13. (2) Raise (Verb) means (i) to lift or move something     11. (3) “Take somebody/somet-hing for” means sup-
     to a higher level.                                           pose, assume or consider somebody/something to
     (ii) to increase the amount or level of something.           be somebody/something.
     Considering the meaning the word riased conveys              So, took for means considered. Hence the answer
     in the passage, we can choose suppressed.                    is (3).
                              (Page 960, Oxford Advanced      12. (2) Harass (Verb) means trouble and annoy (some-
                                     Learner’s Dictionary)        body) continuously.
 14. (4) Gigantic (Adjective) means of very great in size         For example,
     or extent; huge : gigantic mountain ranges.                  Political dissidents complained of being harassed by
     Trivial means very little in size, mundane.                  the police.
 15. (4) Valid (Adjective) means well based or logical; le-       In the passage harassed bears the same meaning
     gally effective because made or done with the cor-           as troubled.
     rect procedure; that can be legally used or accepted.        - Page 567, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
     For example,                                             13. (4) Keen when used as an Adjective means eager
                                                                  enthusiastie etc. In the passage also keen bears the
     A cheque card is not a valid proof of identity.
                                                                  same meaning. So the answer is (5).
                          — Page 1319, Oxford Advanced
                                                              14. (4) Finally (Adverb) means (i) lastly; in conclusion;
                                     Learner’s Dictionary.
                                                                  (ii) conclusively; decisively; (iii) at last; eventually.
EXERCISE–2                                                        If we consider the given options and the sense of
  1. (4)         2. (1)     3. (2)     4. (4)     5. (3)          the term finally in the passage we should choose
                                                                  initially as the antonym.
  6. (1)         7. (4)     8. (3)     9. (1)    10. (3)
                                                              15. (1) Fast is used in the passage as an Adverb which
 11. (3)       12. (2)     13. (4)   14. (4)     15. (1)
                                                                  means speedily. So, slowly is the correct antonym
  1. (4) “When he heard about the witch, he did not be-           for fast.
     lieve that it was one of the witches who ate flesh.
     But there was something else about the witch, which
     made Dhiru curious”.                                      1. (4)        2. (4)      3. (3)        4. (2)      5. (4)
     This shows that the distinction between the witch
                                                               1. (4) Dizzy means feeling as if everything is spinning
     and other witches made him curious.
                                                                  around; unable to balance, confused.
  2. (1) Dhiru was keen to solve the mystery. Subsequent
                                                                  For example,
     actions of Dhiru were quided by this curiosity. So,
                                                                  After another glass of whisky I began to feel dizzy.
     we can say that Dhiru entered the forest to find out
     the truth about the witch.                                   In the passage, the reel of thread feels dizzy as it
                                                                  is rotating at a very fast rate. We know that if some-
  3. (2) “It was the witch who tried to frighten Dhiru and
                                                                  one rotates speedily, he feels dizziness.
     run away.” This shows that, soon after she was
     caught, the witch tried to frighten Dhiru and run         2. (4) In the passage, the balance wheel says, “She is
     away.                                                        stitching a school dress for her daughter who will
                                                                  be admitted in school tomorrow.” From this state-
  4. (4) “But Dhiru was strong and bold enough to hold
                                                                  ment it becomes clear that the lady is stitching a
     the witch fast.” This very sentence clearly indicates
                                                                  school dress for her daughter.
     that it were Dhiru’s courage and strength which
                                                               3. (3) “One day this lay"s grandfather came to the shop.
     helped him to overpower the witch.
                                                                  He liked the machine and bought it”. The lady is
  5. (3) The important different as per the passage was :
                                                                  the child"s mother. So we can say that the machine
     other witches used to eat flesh; this witch didn’t.          was bought by the child"s grandfather.
  6. (1) “However, after some time, he really fell asleep.”    4. (2) “We saw the old gentleman die. His children then
     The witch came after he had fallen asleep. So, the           started quarrelling. Slowly they become poor. The
     correct answer is (1).                                       servants were dismissed. Then one by one, the chil-
  7. (4) “Therefore, she used to live in th forest, wear-         dren went and the house was closed.
     ing a fearful mask.” So, we can conclude that the            From this part of the passage we find that all the
     mask made the widow look frightening.                        things mentioned in the given options were hap-
  8. (3) The author syas, “People resort to different tricks      pened except (2).
     to make both ends meet”. From this statement we           5. (4) “Li sten my chi ldren”, co ntin ued the old
     can decide in favour of option (3).                          wheel.......”
  9. (1) The witch was not really a fearful monster. It           Subsequently the old wheel narrates the story of the
     was an old widow who took the role of a witch to             lady"s ancestors. As none of the options contains old
     earn her livelihood. So, the statement (1) is not true.      wheel, the answer is (5).
 10. (3) feel sympathy for her.                                                                                         qqq