King                 Queen        Gentleman Lady              School-master School-mistress
  Sir                  Madam        Son          Daughter       Washer-man       Washer-woman
  Clock                Hen          Boar         Sow            Step-son         Step-daughter
  Stag                 Hind         Swan         Nymph          Buck-rabbit      Doe-rabbit
  Widower              Widow        Fox          Vixen
                                                                Man-kind         Woman-kind
  Beau                 Bettle
                                                                Bull-calf        Cow-calf
  Bachelor             Maid, Spinster
  Horse (or Stallion) Mare                                      He-bear          She-bear
  Hart                 Roe          Ram          Ewe            Great-uncle      Great-aunt
  Wizard               Witch        Gander       Goose             Note : 1. Some Masculine Nouns are used in the Com-
  Earl                 Countess     Drone        Bee          mon Gender.
  Drake                Duck         Bullock      Heifer            For example,
  Colt                 Filly        Buck         Doe               Actor, Advocate, Author, Chairman, Doctor, Hound,
  Dog (or Hound) Bitch              Bull (or Ox) Cow          Lawyer, Man, Painter, Poet, Teacher, Tutor, Hunter
  Monk (or Frian) Nun               Bride groom Bride              2. Some Feminine Nouns are used in the Common Gen-
  Lad                  Lass                                   der.
(2) By adding a syllable (—ess, —ine, —trix, —a, etc.)             For example,
     For example,
                                                                        Cow, Duck, Bee
 Masuline            Feminine       Masuline Feminine
                                                                   3. Some Feminine Nouns have no corresponding Mas-
 Lion                Lioness        Heir        Heiress
                                                              culine forms.
 Host                Hostess        Poet        Poetess
 Priest              Priestess      Mayor       Mayoress           For example,
 Patron              Patroness      Peer        Peeress            House-wife (mistress of the house)
 Benefactor          Benefactress Conductor Conductress                                     Virgin (an unmarried woman)
 Negro               Negress        Enchanter Enchantress          Flirt (woman pretending to make love)
 Instructor          Instructress   Founder     Foundress                                     Virago (a turbulent woman)
 Waiter              Waitress       Traitor     Traitress          Dowager (widow with late husband"s property)
 Seamster            Seamstress     Templer     Temptress                                      Siren (an enticing woman)
 Songster            Songstress     Preceptor Preceptress
                                                                   Brunette (a dark-complexioned woman)
 Murderer            Murderess      Sorcerer    Sorceress
                                                                                 Prude (a woman of a affected modestry)
(3) By substituting a feminine word for a masculine in com-
pound words.                                                       4. Some Masculines have no corresponding Feminines.
     For example,                                                       For example,
  Masculine          Feminine     Masculine      Feminine               Captain, Judge, Knight, Squire, Parson
  Peacock            Peahen       Grandfather    Grandmother
  Billy-goat         Nanny-goat Cock-sparrow     Hen-sparrow                       PRONOUN
  Foster -father     Foster -mother
  Jack-ass           Jenny-ass    Czar           Czarina           Pronoun is the word that is used for a Noun. Pronoun
  Viceroy            Vicereine    Testator       Testatrix    makes our language stylistic and saves us from repeating
  Executor           Executrix    Prophet        Prophetess   the same Noun. [Pronoun actually means For-a-Noun].
  Shepherd           ShepherdessSteward          Stewardess        For example,
  Viscount           Viscountess Manager         Manageress             Ashi is absent, because Ashi is ill.
  Jew                Jewess       Baron          Baroness          But, we can say :
  Author             Authoress    Signor         Signora                Ashi is absent because she is ill.
  Count              Countess     Giant          Giantess
  Don                Donna        Hero           Heroine                                          ̄
  Signor             Signora      Sultan         Sultana                                        Pronoun
  Administrator      Administratrix
                                                                                 KINDS OF PRONOUN
           Again, —ess is added after dropping the vowel of
the masculine ending.                                              Pronouns are of nine kinds :
     For example,                                                   1. Personal Pronoun.
  Masculine            Feminine     Masculine Feminine              2. Reflexive Pronoun.
  Abbot                Abbess       Duke         Cuchess            3. Demonstrative Pronoun.
  Emperor              Empress      Actor        Actress            4. Relative Pronoun.
  Hunter               Huntress     Master       Mistress           5. Interrogative Pronoun.
  Marquis              Marchioness Prince        Princess           6. Possessive Pronoun.
  Tiger                Tigress      Votary       Votaress           7. Reciprocal Pronoun.
  He-ass               She-ass      Land-lord    Land-lady          8. Universal Pronoun.
  Man-servant          Maid-servant Milk-man     Milk-maid          9. Pronouns denoting number or amount.