(4) Gandhiji was praised even by the people who were       He set out with a bag of mangoes. He walked through
         adversely affected by the partition                the forest till it was midway. He took shelter under a
8. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE in          shady tree and pretended to be fast asleep. However, af-
     the context of the passage?                            ter some time, he really fell as leep. After a while, he
     (1) India’s freedom from the British Raj cannot be     felt that someone was trying to snatch his bag of man-
         entirely attributed to Gandhiji’s methods          goes, Suddenly, he woke up and caught hold of the per-
     (2) Converting the entire mankind to truth and non-    son. It was the witch who tried to frighten Dhiru and run
         violence was a macroscopic task                    away. But Dhiru was strong and bold enough to hold the
     (3) Gandhiji’s energy was consumed by the problems     withc fast. The witch finally surrendered. Dhiru forced
         caused by the partition                            has to tell him who she really was. The witch removed
     (4) Gandhiji’s teaching was relevant only to his time. her mask and narrated her and story. She told that she
9. Gandhiji wanted to —                                     was a poor old widow and she had nobody to look after
     (1) remove poverty from India                          her. Therefore, she used to live in the forest, wearing a
     (2) educated masses to achieve freedom for India       fearful-looking mask. People passing through the forest
                                                            got frightened due to her appearance and took her for a
     (3) establish a just social order
                                                            witch. She then robbed the people of their belongings to
     (4) oppose the partition of India
                                                            make both ends meet. Dhiru took pity on her and gave
     Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in       her the bag of ranages.
meaning as the word given in bold as used in the pas-
sage.                                                       1. What made Dhiru curious?
10. ORDAINED                                                     (1) The fearful appearance of the witch
     (1) requested              (2) wished                       (2) The fact that the witch lived in the forest
     (3) told                   (4) questioned                   (3) The fearful attitude of the people towards the
11. DELIVER                                                          witch.
     (1) transfer               (2) confer                       (4) The distinct difference between the witch and
     (3) communicate            (4) furnish                          other witches
12. BEING                                                   2. Why did Dhiru enter the forest?
     (1) existence              (2) through                      (1) NO find out the truth about the witch
     (3) morality               (4) survival                     (2) To give the bag of mangoes to the witch
     Choose the word which is most nearly OPPOSITE in            (3) To invite the witch to the village
meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage.        (4) To sleep under a shady tree
13. RAISED                                                  3. What did the witch do soon after Dhiru caught her?
     (1) developed              (2) suppressed                   (1) She threw away his bag of mangoes
     (3) accelerated            (4) disappeared                  (2) She tried to frighten Dhiru and run away
14. GIGANTIC                                                     (3) She removed her mask and showed him her face
     (1) immeasurable           (2) massive
                                                                 (4) She narrated her sad story to Dhiru
     (3) negligible             (4) trivial
                                                            4. Which of the following qualities of Dhiru helped him
15. VALID                                                        to over-power the witch?
     (1) unreliable             (2) undesirable
                                                                 (1) Courage and anxiety
     (3) timeless               (4) irrelevant
                                                                 (2) Eagerness and wisdom
EXERCISE–2                                                       (3) Intelligence and wisdom
    Read the following passage carefully and answer the          (4) Courage and strength
questions given below it. Certain words/phrases are         5. How was the ‘witch’ described in this passage dif-
printed in bold to help you to locate them while answer-         ferent from other witches?
ing some of the questions.                                       (1) While other witches used to frighten the people,
    Survival is the most essential factor for every living           this witch didn’t
organism. People resort to different tricks to make both         (2) Other witches used to take people’s belonings; this
ends meet. One such live instances is mentioned here.                witch didn’t
Villagers of Makhrada village believed that a witch lived
                                                                 (3) Other witches used to eat flesh; this witch didn’t
in the denseforest near Makhrada. The passers by were
much harassed by the witch who used to frighten them             (4) Other witches were not as fearful as this witch
and also took their belongings. In the village there lived           was
a young man named Dhiru who was fond of adventures.         6. When the witch came to snatch away the bag, Dhiru
When he heard about the witch, he did not believe that           was ....
it was one of the witches who ate flesh. But there was           (1) fast asleep under the tree
something elseabout the witch, which made Dhiru curi-
                                                                 (2) pretending to be awake
ous. She did not eat flest but took away the belongings
of the people. Therefore, he was keen to solve this mys-         (3) looking fast asleep but he was awake
tery.                                                            (4) trying to remove the witch’s mask