Simple    : His failure is almost certain.                 Simple    : The duration of my stay is doubtful.
Complex   : That he will fail is almost certain.           Complex   : Except that he hurt his hand, he was lucky
Simple    : They would no doubt, send out all the sol-     Simple    : Except for the hurt to his hand, he was lucky.
            diers in search of the party.                  ADJECTIVE CLAUSE
Complex   : There is no doubt that they would send out     Complex   : I have no advice that I can offer you.
            all the soldiers in search of the party.       Simple    : I have no advice to offer you.
Simple    : Only first class men need apply.               Complex   : The place where Buddha was cremated has
Complex   : Only those who are first class men need ap-                recently been discovered.
            ply.                                           Simple    : The place of Buddha’s cremation has recently
Simple    : The news is too good to be true.                           been discovered.
Complex   : The news is so good that it cannot be true.    Complex   : The son who was his chief pride in his old
Simple    : Our teacher is a man of spotless character.                age is dead.
Complex   : Our teacher is a man who bears a spotless      Simple    : His son, the pride of his old age, is dead
            character.                                     Complex   : The exact time when this occurred has not
Simple    : Truly speaking, he rever came here                         been ascertained
Complex   : The truth is that he never came here           Simple    : The exact time of the occurence has not been
Simple    : A man’s modesty is in inverse proportion to                ascertained.
            his ignorance.                                 Complex   : Youth is the time when the seeds of charac-
Complex   : The more ignorant a man is, the less modest                ter are sown.
            he is                                          Simple    : Youth is the time for the formation of charac-
Complex into Simple                                                    ter.
Complex   : A child who has lost its parents is to be pit- ADVERB CLAUSE
            ied.                                           Complex   : The Rajah was annoyed that he had not car-
Simple    : An ophan is to be pitied.                                  ried out his orders.
Complex   : If you fail, you must make another attempt.    Simple    : The Rajah was annoyed at his not having car-
Simple    : Failing this attempt, you must make another.               ried out his orders
Complex   : The report that the king was dead is false.    Complex   : Everything comes if a man will ony work and
Simple    : The report of the king’s death is false
                                                           Simple    : Everything comes to a diligent and patient
Complex   : Wherever you go, I shall follow you.
Simple    : I shall follow you everywhere.
                                                           Complex   : I am pushing my businesss wherever I can
Complex   : A boy who neglects his studies, cannot
                                                                       find an opening.
                                                           Simple    : I am pushing my business in every possible
Simple    : A boy neglecting his studies cannot progress.
Complex   : Where there is a will. there is a way.
                                                           Complex   : He will not pay unless he is compelled.
Simple    : A will has a way.
                                                           Simple    : He will pay only under compulsion.
Complex   : Father desired that I should go.
                                                           Complex   : You have succeeded better than you hoped.
Simple    : Father desired me to go.
                                                           Simple    : You have succeeded beyond your hopes.
Complex   : That he should resign was beyond doubt.
                                                           Complex   : When the cat is away the mice will play.
Simple    : His resignation was beyond doubt
                                                           Simple    : In the absence of the cat the mice will play.
                                                           Complex   : He does not always speak as he thinks.
Complex   : He said that he was innocent.
                                                           Simple    : He does not always speak his thoughts.
Simple    : He declared his innocence.
                                                           Double and Multiple (Compound) into Complex
Complex   : That you are drunk aggravates your offence.
                                                           Compound : Listen and I will tell you all.
Simple    : Your drunkenness aggravates your offence.
                                                           Complex   : If you listen, I will tell you all.
Complex   : Tell me where you live.
                                                           Compound : She must weep or she will die.
Simple    : Tell me your address.
                                                           Complex   : Unless she weeps, she will die.
Complex   : It is pity that we should have to undergo this
                                                           Compound : He was very tired and therefore he fell asleep.
                                                           Complex   : He fell asleep because he was very tired.
Simple    : Our having to undergo this disgrace is a pity.
                                                           Compound : Beware of pick-pockets and there will be no
Complex   : It is proclaimed that all men found with arms
            will be shot.
                                                           Complex   : If you are beware of pick-pockets, there will
Simple    : According to the proclamation all men found
                                                                       be no trouble.
            with arms will be shot.
                                                           Compound : Leave this room or I will compel you to do so.
Complex   : He remarked how imprudent the boy was
                                                           Complex   : Unless you leave this room. I will compel you
Simple    : He remarked on the boys imprudence
                                                                       to do so.
Complex   : How long I shall stay is doubtful