FORMATION OF ADJECTIVES                                   Mohan is worse than any other boy in our class.
     (i) Many adjectives are formed from Nouns.                                                                  Comparative
  Noun            Adjective      Noun          Adjective                 Mohan is the worst boy in our class.
  Gold            Golden         Silk          Silken                                                        —Superlative
  Gift            Gifted         King          Kingly               Note : After the + superlative, no other and than any
  Boy             Boyish         Dirt          Dirty           other, we use Singular Noun.
  Fool            Foolish        Storm         Stormy                    For example,
  Care            Careful        Pardon        Pardonable                    The best boys                            —wrong
  Play            Playful        Laugh         Laughable                     The best boy                            — correct
  Hope            Hopeful        Venture       Venturesome                   No other boys                            —wrong
  Trouble         Troublesome Outrage          Outrageous                    No other boy                             —correct
  Courage         Courageous     Glory         Glorious                      Than any other boys                      —wrong
  Shame           Shameless/shameful                                         Than any other boy                       —correct
  Envy            Envious        Man           Manly                2. Positive : very few...... as + P.F. + as + N
  (ii) Some adjectives are formed from Verbs.                            Comparative : N + Aux. Verb + C. F + than most
    Verb          Adjective      Verb          Adjective       other.....
  Cease           Ceaseless      Talk          Talkative                 Superlative : N + Aux. Verb + one of +the +S.F.......
  Tire            Tireless       Move          Moveable                  For example,
  (iii) Some adjectives are formed from other Adjectives.                Kolkata is one of the busiest cities of India.
  Adjective       Adjective      Adjective     Adjective                                                     —Superlative
  White           Whitish        Black         Blackish                  Very few cities of India are as busy as Kolkata.
  Sick            Sickly         Tragic        Tragical                                                          —Positive
  Whole           Wholesome      Three         Threefold                 Kolkata is busier than most other cities of India.
      COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES (DEGREE)                             Note : There is no use of singular Noun after — one
                                                               of, very few and than most other.
     Let us take a few sentences:
                                                                         For example,
          1. Sunil’s orange is sweet.
                                                                         One of the best girl                         —wrong
          2. Kavita’s orange is sweeter than Sunil"s.
                                                                         Very few girl                                —wrong
          3. Sanjay’s orange is the sweetest of all.
                                                                         Than most other girl                         —wrong
     In the first sentence, the Adjective sweet merely tells
us that Sunil"s orange has the quality of sweetness, without             One of the best girls                        —correct
saying how much of this quality it has.                                  Very few girls                               —correct
     In the second sentence, the Adjective sweeter tells us              Than most other girls                        —correct
that Kavita’s orange, compared with Sunil’s, has more of                        THE RULES OF DEGREES
the quality of sweetness.
                                                               1. After the following Latin adjectives we use ‘to’,
     And, in the third sentence, the Adjective sweetest tells  instead of than in comparative degree:
us that of all these oranges, Sanjay’s mango has the greatest       superior, junior, senior, prior, interior, interior, minor
amount or highest degree of the quality of sweetness.          etc.
     Thus, we see that Adjectives change form (sweet,                    For example,
sweeter, sweetest) to show comparison. They are called
                                                                             Ram is junior to me.                     —correct
the three Degrees of Comparison.
                                                                             Nayna is senior to Meena.                —correct
     In order to know Adjectives at length, it is essential to
know the degrees of comparison.                                2. There is no use of more or most before the follow-
     There are three kinds of degree.                          ing Adjectives:
     1. Positive Degree.                                            Unique, universal, absolute, supreme, right, round,
     2. Comparative Degree.                                    square, perfect, changeable etc.
     3. Superlative Degree.                                              For example,
     In the above sentences, sweet is in the Positive degree             He is the unique person of my village. —correct
sweeter in Comparative degree and Sweetest is in the           3. There is no use of superlative degree for two.
Superlative degree.                                                      For example,
Structures Used for Making Positive, Comparative                         Soma is the more beautiful of the two.
and Superlative Degrees                                                  He is better of the two.
     1. Positive : No other .... as + P.F + as + N.            4. ‘Much’ cannot be used before positive adjective.
     Comparative : N + Aux. Verb + C.F. + than any other...              For example,
          Superlative : N + Aux. Verb + the + S.F.......                 Munna is a very intelligent boy.
          For example,                                         5. No use of ‘very’ before Comparative Adjective.
          No other boy in our class is as bad as Mohan.                  For example,
                                                 —Positive               Rani is much better than Reena.