36. To die with honour (1)/is better         51. Scarcely had (1)/I arrived than              Directions (66 – 70) : In the fol-
        than (2)/live with dishonour.(3)/           (2)/the train left. (3)/No error. (4). lowing questions some of the sentences
        No error. (4)                          52. The reason why (1)/he was re-           have errors and some have none. Find
  37. It is I (1)/who is to blame.(2)/for           jected (2)/was because he was          out which part of a sentence has an
        this bad situation(3)./ No error.(4)        too young. (3)/No error. (4).          error and mark (1), (2) or (3) as answer.
  38. Gowri told me(1)/his name af-            53. Teachers of various schools (1)/        If there is No error, mark (4) as your
        ter(2)/he left. (3)/ No error. (4)          met to discuss about (2)/how to        answer.
  39. John would have told (1)/you the              improve the standard of English.         (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)
        truth (2)/ if you had asked him.            (3)/No error. (4).                                             Exam. 25.09.2005)
        (3)/ No error. (4)                     54. His tradition-bound attitude (1)/         66. He ate (1)/ nothing (2)/ since
  40. My sister (1)/has read (2)/pag-               had to be a constant source of                yesterday (3)/. No error (4)
        es after pages of the Bible. (3)/           dissatisfaction (2)/among the            67. An experimental vaccine (1)/ has
        No error. (4)                               younger members of the family.                brought (2)/ glimmer of hope for
  41. Your success in the IAS exami-                (3)/No error. (4).                            the malarial researchers (3)/. No
        nations depends not only on (1)/       55. The two first to arrive (1)/were               error (4)
        what papers you have selected               the lucky recipients (2)/of a sur-       68. After making me wait for two
        (2)/but on how you have writ-               prise gift. (3)/No error. (4).                agonising hours (1)/ the great
        ten them. (3) No error. (4)                 Directions (56-65) : In the fol-              man called me in (2)/ and asked
  42. Heavy rain (1)/prevented us (2)/        lowing questions, some of the sen-                  me what do I want (3)/. No error (4)
        to go to the cinema. (3)/No er-       tences have errors and some have
                                                                                             69. The ebb and flow of the tides (1)/
        ror. (4)                              none. Find out which part of a sen-
                                              tence has an error. The number of that              are (2)/ now understood (3)/. No
  43. If majority of the individuals in
                                              part is your answer. If there is No er-             error (4)
        a State (1)/prosper (2)/the State
                                              ror, the answer is (4).                        70. The green paint on the wall (1)/
        itself would prosper. (3) /No er-
                                                           (SSC Statistical Investigators         provides a suitable contrast (2)/
        ror. (4)
                                                             Grade-IV Exam. 31.7.2005)            with the yellow doors (3)/. No
  44. If motorists do not observe the
                                                56. Two hours have passed (1)/                    error (4)
        traffic regulations (1)/they will
        be stopped, ticketed (2)/and                 since (2)/he had fallen asleep.           Direction s (71–80) : In the
        have to pay a fine. (3)/ No er-              (3)/No error (4).                     following questions, some of the
        ror. (4)                                57. Having broken down (1)/the             sentences have errors and some have
                                                     driver sent the car (2)/to the ga-    none. Find out which part of sentence
  45. He asked (1)/supposing if he
                                                     rage. (3)/No error (4).               has an error. If there is No error, your
        fails (2)/ what he would do. (3)/
        No error. (4)                           58. He is one of those writers (1)/        answer is (4).
      Directions (46-55) : In the fol-               who has won acclaim (2)/the                   (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
                                                     world over.(3)/No error (4).                  Central Excise) Exam. 11.12.2005)
lowing questions, some of the sen-
tences have errors and some have                59. The mason will not (1)/do the            71. Even today (1)/ it is incredulous
none. Find out which part of a sen-                  work (2)/except give the order.             to think (2)/ that men have
tence has an error and mark (1), (2) or              (3)/No error (4).                           walked on the moon. /(3) No
(3). It there is No error, your answer          60. When students are ill (1)/they               error. (4)
is (4).                                              find that they have a lot of work       72. The firemen wore (1)/ inflamma-
                 (SSC Section Officer (Audit)        (2)/to catch up with when they              ble clothing (2)/ for protection. /
                         Exam. 05.06.2005)           return. (3)/No error (4).                   (3) No error. (4)
 46. We had a lot of difficulty(1)/to           61. Scarcely did I reach the airport,        73. Beside food, (1)/ the pilgrims car-
       find (2)/the house. (3)/ No er-               (1)/nervous and tense, than the             ried (2)/ some medicines. /(3) No
                                                     plane took off, (2)/leaving me              error. (4)
       ror. (4).
                                                     stranded in an alien place. (3)/        74. Adults suffering chicken pox (1)/
 47. Patience as well as perseverance                No error (4).
       (1)/are necessary (2)/for suc-                                                            can develop (2)/ all kinds of com-
                                                62. The power to (1)/distinguish be-             plications (3) No error. (4)
       cess. (3)/ No error/(4).                      tween differences (2)/is the ba-
 48. The passer-by told us (1)/where                                                         75. The well-known pianist (1)/ had
                                                     sis of science and art. (3)/No
       was the marriage hall (2)/and                                                             to practice for several hours a day
                                                     error (4).
                                                                                                 (2)/ even after he rose to fame.
       even led us to it. (3)/ No error/(4).    63. I have (1)/seen her only once (2)/
                                                                                                 (3)/ No error. (4)
 49. The increase in consumption is                  but I’m liking her a lot. (3)/No
                                                                                             76. The Prime Minister was asked (1)/
       directly (1)/proportional to the              error (4).
                                                                                                 to write a forward (2)/ to the book.
       increase (2)/in income. (3)/No           64. I told him (1)/that we enjoyed
                                                     very much (2)/at the party. (3)/            (3)/ No error. (4)
       error. (4).
                                                     No error (4).                           77. I must complement you (1)/ on
 50. In Singapore (1)/my brother-in-
                                                                                                 your good manners (2)/ and your
       law with his wife (2) /were              65. John is working very hardly (1)/
                                                     as the examinations (2)/are fast            impeccable behaviour. (3)/ No
       present at the function. (3)/No
                                                     approaching. (3)/No error (4).              error. (4)
       error. (4).