in comparison to                  incompliance with          For example,
in consequence with               in consequence of               Each article was sold at over a shilling.
in course of                      in favour of                    The noise comes from across the river.
in front of                       in lieu of                      I sold my car under its half cost.
in order to                       in place of                     He swore from dawn till far into the night.
in reference to                   in regard to                    He did not see her till a few days ago.
in spite of                       instead of                      A clause can also be the object to a Preposition.
in the event of                   on account of              For example,
owing to                          with a view to                  Pay careful attention to what I am going to say.
with an eye to                    with regard to                  There is no meaning in what you say.
with reference to                                            The object to a Preposition, when it is a relative pronoun
    Several words are used sometimes as Adverbs and          is sometimes omitted.
sometines as Prepositions. A word is a preposition, when     For example,
it governs a noun or pronoun and it is an Adverb, when it         He is the man I was looking for.
does not.                                                                                     (Whom is understood here)
For example,                                                      These are the good rules to live by.
Adverb :         Go and run about.                                                            (Which is understood here)
Preposition : Don"t loiter about the street.                     RELATIONS EXPRESSED BY PREPOSITIONS
Adverb :         He could not do before.                     (1) Time
Preposition : I came the day before yesterday.               For example,
Adverb :         Has he come in?                                  After his death.            At an early age.
Preposition : Is he in his room?                                  Arrived before me.          Behind time.
Adverb :         The wheel came off.                              By three o" clock.          During the whole day.
Preposition : The driver jumped off the cabin.                    For many years.             From January 1, 2000.
Adverb :         Let us move on.                                  In the morning.
Preposition : The pen lies on the table.                          Sat watching far on into the night.
Adverb :         His brother arrived soon after.                  Lived under the Britishers.
Preposition : After a mouth he returned.                          On Wednesday.               Pending his return.
Adverb :         Take his parcel over to the post-office.         Since yesterday.            Lasted through the night.
Preposition : The king rules over a vast empire.                  Throughout the year.        Wait till tomorrow.
Adverb :         I have not seen him since.                       Fifteen minutes to one p.m.
Preposition : I have not slept since day before yesterday.        Towards evening.            Until his arrival.
     The object to a Preposition is a Noun or a Pronoun.          Rise with the sun.          Within a month.
Sometimes the object to a Preposition is an Adverb of Time   (2) Place
or Place.                                                    For example,
For example,                                                      Went about the world.       Ran across the road.
     I, will be done by then.                                     Leaned against the wall. Fell among thieves.
                           ̄                                       Quarrelled among themselves.
                   that time                                      At death"s door.            Athwart the deck.
     Since then, she did not come here.                           Stood before the door.      Stood behind the curtain.
               ̄                                                   Lies below the surface. Sat beside me.
         that time                                                Plies between Delhi and Jaipur.
     Come away from there.                                        Stand by me.
                           ̄                                       Rains comes from the clouds.
                     that place                                   In the sky.                 Fell into a ditch.
     He must have reached there by now.                           Lies near the heart.        Calcutta is on the Hooghly.
                                                                  The cliff hangs over the sea.
                                                                  Tour round the world.       Marched through the town.
                                       this time
                                                                  Came to the end of the road.
     How far is it from here?
                                                                  Put pen to paper.           Travelled towards Goa.
                             ̄                                     Lay under the table.        Climbed up the ladder.
                          this place                              Lies upon the table.        Within the house.
     Sometimes the object to a Preposition is an Adverbial        Stood without the gate.