For example,                                               Though he is poor but he is honest.         — Wrong
         I trust him since he is honest.                            Though he is poor yet he is honest.         — Correct
   (iii) Those denoting effect : that                               Although she is beautiful but she is gentle.
         For example,                                                                                           — Wrong
         You lie so often that nobody trusts you.                   Although she is beautiful yet she is gentle.—Correct
   (iv) These denoting purpose : that                            5. Even if is followed by but
         For example,                                               For example,
         Work hard that you may succeed.                            Even if he is hungry yet he cannot beg. — Wrong
    (v) Those denoting condition : as if, if, if not, in case,      Even if he is hungry but he cannot beg. — Correct
         provided that, unless, whether, etc.                    6. That cannot be used to express interrogative or im-
         For example,                                               perative expression.
         If you come, I will go.                                    For example,
   (vi) Those denoting concession : although, though                She asked me that what my name was. — Wrong
         For example,                                               She asked me what my name was.              — Correct
         Charles was intelligent though not industrious.            She said that to bring a chair.             — Wrong
  (vii) Those denoting manner : as                                  She said to bring a chair.                  — Correct
         For example,                                            7. Wheather is followed by or no or not.
         I spoke as I liked.                                        For example,
 (viii) Those denoting comparison : For example, then +             Can you say whether he is ill or not.       — Correct
         For example,                                               Again,
         It is not as bad as you think.                             I cannot say that she is going to Bombay. — Wrong
         Mary is taller than her sister.                            I cannot say whether she is going to Bombay.
   (ix) Those denoting time : after, before, are, since, while,                                                 — Correct
         till and until.                                         8. When is used when two actions take place one by
         For example,                                               one, if two actions are simultaneous, use while.
         I came to Calcutta before you were born. After I had       For example,
         departed, no one did any work.                             When I was on the road I saw a girl.        — Wrong
Use of Conjunctions                                                 While I was on the road I saw a girl.       — Correct
    1. Not only .... but also is used before those words            While I reached there she had gone out. — Wrong
         which it stresses.                                         When I reached there she had gone out. — Correct
         For example,                                            9. Lest is followed by should, it is negative do not use
         He is not famous in his state but also in his coun-        another negative with it.
         try.                                      — Wrong          For example,
         He is famous not only in his state but also in his         Work hard lest you may fail.                — Wrong
         country.                                    — Correct
                                                                    Work hard lest you should fail.             — Correct
    2. Neither is followed by nor while either is followed by
                                                                    Run fast lest you should not miss the train.
                                                                                                                — Wrong
         For example,
                                                                    Run fast lest you should miss the train. — Correct
         She is neither intelligent or laborious.    — Wrong
                                                                10. No sooner is followed by than, just after no sooner
         She is neither intelligent nor labourious. — Correct
                                                                    we use helping verb.
                                                                    For example,
         He is neither good at Physics nor at Chemistry.
                                                                    No sooner did he go out then she came. — Wrong
                                                     — Wrong
                                                                    No sooner did he go out than she came. — Correct
         He is good neither at Physics nor at Chemistry.
                                                                    No sooner I did reach there than he started.
                                                     — Correct
                                                                                                                — Wrong
    3. Both is followed by and
                                                                    No sooner did I reach there than he started.
         For example,
                                                                                                                — Correct
         Both Mohan or Ram goes there.               — Wrong
                                                                11. Other is followed by than.
         Both Mohan and Ram go there.                — Correct
                                                                    For example,
                                                                    He has other work that to do.               — Wrong
         Both Sohan as well as Prem is good.         — Wrong
                                                                    He has other work than to do.               — Correct
         Both Sohan and Prem are good.               — Correct
                                                                12. Until is used for time while unless is used for con-
    4. Though and although are followed by yet                      dition. They are negatives. So do not use any other
         For example,                                               negative with them.