No error (4).
     (1) Drug Abuse and Illicit Traf-               (1) No error                          756. I am not sure (1)/ if (2)/ he will
         fickings                                   (2) What make people angry                  come. (3)/ No error (4).
     (2) No error                                                                         757. I felt privileged (1)/ to recite a
                                                    (3) or tense is actually a mystery
     (3) is observed on June 26th                                                               poem in an honour of my teach-
                                                    (4) which is difficult to explain           er (2)/ at a recent school func-
     (4) The International Day against
                                              748. She gave me details of all the               tion.3 (3)/ No error (4).
741. If man makes proper use of his                 schools she had visited while she
     time and opportunities and fol-                                                      758. It is now (1)/ five years since (2)/
                                                    was on an official tour.                    I visit the Delhi. (3)/ No error (4).
     low his aim in life with patience
                                                    (1) all the schools she had visited   759. Prisoners, especially long term
     and perseverance, he is sure to
                                                    (2) No error                                convict (1)/ have to suffer most
                                                    (3) She gave me details of                  (2)/ from emotional starvation.
     (1) and perseverance, he is sure
                                                                                                (3)/ No error (4).
         to succeed.                                (4) while she was on a official
                                                        tour                              760. This is not (1)/ a worth reading
     (2) If man makes proper use of                                                             book (2)/ so don’t read it. (3)/
         his time and opportunities           749. The doctor recommended that he
                                                                                                No error (4).
     (3) and follow his aim in life with            should take a holiday.
                                                                                          761. The beautiful, young girl (1)/
         patience                                   (1) that he should                          jumped in the river (2)/ in a state
     (4) No error                                   (2) take a holiday                          of depression. (3)/ No error (4).
742. Jewellery retailers across India               (3) The doctor recommended            762. The tree (1)/ is losing (2)/ its
     decided to suspend sold of gold                (4) No error                                leaves. (3)/ No error (4).
     coins and bars for six months.                                                       763. People have (1)/ different ideas
                                              750. Education is the only effective
     (1) to suspend sold                            tool to help eradicate the prob-            about (2)/ what makes a good
     (2) of gold coins and bars for six             lem of violence against women.              holiday. (3)/ No error (4).
     months.                                                                              764. They decided (1)/ to consult (2)/
                                                    (1) problem of violence
     (3) No error                                                                               a marriage guidance counsellor.
                                                    (2) help eradicate                          (3)/ No error (4).
     (4) Jewellery retailers across In-
     dia decided                                    (3) the only affective tool           765. I saw (1)/ two deers (2)/ in the
743. Who do you think will win the                  (4) No error                                woods. (3)/ No error (4).
     game ?                                   751. Even a fool when he holdeth his        766. I enjoy jogging (1)/ and I enjoy
     (1) Who do you                                 peace is counted wise.                      (2)/ playing the piano. (3)/ No
     (2) No error                                   (1) when he holdeth his peace               error (4).
     (3) win the game                               (2) No error                          767. For testing (1)/ the new micro-
                                                    (3) Even fools                              phone, (2)/ I tried to record my
     (4) think will
                                                                                                voice. (3)/ No error (4).
744. My cousin cannot understand                    (4) is counted wise
                                                                                          768. My friends said (1)/ me that he
     why his teacher says that the            752. Henry is a capable boy of doing              was (2)/ unable to come. (3)/ No
     earth move round the sun.                      anything.                                   error (4).
     (1) teacher says                               (1) a capable boy                     769. She has married (1)/ a young tall
     (2) cannot understand                          (2) of doing anything                       (2)/ Australian accountant. (3)/
     (3) No error                                   (3) Henry is                                No error (4).
     (4) move round the                             (4) No error                          770. The hurrying crowds (1)/ of peo-
745. Reading is no longer popular                  Directions (753-772) : In the fol-           ple past (2)/ each other amazed
     among the youthful of today. As         lowing questions, some parts of the                him. (3)/ No error (4).
     the influence of the internet has       sentences have errors and some are           771. I have visited Mumbai two years
     taken over a very important and         correct. Find out which part of a sen-             ago (1)/ and I am planning to visit
     active hobby.                           tence has an error and the number of               again (2)/ in the near future. (3)/
     (1) among the youthful of today         that part is your answer. If a sentence            No error (4).
     (2) very important and active           is free from errors, your answer is (4)      772. He neither talks too much (1)/ nor
         hobby                               i.e. No error.                                     he causes any trouble (2)/ during
     (3) influence of the internet                     (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi          the lesson. (3)/ No error (4).
     (4) No error                                            Police SI Exam. 28.09.2014        Directions (773–777) : In the fol-
                                                                        (TF No. 482 RN 5) lowing questions, some parts of the
746. A person who sticks to one thing
                                             753. Africa is the second largest con-       sentences have errors and some are
     inspite of initial difficulties is sure
                                                    tinent (1)/ and it contain about      correct. Find out which part of a sen-
     to succeed in the end.
                                                    one fifth (2)/ of all the land in     tence has an error. The number of
     (1) A person who sticks to one                                                       that part is the answer. If a sentence
         thing                                      the world. (3)/ No error (4).
                                                                                          is free from error, your answer is (4)
     (2) is sure to succeed in the end       754. We had (1)/ hardly reached the
                                                                                          i.e. No error.
     (3) inspite of initial difficulties            (2)/ platform than the train came
                                                                                                 (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014
     (4) No error                                   in. (3)/ No error (4).
                                                                                                                    TF No. 022 MH 3)