140. Precaution against infection.                      17. Answer for misconduct/something.
141. Preface to a book.                                 18. Apologise to somebody.
142. Preference for something.                          19. Apologise for something.
143. Preparation for examination/something.             20. Appeal to the judge/something.
144. Proof against somebody.                            21. Appeal against a sentence.
145. Proof of guilt.                                    22. Appeal for mercy/something.
146. Qualification for a post.                          23. Apply to a person.
147. Quarrel with somebody/something.                   24. Apply for some post/something.
148. Readiness in responding.                           25. Appoint to a post.
149. Readiness for journey.                             26. Argue with a person for or against a point.
150. Reference to a person or thing.                    27. Arrive at a conclusion.
151. In regard to that matter.                          28. Arrive at a station/a place.
152. Regard for a person.                               29. Arrive in a country.
                                                        30. Ask for assistance.
153. Relation between two things.
                                                        31. Ask of or from somebody.
154. Relation with somebody.
                                                        32. Associate with a group.
155. Remonstrance against somebody’s conduct.
                                                        33. Blame a person for something.
156. Remonstrance with somebody.
                                                        34. Blush at one’s own mistake.
157. Reply to a query / a person.
                                                        35. Blush for somebody who is at fault.
158. Request for a thing.
                                                        36. Border on a place.
159. Resemblance to a person or thing.
                                                        37. Borrow of or from a friend/somebody.
160. In respect of some quality.
                                                        38. Break the news of somebody’s death.
161. Rivalry with a person.                             39. Break through restraint.
162. Rival in something.                                40. Break ill news to a friend/to somebody.
163. Search for a after wealth.                         41. Break (dissolve partnership) with somebody.
164. In search of wealth /a job etc.                    42. Bring a thing to light.
165. Share in the property /something.                  43. Bring a thing under notice.
166. Share with somebody.                               44. Burst upon (sudenly invade) a country.
167. Sin against God./ mankind/humanity.                45. Burst into laughter.
168. Sympathy with or for somebody.                     46. Burst into tears.
169. Temptation to evil.                                47. Call on a person.
170. Temptation in diet.                                48. Call for (demand, require) something.
171. Trespass against the law.                          49. Call something in (order or request the return of).
172. Warrant for somebody’s arrest.                     50. Canvass for (support) votes.
173. With a view to.                                    51. Care for (attach value to) to a person or thing.
174. Witness of or to a case.                           52. Care about (feel interest, anxiety or so rrow)
175. Wonder at his behaviour/something.                     something.
                                                        53. Challenge a man to combat /fight.
   SOME VERBS & APPROPRIATE PREPOSITIONS                54. Charge a man with a crime.
                                                        55. Charge payment to a person.
  1. Abound in or with something.                       56. Coincide with one’s opinion.
  2. Accrue to somebody.                                57. Come about (happen).
  3. Accure from something.                             58. Come across (to meet suddenly).
  4. Accuse somebody of cheft.                          59. Come after somebody (follow).
  5. Acquit a person of all charges/all complicity.     60. Come into fashion.
  6. Acquit a person in a crime.                        61. Come by something (obtain by effort).
  7. Adapt to new surroundings.                         62. Come of a rich family.
  8. Adhere to a plan / a rule / a principle.           63. Commence with a thing.
  9. Agree to a proposal.                               64. Communicate a thing to somebody.
 10. Agree with a person.                               65. Communicate with somebody.
 11. Agree on some matter.                              66. Compare somebody with somebody.
                                                        67. Compare something with something (similar).
 12. Aim at a target.
                                                        68. Compare to (dissimilar things).
 13. Aim at doing something.
                                                        69. Compensate for loss.
 14. Alight from a bus/a train etc.
                                                        70. Compete with somebody for a prize/something.
 15. Allude to a fact.
                                                        71. Complain to somebody.
 16. Answer to a description.
                                                        72. Complain against somebody.