Defective in             Deficient in         Verbs Followed By Preposition ‘from’
   Experienced in           Deligent in             Abstrain from                Alight from
   Enveloped in             Fertile in              Cease from                   Debar from
   Foiled in                Honest in               Derogate from                Desist from
   Implicated in            Interested in           Detract from                 Deviate from
   Involved in              Lax in                  Differ from                  Digress from
   Proficnet in             Remiss in               Dissent from                 Elicit from
   Temperate in             Versed in               Emerge from                  Escape from
Verbs Followed by Preposition ‘in’                  Exclude from                 Preserve from
   Involve in               Persist in              Prevent from                 Prohibit from
   Acquiesce in             Dabble in               Protect from                 Recoil from
   Delight in               Employ in               Recover from                 Refrain from
   Enlist in                Excel in             Nouns Followed By Preposition ‘from’
   Fall in                  Glory in                Respite from                 Inference from
   Increase in              Indulge in              Abstinence from              Cessation from
   Persevere in                                     Deliverance from             Descent from
Nouns Followed by Preposition ‘with’                Digression from              Escape from
   Acquaintance with        Alliance with           Exemption from
   Bargain with             Compromise with           We now present a list of some Nouns and Appropriate
   Conformity with          Enmity with          Prepositions.
   Intercourse with         Intimacy with                A LIST OF NOUNS & APPROPRIATE
   Relations with                                                     PREPOSITIONS
Adjectives Followed by Preposition ‘with’
   Acquainted with          Afflicted with         1.  Abstinence from wine.
   Beset with               Busy with              2.  Ability for or in some work.
   Compatible with          Compliant with         3.  Abundance of wealth.
   Consistent with          Contemporary with      4.  Accession to the throne.
   Contended with           Contrasted with        5.  Access to a person or place.
   Conversant with          Convulsed with         6.  Accomplice with a person in a crime.
   Delighted with           Deluged with           7.  Accusation of forgery.
   Disgusted with           Drenched with          8.  In accordance with some rule.
                                                   9.  Affinity with something.
   Endowed with             Fatigued with
                                                  10.  Adherence to a rule.
   Fired with               Gifted with
                                                  11.  Affection for somebody.
   Infaturated with         Infected with
                                                  12.  Affinity between two things.
   Infested with            Inspired with
                                                  13.  Alliance with a person or state.
   Invested with            Overcome with
                                                  14.  Allusion to something.
   Popular with             Replete with
                                                  15.  Alternative to a method/something.
   Satiated with            Satisfied with
                                                  16.  Analogy of one thing with another.
   Touched with
                                                  17.  Analogy between things.
Verbs Followed By Preposition ‘with’
                                                  18.  Animosity against somebody.
   Associate with           Bear with
                                                  19.  Antidote against infection.
   Clash with               Coincinde with
                                                  20.  Antidote to some poison.
   Comply with              Condone with
                                                  21.  Apprehension of danger.
   Condole with             Cope with
                                                  22.  Approach to (step towards) anything.
   Correspond with          Credit with
                                                  23.  Arrival in a country.
   Deluge with              Disagree with
                                                  24.  Arrival at a place.
   Dispense with            Fill with
                                                  25.  Assault on a person or thing.
   Grapple with             Expostulate with      26.  Attack (vt+) somebody.
   Intrigue with            Meddle with           27.  Attack (n/c) on a country.
   Part with                Quarrel with          28.  Attraction to or towards a thing.
   Remonstrate with         Side with             29.  Authority over a person.
   Sympathisize with        Vie with              30.  Authority on a subject
   Trifle with                                    31.  Aversion to a person or thing.