Fondness for             Guarantee for          Resemblance to           Sequel to
   Leisure for              Liking for             Submission to            Supplement to
   Match for                Motive for             Temptation to            Traitor to
   Need for                 Opportunity for     Adjectives Followed by Preposition ‘to’
   Partiality for           Passion for            Abhorrent to             Acceptable to
   Pity for                 Predilection for       Accessible to            Impertinent to
   Pretext for              Relish for             Incidental to            Inclined to
   Remorse for              Reputation for         Indebted to              Indifferent to
Adjectives Followed by Preposition ‘for’           Indispensable to         Indulgent to
   Anxious for              Celebrated for         Inimical to              Insensible to
   Conspicuous for          Customary for          Injured to               Irrelevant to
   Designed for             Destined for           Favourable to            Hurtful to
   Eager for                Eligible for           Immaterial to            Impervious to
   Eminent for              Fit for                Indigenous to            Liable to
   Good for                 Grateful for           Limited to               Lost to
   Notorious for            Penitent for           Loyal to                 Material to
   Prepared for             Proper for             Natural to               Necessary to
   Qualified for            Ready for              Obedient to              Obliged to
   Sorry for                Sufficient for         Offensive to             Opposite to
   Useful for               Zealous for            Painful to               Partial to
Verbs Followed by Preposition ‘for’                Peculiar to              Pertinent to
   Atone for                Canvass for            Pledged to               Preferable to
   Care for                 Clamour for            Prejudical to            Profitable to
   Feel for                 Hope for               Prior to                 Prone to
   Mourn for                Pine for               Reduced to               Related to
   Start for                Stipulate for          Relevant to              Repugnant to
   Sue for                  Wish for               Responsible to           Restricted to
   Yearn for                                       Sacred to                Sensitive to
Verbs Followed by Preposition ‘on’                 Serviceable to           Subject to
   Comment on               Decide on              Suitable to              Suited to
   Deliberate on            Depend on              Supplementary to         Tantamount to
   Determine on             Dwell on               True to
   Embark on                Encroach on         Verbs Followed by Preposition ‘to’
   Enlarge on               Impose on              Accede to                Adapt to
   Insist on                Intrude on             Adhere to                Allot to
   Resolve on               Subsist on             Allude to                Appologize to
   Trample on                                      Appoint to               Ascribe to
Nouns Followed by Preposition ‘to’                 Aspire to                Assent to
   Access to                Accession to           Attain to                Attend to
   Allegiance to            Alternative to         Attribute to             Belong to
   Antidote to              Antipathy to           Conduce to               Conform to
   Approach to              Assent to              Consent to               Contribute to
   Attachment to            Attention to           Lead to                  Listen to
   Concession to            Disgrace to            Object to                Occur to
   Dislike to               Encouragement to       Prefer to                Pretend to
   Enmity to                Exception to           Refer to                 Revert to
   Incentive to             Indifference to        Stoop to                 Succumb to
   Invitation to            Key to                 Surrender to             Testify to
   Liniency to              Likeness to            Yield to
   Limit to                 Menace to           Adjectives Followed by Preposition ‘in’
   Obedience to             Objection to           Absorbed in              Abstemious in
   Obstruction to           Opposition to          Accomplished in          Accurate in
   Postscript to            Preface to             Assidous in              Backward in
   Reference to             Repugnance to          Bigoted in               Correct in