For example,                                                              therefrom
             clever          —      cleverly                                therein
             wise            —      wisely                                  thereon
             kind            —      kindly                                  thereof              there
             foolish         —      foolishly                               thereto
             quick           —      quickly                                 therewith
             beautiful       —      beautifully
      2.When the Adjective ends in –y preceded by a con-                    hereafter
        sonant, we change –v into –i and add –ly.                           hereby
  For example,                                                              herein               here
             heavy           —      heavily                                 hereupon
             happy           —      happily                                 herewith
             ready           —      readily
      3.When the Adjective ends in –le, we simply change                    whereof
        –e into –y in making adverbs.                                       wherefore            where
  For example,                                                              wherein
             single          —      singly                                  whereon
             double          —      doubly
                                                                            hitherto             hither
     4. Some Adverbs are made up of a Noun and a quali-
        fying Adjective.                                                    thenceforth
  For example,                                                              thenceforward
             beautiful       meanwhile
             meantime        sometime                                                            hence
             otherwise       midway
                                                                    11.We also find sometimes two Adverbs that go to-
                                                                       gether after joined by Conjunction — and
     5. Some Adverbs are compounds of on and a Noun.
                                                                  For example,
  For example,
                                                                  (a) Out and out
             ahead           —      on head
                                                                       He is out and out an honest person.
             asleep          —      on sleep
             abroad          —      on broad
                                                                         beyond all comparison
             away            —      on way
                                                                  (b) Over and over
             afoot           —      on foot
             abed            —      on bed                             She reads Keats over and over.
      6.Some Adverbs are also compounds of some Prepo-                                       ̄
        sition and a Noun.                                                              repeatedly
  For example,                                                         Off and on
        to-day            to-morrow        overboard                   He works off and on on his project.
        besides           betimes                                                      ̄
      7.Some Adverbs are compounds of a Preposition                               irregularly
        and an Adjective.                                         (c) Once and again
  For example,                                                         I warned him once and again of his impen-
        abroad            along            aloud                       ding danger.            ̄
        anew              beyond           below                                          repeatedly
        behind                                                    (d) Out and away
      8.Some Adverbs are compounds of a Preposition                    Her role in the film is out and away, the best.
        and an Adverb.                                                                            ̄
        beneath                before                                                       beyond all comparison
        within                 without                            (e)  Over and above
      9.Again, a few Adverbs are also derived from the                 Over and above being hard-working, he is
        Pronouns : the/that, he, who.                                               ̄               honest.
                         ADVERBS                                                 besides
Pro-        Place Motion Motion Time             Manner           (f)  Again and again
nouns                to       from                                     I asked him again and again if he has
The         there    thither thence then         thus                                  ̄
He          here     hither hence —              —                           more than once
Who         where    whither whence when         how
                                                                              POSITION OF ADVERBS
   10.The Adverbs : the, there, here, where, hither, thence,      1. Adverbs of manner like : well, fat, quickly, care-
        and hence are compounded with Preposition.           fully, calmly etc. are generally placed after the verb or
  For example,                                               after the object if there is one.